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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Mark & The Clouds: Clocks (UK 2021)

Just discovered this little gem on Youtube and thought you may enjoy it.

 Marco Magnani (voice/guitars/keyboards), John O'Sullivan (bass/backing vocals), Shin Okajima (drums). Song by M.Magnani © Releases by Hypnotic Bridge Records on vinyl as single, side B of "You And Me In Space"



Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Cloud Nine & The Vitamin C (GER) - Vinyl Release: DRAW DOWN THE DISTANCE (LP) and RAINFRONTIER (EP)

Finally the LP has also arrived at Dominik's shop Musikgarage Bensheim, and so both vinyl releases can now be ordered there (mail-order: unser_kleiner_musikshop@t-online.de). Or at Discogs (then it's a little bit more expensive). The LP DRAW DOWN THE DISTANCE is sold for 20 € and the EP RAINFRONTIER for 14. Both together: 31 €. Of course plus shipping costs.
 Limited Edition, red & black Splatter Vinyl 12" (Hand-numbered),
250 copies only, original Poster (first 35 copies hand-numbered w. new sticker
all others have a re-print) included

Limited Edition, randomly coloured Vinyl 10" 
(Hand-numbered), 275 copie
Promo clip (and some more CNVC stuff) on Youtube here:

Streaming and digital download at Bandcamp


Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Test pressing of the LP DRAW DOWN THE DISTANCE by Cloud Nine & The Vitamin C arrived – UPDATE

Our Promo-video (long version)

The test pressing of the LP of my old psychedelic rock band CLOUD NINE & THE VITAMIN C arrived yesterday.

Really an excellent pressing quality - release granted! Hopefully the coloured copies will be just as good. There will be a limited, hand-numbered edition of 250 copies - in splattered vinyl in red and black. The seven songs on the LP date (except for one recording) from 1992. After more than 30 years, there soon will be an LP after all... 
Release date is expected to be early December.

There will also be a 10" - RAINFRONTIER - with earlier songs (from 1990) available, also strictly limited (to 275 copies) in colored vinyl. 

Die Testpressung der LP meiner alten Psychedelic-Rock-Band CLOUD NINE & THE VITAMIN C ist gestern angekommen.

Wirklich eine hervorragende Pressqualität - Freigabe erteilt! Hoffentlich werden die farbigen Exemplare genauso gut sein. Es wird eine limitierte, handnummerierte Auflage von 250 Stück geben - in gesprenkeltem Vinyl in rot und schwarz.
Die sieben Songs auf der LP stammen (bis auf eine Aufnahme) aus dem Jahr 1992. Nach mehr als 30 Jahren gibt es nun doch noch eine LP … 

Außerdem wird auch eine 10" – RAINFRONTIER  – mit früheren Songs (aus dem Jahr 1990) erhältlich sein, ebenfalls streng limitiert (auf 275 Exemplare) in farbigem Vinyl.

Now it's WAITING for the LP! Hopefully it will be ready for sale from December 6th 2023. You can order your Copy dirctly at Musikgarage Bensheim: unser_kleiner_musikshop@t-online.de

or at Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/de/artist/13014570-Cloud-Nine-The-Vitamin-C

Jetzt heißt es WARTEN, bis die LP da ist! Voraussichtlich wird sie ab dem 06.12.23 lieferbar sein. (Es gab leider eine Verzögerung bei der Auslieferung.)

Ihr könnt euer Exemplar direkt bei Dominik, dem damaligen Keyboarder, in der Musikgarage Bensheim bestellen: unser_kleiner_musikshop@t-online.de

Oder bei Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/de/artist/13014570-Cloud-Nine-The-Vitamin-C

Obgleich die Auslieferung unserer LP sich leider um einige Tage verzögert und erst ab Mittwoch geliefert werden kann (Mailorder: Musikgarage Bensheim), gibt es bereits die erste Rezension. Und die, sagen wir mal, recht positiv ausgefallen: https://timemachine-productions.gr/2023/11/30/cloud-nine-vitamin-c-draw-down-the-distance-2023-lp-cloud-nine/

Although the delivery of our LP is unfortunately delayed by a few days and can only be delivered from Wednesday the first review is already available. And let's just say it's quite positive: https://timemachine-productions.gr/2023/11/30/cloud-nine-vitamin-c-draw-down-the-distance-2023-lp-cloud-nine/

