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Friday, July 31, 2009

Planet Rye Co - Sampler (USA 2001-2007)

"PLANET RYE CO: Austin, Texas "Psycho-Delia"
PLANET RYE CO is an Austin, Texas psychedelic rock and experimental group. The project was founded by JoDee Purkeypile in 2001. The groups' members include Sean Crooks, Chris Sensat, Brendan Rogers, and Gregg White (who along with JoDee are also members of The Alice Rose), though, throughout their 8 years of home-recorded lunacy, Planet Rye Co has become home to several guest musicians and contributors, some of whom had no prior musical experience whatsoever, which of course makes for some interesting listening. ---The band has recorded over 20 album's worth of material, much of which has circulated throughout a small cult fanbase in Austin. From Barrett-esque psych-pop to roaring experimental chaos, from tripped-out folk to endearingly soulful songs about demons, pumpkins, witches, and ghosts- Rye Co's music is kaleidoscopic, if anything, but also highly entertaining madness. The band is preparing their live debut for the Fall of 2009 in Austin.
Visit www.myspace.com/planetryeco for more... --- Although the group's homegrown and operated label, Emerald Wood Records, is planning a series of official releases for this Winter, here's a quick sampler containing 10 of some of Planet Rye Co's best work. Enjoy at your own risk..."

"Fear, happiness, misery, joy; all of them are in the music we make. Nothing is sacred to us. There are two sides to every trip; good, and bad. That doesn't just mean hallucinations. 'Psychedelic' music can be anything, it can sound like anything. It's just a label to categorize our music. Lyrically, our songs can go anywhere. Musically, they can sound however we want..."

I absolutely agree with the above!
Very creative and original band with many different moods, sometimes weird (though not as weird as for example the FLOWERS OF DISGUST), sometimes playing a more conventional style of psychedelia – sometimes funny, sometimes more serious or even dark. Check it out!

Favourite track: 'Juniper and Tidings'


(mp3-zip,10 tracks, 25 min, 55,8 MB)

1 Tracer Ape (2007)

2 Ferris Wheel (2005)

3 Flames (2001)

4 Alexander, Son of Snakes (2005)

5 Flap Your Wings (2002)

6 Juniper and Tidings (2007)

7 The Costume Child (2007)

8 Fireplace (2005)

9 Night in a Tomb (2007)

10 Plastic Pumpkin (2006)

Written and Produced by JoDee Purkeypile.

All songs copyright 2001-2007

Get it here or here!


Leonel Garcia said...

Great music, sounds like a secret XTC session with Syd Barrett. I like it very much.

Dharma Bummer said...

Hey, I haven't had a chance to listen yet but I did want to alert you that the zip file on EasyShare may be corrupted; it would not unzip properly from me, whereas the Megaupload one did. Has anybody had this experience?

mike-floyd said...

Thanks Leonel for commenting!

Thanks Dharma Bummer for telling me.
I changed the spelling of the file's name - guess that might help...
Anyone else having trouble with the easyshare link?