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Friday, December 4, 2009

Askeemal (aka: Asesquimal) - The Yellow Idiot (USA 2008)

ASKEEMAL (aka: ASESQUIMAL) is a moniker used by JARED FAIRFIELD (see posts below).
"The Yellow Idiot" is a (short) triple album, recorded mid to late 2008.

"I have recorded under several monikers, the most other notable being "Askeemal", weirdo post-punk falsetto goodies. (...) 'The Yellow Idiot' -- Probably the best and most original of all these (albums). Originally done under the moniker of Askeemal, this is a triple album release that, very simply explained, is very eccentric rock with girl like falsetto." (J. F.)

This is quite a trip! Something very special indeed. And good fun to listen.
I hardly understand a word, and I'm not even sure if the language used is English at all (sounds to me more like a drugged out Italian freak most of the time), but that really doesn't matter. This is great experimental rock music and though some parts remind me of different bands/musicians (CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND HIS MAGIC BAND, PERE UBU, BRIAN ENO, GUIDED BY VOICES...) I have never heard something like this before. Especially irritating at first listen are the girl like falsetto vocals on some tracks, that really have to be heard!
Eccentric and great! Recommended!

Askeemal (aka: Asesquimal = Jared Fairfield)
- The Yellow Idiot
(USA 2008)
(mp3-zip, 25 tracks, 35 min, 66,7 MB, art included)

Part 1 - Work Your Way to the Forest

Part 2 - Shim Hom Phorsch

Part 3 - Academic Palsy

Get it here or here or here!


Trust said...

this yellow idiot stuff is amazing, i love this guy this music is soulful to the max takes to my trashy place in my pants makes me feel SOLID so to speak.

do it

the when mcgruff was king

mike-floyd said...

Thanks, Trust, for commenting!