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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Angus Tweed - The Dark Side of the Moo! (USA 1988-1994)

BRIAN ANDREW MAREK was diggin' deep in his archives - and that's what he found:

"ANGUS TWEED existed for two short spans of time (1988 through 1989 and 1993 through 1994),  went through numerous personnel changes, and never made any professional recordings. We had no particular aesthetic except to do whatever sounded like fun at the time. Some of the things that sounded like fun at the time were psychedelia, hardcore punk, prog rock, folk rock, indie rock, grunge and glam rock. The resultant melange made us unfashionable, to say the least - but we had fun.

Some of the fun got captured on four track cassette recorders. Unfortunately, the original multitracks are long lost or taped over, thus the only source for this material is contemporary mixes on ancient cassettes - and as the responsible party, I'll be the first to admit that those mixes really sucked. I've done what I can do to spruce up the sound with the tools (and more refined ears) at my disposal, but it's still a pretty lo-fi experience.

Nonetheless, I think I've put together a reasonably listenable collection of our best recordings (including a few alternate mixes and unissued recordings), sequenced into the full-length album we never got to make. Enjoy!"  (BaM)

My personal favourite track: (of course) the psychedelic long song "Autumn" (11.48) - like a crossing between MONSTER MAGNET and MOTORPSYCHO with some TERRY BROOKS guitar licks thrown in... f***ing brilliant!

Check out youtube! (Thanks to BigBadBob!)

ANGUS TWEED - The Dark Side of the Moo! 
the best of the four track recordings 1988-94
(mp3 zip, 11 tracks, 51 min, artwork incl., 114,2 MB)
Get it here or 
here and here (in 2 parts)!


Dharma Bummer said...

I knew you'd love "Autumn". Listening to it while compiling this, I heard sounds I don't even remember making...!

BigBadBob said...

As the original bassist of Angus Tweed, I will only offer up some actual video of the first gig.....a battle of the bands....you can see each of the 7 songs we did, 6 of which were originals. Recorded almost 20 years ago on a crappy camcorder, I strive to bring you the best in lofi!


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool, whens your next album coming out?!

mike-floyd said...

Thanks BigBadBob for the link!

RevRev said...

Thanks for posting this. Anything from Brian Andrew Marek is aces in my book. HL/FP & BAM make a hell of a combination! Your consistently outstanding posts never fail to grab me.

Dharma Bummer said...

Angus Tweed - Live at Hits 5/5/1989
Our first time opening for a national band (Thelonious Monster) and our first soundboard recording, offering a skewed mix of our instrumentation and virtually obscuring whatever little applause we may have garnered (listen carefully). But hey, it's the only full-length set of the "classic" Angus Tweed to be captured on magnetic recording tape, so let's be grateful that it has survived the years.

Dharma Bummer said...

More Angus Tweed video has emerged! Angus Tweed Live at Chesterfield Mall 12/4/1993

Dharma Bummer said...

Angus Tweed - Live at Jefferson Barracks Park 1/22/1994

A low fidelity, high energy outing for the reunion era band (Danimal, C.C., BaM and Pew) as they blast out the hits for a quonset hut full of teenagers. Features such unrecorded gems as "Down in Flames", "Before I Leap", "...And Our Sweat" and a scalding cover of ..."Pictures of Matchstick Men" alongside more familiar Tweed fare.