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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Vertigo Swirl (USA 2009)

BRIAN ANDREW MAREK has started a new psychedelic project with the name THE VERTIGO SWIRL. This here comes brand new, and what a great album it is!

BaM: "Well, here it is - the first product of my new psychedelic project, THE VERTIGO SWIRL. Three songs and two instrumentals, all recorded by my lonesome in December and these first days of January. Thank you to Mike Floyd and all the artists on the homemade lofi psych blog for inspiring me to get off my butt and do some new experimental recordings."

The three tracks in song format presented here are nice explorations in psych pop, but the real treat are the two instrumental tracks: "Baited Breath" is a very far out soundscape psych song complete with backward guitars and sitar like sounds that (except for the drum sound) could easily come from a 1967 album. This is the kind of song I could listen endlessly... The second instrumental track, the title song "The Vertigo Swirl", is another, more krauty, psychedelic masterpiece, that comes along as a mixture of the echo-ey guitar sounds of early 70s experimental German guitar player ACHIM REICHEL ("Die grüne Reise") or MANUEL GÖTTSCHING's mid-70s ASH RA ("Inventions for Electric Guitar") and CAPTAIN BEEFHEART's early rhythmic experimentations ("Mirror Man Sessions"). With 22.47 minutes not one second too long! GREAT!

All we can say is: Wham bam, thank you BaM!

You'll also find one very psychedelic track by BRIAN ANDREW on the latest HLFP-Sampler (# 03): "NEW KIDS ON THE BLOG".

The Vertigo Swirl (2009)
(mp3-zip, 5 tracks, 93.1 MB, 43 min, artwork incl.)
Get it here or here or here!
(New links November 2012)


Dharma Bummer said...

Thanks for posting the album and thanks for your sharp insights (I hadn't consciously thought of "The Mirror Man Sessions" but that makes perfect sense)!

And now I can't resist slipping in some trivia... The backwards guitar on "Baited Breath" is, in fact, a backwards banjo, and all of the rest of the "electric" guitar parts on the album were performed on an Epiphone acoustic guitar with a pickup through an amplifier!

Thanks again for such a great blog - I haven't listened to a commercial CD in days!

mike-floyd said...

Well, thanks for the additional info, BaM.

RevRev said...

A new project from BAM? Thanks for making 2009 get off to a beautiful start. In fact, I will get all egomaniac on you and say that I regard this as the perfect gift for my birthday tomorrow. But I won't wait till tomorrow to listen!
Thanks everybody!

RevRev said...

This is a winner!

mike-floyd said...

Happy Birthday, RevRev! Enjoy Bam's wild aural trips!

Dr. Schluss said...

Very groovy album Mr. BAM. If it's alright, I'd like to post this in the Psychedelic Garage in the next week or so (as in when I stop being lazy).


Dharma Bummer said...

It would honor me, good doctor!

Dharma Bummer said...

Dr. Schluss, I just visited your blog for what I am ashamed to admit is the first time today. Given some of the fine albums and artists you have chosen to feature (you reminded me of the existence of Skip Bifferty, for which I thank you), I suspect we'll get along just fine!

Also, "The Visions Surround You" (great combination of title and image, by the way) was one of the first things I ever downloaded here and I am just about to burn "The Cloud Machine" for my further cathexis-glazed enjoyment.

Leonel Garcia said...

Well this project should be called The Immediate Loog, just for the immediate part of it, the ears welcome it like a long lost relative.

My favorite tracks are a triangle

1.3.5 (Some sort of Egyptian thing)

To tell you the truth I like all of them, but I have a thing for the title song, it seems that BaM stole a reel from a Bo Diddley on ACID session and placed it at the end of this album.

If you were not stoned while recording it, I'm sure you got pretty high doing it.

This album is a perfect 10.

Thanks for the work

Dharma Bummer said...

Thanks a billion, Leonel. You know I love my Bo - and his daughter Moe (Tucker). Plus those rainy day women Mr. Zimmerman used to sing about. Anyway, it's great to be dug by those I dig. Thank you for inviting me into your ears.

Dr. Schluss said...

Mr. Marek,
Your collection has been posted at the psychedelic garage, so have a look-see if you'd like.

Dharma Bummer said...

A talented Finn (a fellow homemade lofi psycher?) with a good cinematic eye made a video for "Welcome to My Carnival":


I'm pleasantly surprised at all that has happened with this album - popping up on other blogs, songs included in webcasts and music blog compilations, FM airplay both in my hometown and in New Zealand - but running across this video really moved me, both because I feel honored to have inspired it and because it works so well with the music.

It's really nice to know music can make some kind of impact without spending much money - or expecting others to spend theirs. Who knows - in these economically challenging times, this could become the new vogue!