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Lee McAdams – EP: In The Crypt (USA 2023)

Track List:

1 - Enter the Mothman
2 - Wendigo
3 - Siren Song Streaming Link:
  Soundcloud (Free Download) 
„Lee McAdams is a musician, songwriter and producer from Providence, Rhode Island. His eclectic style and ability to adapt has led to many collaborations over the years, gaining some notoriety among the New England music scene with the Cosmic Factory. Lee started the Cosmic Factory, a psychedelic/progressive rock trio, in 2010 and the group remains very active. Lee’s most recent projects include the Tellurian Orchestra, an orchestral ambient/new age project, who released their debut EP in September 2023. Finding inspiration in everything from old roots music to groundbreaking progressive music, Lee’s music covers a lot of ground and is always evolving.

Lee also founded the indie label and recording studio Squatch Sounds, based in Smithfield, RI. At Squatch Sounds, he has mixed and/or recorded music for Wogglez, White Rabbit, the McAdams Brothers and more.
“In the Crypt” is the latest EP by Lee McAdams, released on October 27th. Just in time for Halloween! Stemming from his interest in the paranormal, McAdams wrote these three songs about cryptids. The second of three EPs that Lee started writing during the pandemic lockdown and the first to feature vocals. This EP was inspired by the music of Porcupine Tree, Clutch, Goblin, Pink Floyd and more. A music video for the song “Wendigo” will be released on October 31st." (EPK info)

Lee McAdams - guitars, bass, lead & backing vocals
Alexander Agudelo - synthesizer, organ piano
Drew Doyon - drums
Justin McAdams & Kyle Carlson - backing vocals
Linus Powers - guitar solo (on “Siren Song”)
Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Lee McAdams at Squatch Sounds Additional Engineering by Ben Drumm & Linus Powers
Artwork by Linus Powers Label: Squatch Sounds

Indeed I can hear a clear Porcupine Tree influence in Lee's work. And his guitar playing reminds me of  David Gilmour's later sound.

Check it out! 

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

SpaceyY - Bubble Wrap (video, USA 2023)


Here's a psychedelic music video for a single "Bubble Wrap" by Los Angeles, CA based psychedelic rock musician SpaceyY. Enjoy!

„In support of their upcoming EP “Spacious”, SpaceyY 

recently dropped a new music video for the single,  

“Bubble Wrap”.  Primarily shot during a trip out to 

Baltimore last winter, the video also features live footage

 from CVC’s Summer PsychOut Tour.

Following up this year’s first release Currently ft. 

Murtzel, “Bubble Wrap” is a riff heavy jam that pays 

homage to the current wave of neo-psych bands like

 Oh Sees, Acid Dad, and Levitation Room while 

staying unique with a variety of melodies and 

vocal flows. 

Already available on Youtube and Soundcloud

Bubble Wrap is set to release on all platforms by Nov. 2nd.“ 

(Info from EPK)




Saturday, September 16, 2023

RE-UP: The Battlemen - Call To Arms (LP mono version) (USA 2008)



Described to me as 'Psychedelic medieval rock' by JoDee Purkeypile (who is also a member of PLANET RYE CO). 'Call to Arms' by THE BATTLEMEN comes along as a great psychedelic garage album with surprising lyrics and themes, musically clearly rooted in mid/late-60ies psych-garage-punk and pop-psyke.

"The Battlemen are the electric minstrels of Bastrop, Texas. Forging a unique sound comprising garage rock, folk, blues, & jazz, the group released their debut album on Emerald Wood in December 2008. Among it's musical joys are the underground hit single "Psychedelic Moat", the fire-side gem "Fire Axe", the ridiculous romp of "Gigantic Spider", and the epic oddity "Demon in the Queen's Court". The band has yet to perform live in concert, but a show has been arranged for August, 2009. Visit the Battlemen on Myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/thebattlemen for further details. Until then enjoy the mono magic of CALL TO ARMS..."


'Psychedelic medieval rock'? ... aahm, wait a minute!

But then, why not? Remember THE PRETTY THINGS' psych masterpiece from 1968? Those guys were singing about burning balloons and Privates in a strange turn of the century war... So why not an album full of riding knights, magic axes, demons and witches? And what an album it is! At least some of these 11 songs should be on every psych head's play list.

Recommended (not only to fans of THE DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR, NUGGETS, RUBBLE and the like)!

