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Monday, May 12, 2014

REPOST by Request: POET ZERO (Orange, Ephemerol...) - Vanille Club, Radio X (GER. 2002)

POET ZERO (aka MAXIM ENGL) of EPHEMEROL fame doing a solo acoustic radio concert, broadcast 09-17-2002 on "VANILLE CLUB", RADIO X, Frankfurt a. M., Germany, performing songs from his solo repertoire as well as his former bands/projects THE JANITORS OF LUNACYORANGESPACE TRUCKINand PAN AMP.
This is an edited version of the broadcast, because some cover versions of songs by TIM BUCKLEY, NICK DRAKE and BLACK SABBATH, that POET ZERO 
also performed on that day, had to be left out for copyright reasons...

The highlights probably "Stanley Kubrick's Diaries" (compare to the electric version by the JANITORS OF LUNACY here) and "Magic Spell" (also performed many times live by ORANGE). At the end of "Magic Spell" you can hear a quote from "Neil's Elevator", which fits in here perfectly...

POET ZERO - Vanille Club, Radio X 09-17-2002
(mp3 zip, 12 tracks, 50 min, 70 MB)
1. Girl X - 2.50
2. Sun - 3.17
3. Magic Spell - 3.09
4. Dinosaurs - 2.58
5. Distant Smile - 4.24
6. Cathedral in Hell - 4.15
7. Stagnation - 4.15
8. Five - 6.44
9. Compenser - 3.53
10. Stanley Kubrick's Diaries - 4.16
11. Yeah - 3.01
12. Bush Has Gotta Die (edit) - 2.49
GET IT here or here.
(new link May 2014)

POET ZERO will be playing  a live gig in the WAGGON, Offenbach, Germany, on May, 15th.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mt. Mountain - she runs (Single via bandcamp) (USA 2014)

"We are Mt. Mountain a psych band from Perth, WA.
Just spreading the word that this week we released the first single "She Runs" from our forthcoming self-titled EP which is scheduled for release in the coming months.
If you want to check it out the single its available for streaming/download here..."


Great song, well worth checking out!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Re-Up by request: Mr. Dean - il Grande (IT 2009)

"this is my last "solo-mad-lonely at home with EXTREMELY low budget-album" but although his hundreds of thousends of flaws, i think it sounds pretty nice. -- i'm a semi-professional (whatever means) musician playing alternative and tradional rock with my band in italy, but from time to time i can't help trying to find other ways to approach music/sound. -- by myself, i've always recorded improvisations. every single track and every word of this record are improvisations. -- instruments: acoustic guitar, 10euros and 10 years old and half broken audio equipment, mac. -- the album is, of course, in italian. i'm afraid it loses a lot of meaning if you don't understand it, but, who cares about meaning anyway."
(Mr. Dean, 2009)

I sadly don't speak Italian - so I've got no idea what MR. DEAN is singing about, but maybe that's not really that important (B.t.w.: Of course the artists featured on HLFP alone are responsible for lyrical and musical content of their work posted here!). Anyway: What surely comes through, is that this is very intense music - and that is pretty cool, if you want my opinion. Most of the songs are rather simple regarding the arrangements: mostly only one or two guitars - acoustic or electric - and a voice singing or screaming or moaning or whispering... But often there is something slightly weird going on, an unexpected twist or some unusual tuning or whatever - something that make those songs a little ... hmm, weird. Some kind of experimental lofi approach, and I really love that. Enjoy!

Favourite tracks: 'Spettri' and 'Bisonte'

Mr. Dean - il Grande (IT 2009)
(mp3-zip, 12 tracks, 45 min, 60,9 MB, front cover incl.)
Get it here (new link)!

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Japanese Girl - A Tea With Twiggy Kasumi (Portugal)

A recently founded band with the aim of establishing relations between distinct psychic states and their sound perceptions. Among the many kaleidoscopic influences are included genres such as Psych, Baroque Pop, Garage, Krautrock and Experimental Music.

Birth Date: December 2013
Personnel: Bruno Sousa (vocals, guitars), Corinna Sousa (keyboards, drones) and Emanuel Cunha (guitars, percussion) and they all work with tapes, effects and sound manipulation.
Live: soon to be announced
Label: none
Free-download Edition: January 2014
Recorded during the last days of December with vintage & lo-fi equipment.

Amplify Your Mind!            

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The end of HLFP? Well, maybe ...

Homemade Lofi Psych

IS ...


Tuesday, February 26, 2013


A new video by INTERPRETACE Recorded at Basement studio, Pavlovice, Liberec 16th May 2014.

