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Monday, December 7, 2009

Bird From The Abyss - II released (FINL.)

J.M.A. from BIRD FROM THE ABYSS sent me a mail recently to inform me about the 2nd BIRD FROM THE ABYSS release.

Bird From The Abyss - II has been released 25 Nov 2009 by Starlight Temple Society.

This is how the label presents it:

"Finland's Bird From The Abyss takes flight with their debut album "II", a 40 minute sinister working of doom rock and folk music that will take you on a journey to explore the inner mysteries of the ancient Mediterranean underworld and then send you straight into the heart of the creeping muskeg pits and forests of Finland's mythological past. "II" utilizes a series of authentic classical instruments like the baglama, zither and flute and more modern ones to create a link between our world and one which still dwells in the nexus of time. Bird from the Abyss is the music of Pharaohs and ancient Sumerian kings!

Limited to 100 copies on gold CD, with 11"x17" poster, 8 page earth flecked paper booklet and matching 6"x9" printed envelope."

Bird From The Abyss - II

1. Crawling Monuments 11:09

2. Travelling With The Bird - Part 1 03:26

3. Kyyn Laulu 06:32

4. From The Altars Of Fire To The Kingdom Of Ereskigal 13:19

5. Travelling With The Bird - Part 2 - Back To The Abyss 4:56

40 minutes of ritual doom, snake ballads and brooding drone folk.

The dics is priced extremely low, only $4.50 + shipping. The whole album can be listened to, in its 40 minute lenght.





Download the 1st release by BIRD FROM THE ABYSS here!


Mario said...

Thankx for the info & for the music.

mike-floyd said...

You're very welcome. Enjoy the music.

Jared said...

Yeah, thank you, this is some amazing stuff. Ancient and mystical music.