Favourite tracks: 'Witch of Colors' and 'Oubliette Blues'

The Battlemen - Call To Arms

(LP mono version) (USA 2008)

(MP3-ZIP, 11 tracks, 29 min, front cover incl., 65,3 MB)

Get it here (new link 2023-09)!

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Anyone's Dreamcolour – Acid Daze FILM (Stoned Hippie Sing-along Version)(1992/New edit 2023)


1. Acid Daze - Part I: Trip No. 5 Into Inner Space (11.17)
a) 00.00: A Dream In Green (3.02)
b) 03.02: No Difference (1.41)
c) 04.43: Creation (0.51)
d) 05.34: Breathing In The Beginning (0.33)
e) 06.09: Space (5.10)

2. Acid Daze - Part II: March To The Center Of The Brain (16.01)
a) 11.17: Out Of Time (3.07)
b) 14.24: You Can Be Anyone This Time Around (1.09)
c) 15.33: Acid Reign (0.43)
d) 16.16: Optical Promise (2.18)
e) 18.34: Look Inside That Head (8.44)
{TOTAL TIME: 27.18}  

All tracks recorded at Wormser Straße, Mainz, Germany, on 4 track analog, 1991/92. Drums on "No Difference" by Herbert Angermann. All other instruments and voices/noises by Mike S.

1. ACID DAZE - Part I: Trip No. 5 Into Inner Space

Forever and ever and ever
a dream in green green green
Forever and ever, ever
a dream in greeeeeeeen

Under the shower - uoooooh
Forever and ever and ever
a dream in green green green
Forever and ever, ever
a dream in green green green

It's a strange world
we can get killed
by electrical monks

Words always lie
come too soon or too late
better say nuthin'
leave it to fate

I don't mind -'cause I know
It makes no difference anyway
I don't mind, if you treat me unkind
It makes no difference anyway
    (It makes no difference!)

To create and to create
gives the feeling to be God
To create!

Everything's like breathing
in the beginning of a new style
To be devine or be denied
To be devine or be denied

2. ACID DAYS - Part II: March To The Center Of the Brain

Sitting 'round, I'm waiting
Confronted again with death in my dreams
Numb brain
The fear of goin' insane
And still out of time
o u t  o f  t i m e!

And I know
you can be anyone this time around
Once in your life you got to decide
The art of life is to do it all in time
To love and hate
and to destroy
Every word already said
Every thought already thought
And I know
It's what I am...
Too much acid
too little head
A little smile in a while
Words are forming
they disappear

Too much energy, I believe

Optical promise

A girl in a mirror with long blond hair
Avoid to stare

Passing the time
I'm quite afraid of anything
But India's calling
Delhi Blues
Bombay, Goa
Walking Blues!

This is a true "psychedelic" recording in its literal sense. And probably the most "far out" musical work of the one-man-home-recording-project ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR. One improvised guitar track was recorded, while under the influence of some psychedelic substance, and later, over the next few weeks/months three more tracks were overdubbed with various guitars, voices, drums and other sounds – trying to resemble the different moods of a psychedelic experience. The result is – not surprising – an unnerving, often disturbing bizarre listening adventure. This for sure isn't straight rock music! Rather a kind of a rough soundscape, giving one the opportunity to witness an inner space travel. Some tracks, like for example Out of Time, are heavily disjointed, resembling quite effectively the affect of psychedelic substances. 

No Difference was (in a more rock oriented version/arrangement) later played live by CLOUD NINE (and ORANGE) and also recorded.
Be warned! This recording is surely something of an acquired taste. Different sounds for different people...
Should be listened to in the dark on headphones!
The Acid Daze film was based on the Super 8 film Colours - Death of The Mind, which was shown as a background integrated into the light show at CLOUD NINE & THE VITAMIN C performances.
The original film was repeatedly re-cut and extended until it was digitised and spiced up with new sequences in March 2023. This is definitely the final version.

