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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The GoodLuck Boys - The Gift of Time (JP 2008)

Another very interesting band, this time from Kichijoji, Japan - here are: THE GOODLUCK BOYS.

"Enter the world of Ritualistic World Freak Punk Experimental Psychedelic Avant Folk MUSIC.
A collective of some of Tokyo areas strangest and most dangerous musicians, artists and nothing beings.
Some of them are native to the country and some are criminal expats with an overflowing stream of creative energy and a taste for sacrifice.
They have been related to FATHER YOD's YA HO WAH 13 and FELA KUTI, not for their music, but for their cult-like self-created communities involving artistic and rebellious expression mixed with tribal sexual activities." (TGLB info)

"An adventurous four piece band that combine elements of abstraction yet very accessible songs in a variety of styles to deep and concentrated improvisation and game pieces.
Instruments include an accordion, acoustic guitar, vocals, bass, drum kit, effects, homemade instruments and a huge collection of percussion from all over the world.
All members have played in a good number of bands throughout America, Scotland and Japan. Now together as THE GOODLUCK BOYS they draw huge crowds around their performances within Tokyo. Our shows have been praised as 'psychedelic rituals from an exotic world.'" (info from TGLB web page)

Pretty good description, I'd say.
My personal favourite tracks: "Shadows 1" and "Conversation Of The Crows".

THE GOLDENLUCK BOYS - The Gift Of Time (2008)
(mp3 zip, 11 tracks, 58,8 MB, 43 min)
Get it here (links are dead - RE-UP by request).


Anonymous said...

Very great stuffs! Grets for that band.
...From siberia's toxic with peace! ))

Dharma Bummer said...

Dark, mysterious and even a little frightening. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Best thing I've heard in a while. Where'd you find these guys?
That StandingOcean thing blew me away. WetBackTounge is the most unique thing I heard in a long time.
Would love to see these guys live.

mike-floyd said...

to Anon 2:

I didn't find them, they found me!

I'm afraid that you'll have to travel to Tokyo, if you want to see The GoodLuck Boys live. But then - maybe you already live in Tokyo?!

Glad you like it.

onionpalac said...

I'm a member of The GoodLuck Boys and I'm very excited to see us on this great blog.
Everything I have downloaded from here has been uniquely awesome and trippy.
Keep up the good work mike-floyd and fellow musicians!
Bring me more music . . . .

Marcus Staniec

Richard There said...

I really like this album from The Goodluck Boys!! They have a very nice EP called Purely Cosmetic! It´s on last.fm for free: http://www.lastfm.de/music/The+GoodLuck+Boys/Purely+Cosmetic