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Thursday, July 17, 2008

POET ZERO (Orange, Ephemerol...) - Vanille Club, Radio X (GER. 2002)

POET ZERO (aka ME & MYSELF & I) of EPHEMEROL fame doing a solo acoustic radio concert, broadcast 09-17-2002 on "VANILLE CLUB", RADIO X, Frankfurt a. M., Germany, performing songs from his solo repertoire as well as his former bands/projects THE JANITORS OF LUNACY, ORANGE, SPACE TRUCKIN' and PAN AMP.
This is an edited version of the broadcast, because some cover versions of songs by TIM BUCKLEY, NICK DRAKE and BLACK SABBATH, that POET ZERO also performed on that day, sadly had to be left out for copyright reasons...
The highlights probably "Stanley Kubrick's Diaries" (compare to the electric version by the JANITORS OF LUNACY here) and "Magic Spell" (also performed many times live by ORANGE). At the end of "Magic Spell" you can hear a quote from "Neil's Elevator", which fits in here perfectly...

POET ZERO - Vanille Club, Radio X 09-17-2002
(mp3 zip, 12 tracks, 50 min, 70 MB)
1. Girl X - 2.50
2. Sun - 3.17
3. Magic Spell - 3.09
4. Dinosaurs - 2.58
5. Distant Smile - 4.24
6. Cathedral in Hell - 4.15
7. Stagnation - 4.15
8. Five - 6.44
9. Compenser - 3.53
10. Stanley Kubrick's Diaries - 4.16
11. Yeah - 3.01
12. Bush Has Gotta Die (edit) - 2.49
GET IT here!


Gigi Amor said...

Hi pal! Remember me, from Szbutä Soröh? You've posted 2 of my works in here a few time ago... So, i've got this new work that i would like you to check out, you can get it at:

Hope you like it :)
All the best,

mike-floyd said...

Hi Szbutä!

Nice to hear from you.
Sure man, I'll have a listen soon.


tvuzk said...

Hallo Mike - (ziemlich) lange nix mehr voneinander gehört... hier ist torstn vom WAGGON OFFENBACH!

Am 15.5. 2014 veranstalten wir bei uns ein Konzert mit POET ZERO und da wäre es toll, wenn wir in der Vorankündigung auf diese Radio X Aufnahme verweisen könnten - als Referenz für die Interessierten. Könntest du es vielleicht zeitnah (also vor dem Konzert) re-uppen?
Das wär toll! Danke im Voraus,