Dies ist eine "psychedelische" Tonaufnahme im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes. Und wahrscheinlich das "abgefahrenste" musikalische Werk des Ein-Mann-Home-Recording-Projekts ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR. Ein improvisierter Gitarrentrack wurde aufgenommen, während der Solokünstler unter dem Einfluss einer psychedelischen Substanz stand, und später, im Laufe der darauffolgenden Wochen/Monate, wurden drei weitere Tonspuren mit verschiedenen Gitarren, Stimmen, Schlagzeug und anderen Klängen eingespielt – in dem Versuch, die verschiedenen Stimmungen einer psychedelischen Erfahrung darzustellen. Das Ergebnis ist – wenig überraschend – ein oft anstrengendes, verstörendes, bizarres Hörerlebnis. Dies ist mit Sicherheit keine Rockmusik im eigentlichen Sinn! Vielmehr handelt es sich um eine Art Klanglandschaft, die einem die Möglichkeit gibt, Zeuge einer inneren Weltraumfahrt zu werden. Einige Tracks, wie z. B. Out of Time, sind wie in verschiedenen Zeitschichten seltsam verschoben und veranschaulichen dadurch sehr effektiv die Wirkung psychedelischer Substanzen.
No Difference wurde (in einer rockigeren Version/mit einem anderen Arrangement) später von CLOUD NINE (und auch der Frankfurter Band ORANGE) live gespielt und ebenfalls aufgenommen.
Warnung! Diese Aufnahmen sind sicherlich nichts für den Mainstream-Hörer! Sollte im Dunkeln mit Kopfhörern angehört werden!
Als Grundlage für den Acid Daze-Film diente der Super-8-Film Colours – Death of The Mind, der bei CLOUD NINE & THE VITAMIN C-Auftritten in die Lightshow integriert als Hintergrund gezeigt wurde.
Der ursprüngliche Film wurde immer wieder umgeschnitten und erweitert, bis er im März 2023 digitalisiert und mit neuen Sequenzen aufgepeppt wurde. Dies ist definitiv die finale Fassung.

 Anyone's Dreamcolour - Acid Daze (1991/92)
(mp3-zip, 3 tracks, 35 min, 49,7 MB, art + lyrics incl.)
(Get it HERE!)

Monday, March 20, 2023

Sun Waahs - Humiliani (PORTUGAL, 2023) Video



Sun Waahs is a band from Lisbon emerged in the early 2021s. Blending Lo-fi experimentation and sonic explorations Sun Waahs's sound fuses neo-psychedelic and vintage atmospheres. Their single "Humiliani" is accompanied by the imagery of Oskar Schlemmer's "Triadic Ballet" from 1912. 

Sun Waahs sound like they have just woken up. The band from Lisbon emerged in the early 2021s. Blending Lo-fi experimentation and sonic explorations - fusing neo-psychedelic and vintage atmospheres. Reverb baking dreamy psychedelic sound on a sleepy roll of a tape machine. Mixing shoegaze and garage rock throughout each experience. Capturing their own aesthetic by echoing the synergies with vintage and modern sounds. Hard to explain - better to listen.“

Contact: sunwaahs.music@gmail.com

Cool music, eager to hear more! Enjoy!

Waiting for the Sun, guys? Huuh? All the best to you!

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Vibravoid - Colour Your Mind (GER)

Talking about German neo-psychedelic bands one should not forget to mention the one and only VIBRAVOID from Düsseldorf (of all places). Here they do a great cover version from the Australian neo psych band THE TYRNAROUND originally released in 1986. An excellent, very trippy video!

The band has been around for many many years. They started in the mid nineties, I think. And they have released quite a lot albums. Surely the longest lasting neo-psychedelic band from Germany! They play a very late sixties styled psych rock, that is very reminiscent of early PINK FLOYD or American acid-punk/garage bands like the ELECTRIC PRUNES or even STRAWBERRY ALARMCLOCK. Other influences are German early seventies bands like CAN (they also do a cover of Mother Sky) or some more modern sounds like Goa, Trance or Exotica.


If you want to find out more about VIBRAVOID I have good news for you. They offer some of their music for free download on their website https://stonedkarmarecords.bandcamp.com/

Strongly recommended that you check it out. My favourite at the moment is Vibrations of the Cosmic Void, but it's hard to single out any specific album because they all are quite interesting.

Some of their vinyl releases are really extraordinary and well worth buying. 

If you like their music, please support the band directly.

Enjoy their psychedelic sounds!

Monday, February 13, 2023

Velvet Attack – Hellfire (video GER 2022)

 VELVET ATTACK are a 60's based indie-rock-group from Dortmund, Germany formed in 2019 to play velvet popsike melodies boosted by freakbeat/kraut educated guitar attacks.




Single out on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS Sep/09th/2022! Taken from the album VISIONS FROM INNER SPACE / LP out on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS Oct/07th/2022.