RE-UP by request: some old INTERPRETACE music from the 80ies posted earlier.

Avantgarde improvised industrial no wave sounds, that will blow your mind!

1: INTERPRETACE - MC (198?), see original post here.
Get it here or here or here!
2: INTERPRETACE - GARAZ (1981), see original post here.
Get it here or here or here!
3: INTERPRETACE - HANNIBAAL (lost & found tapes from the eighties 1).
See original post here!
Get it here or here or here!

4: INTERPRETACE - CHAPEL live 198?(lost & found tapes from the eighties 2).
See original post here.
Get it here or here or here!

Thanks again to Richard Charvat for making all this great music available.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

RE-UP: Rangers - Homemade Cassette Collages III (USA 2009)

Homemade cassette collage: "For the lack of a better title I entitled this track: 'Concorde breakfast - Audio decadence for enlightened jetsetters'" (Rangers)

RANGERS - Homemade 
Cassette Collages III (USA 2009)
(1 mp3 track, 28 min, 24,8 MB)
Concorde breakfast - Audio decadence for enlightened jetsetters (27.20)
Get it here or here or here!

RE-UP: The Holydrug Couple - Psychedelic Laboratory EP (CHI 2009)

THE HOLYDRUG COUPLE are from Santiago de Chile.
Excellent psychedelic rock band that you really should check out!

The Couple is
Ives Sepulveda : Guitars, voice, keyboard
Manuel Parra: Drums and percussion.

"These songs were recorded on Friday 21 of August. We recorded and mixed and mastered on the same rainy day. We did it with a compaq notebook, with two condenser mics, a couple of guitar amps and lots of reverb and delay and phasers. A drummer friend, from another friend band, did the recording stuff. Manuel recorded the drum first and I (Ives) recorded the guitars and voices and keyboards. -- We have no official releases. -- Our first gig was in November of 2008, in a very small place with a few friends. Our last gig in August was in a lot of bigger place with a lot of more people. --
Our influences goes from the sixties garage rock, progressive rock, the sixties counterculture in general (hippies, Vietnam war ..), psychedelic bands, Acid rock, krautrock too, and LSD and psylocibine of course, ahhh, and some Chilean psychedelic bands form the sixties like Los JaivasLos Blops or Los vidrios quebrados, they're very important." (I. S.)

EP (CHI 2009)
(mp3-zip, 2 tracks, 11:28 min, 16 MB, artwork incl.)
1. Ancient Land - 5.32
2. Now it's the time - 5.52
Get it here or here or here!

Friday, January 11, 2013

RE-POST: Light Seems Dark - Soundtrack From The Film 'Affekt' (GER. 1999)


Since 'Psychedelic Virgin' by short-lived German organ dominated psychedelic rock band LIGHT SEEMS DARK is one of the most downloaded albums from this blog – and a very fine one, that's for sure – I decided to post their only other recordings: the soundtrack from a no budget trash movie (called 'AFFEKT'  by an unknown director). 
Again a true homemade lofi psych recording, done on a 4-track analog Fostex tape recorder – very much in the style of early PINK FLOYD in their 1969 soundtrack phase. 

A nice addition to LSD's main work posted earlier.

'Main Theme' is suprisingly funky, while 'Callings From The Distanace' is a shorter instrumental version, different from the one on 'Psychedelic Virgin'. The remaining three tracks are instrumental improvisations.

Light Seems Dark - Soundtrack From 
The Film
'Affekt' (GER. 1999)
(mp3-zip, 5 tracks, 11 min, 25,8 MB, @ 320)

Get it here or here or here!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Listen to this: verform records

Transform Records is founded in 2012 by Christian Schmidt from Hamburg aka tis / johnnyx guitar. Transform Records is a label with roots in 60erbeat, punk, psychedelic and electro stuck. Christian is into recording music since 2004. In 2008 he started this project JOHNNYX GUITAR
(Download some of his stuff here!)
He already released the following recordings under the name TIS: Pain E.P. (12", EP); Psycho Shoxxs 2005 Distinction (12"); Electric Movement Records 2006 Drug Trip (12"); Electric Movement Records 2006 God And Demons E.P (EP) (2 versions), Kurbel 2006 God And Demons (12", Promo, W/Lbl); Kurbel 2006 Unknown Emotions (12"); Electric Movement Records. 
And than Christian had a phase from 2007 to 2012 produce ambient musik, in which he sought new inspiration. he had several releases on psychedelic blocks underground. Transform wants to revive the sound again and has set the goal to spread new mixsounds on the dancefloor and the way to liberate your mind.