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Friday, January 9, 2009

Golden Boots - Coyote Deathbed Surprize/EV (USA 2008)

Cover from GOLDEN BOOT's 2008 vinyl release

"GOLDEN BOOTS is an alt-alt country band from the American Southwest 
(m-f: Tucson, Arizona, USA), home to open spaces, Roy Rogers, and the Hydrogen Bomb. We've been around for seven years, the first four years can be summed up by two suitcases overflowing with strings of primitive lo-fi four track tapes and a handful of performances shifting around a hodgepodge of instruments.
Me (= Dimitri Manos) and the other 'boot' Ryan Eggleston met after a pancake breakfast in 2001 and decided to embark on a song writing screed that culminated in the first collection of recordings ambitiously entitled 'Super Gold'..." (info by D. M.)

Some of their tracks (like "Ancient Buried City" or  "Ghost Machine") do in fact remind me of the good ol' CHARLATANS, others (like e.g. "Days are Night") even of the FLAMING LIPS, especially the singing voice... Anyway: well worth a listen, very talented guys with some sort of special humor...

Their "Coyote Deathbed Surprize/EV" vinyl LP, released by Olympia, WA based People in a Position to Know Records in very limited quantities, features a color swirled side A playing from the middle of the record out and a double grooved side B (like the Monty Python "three-sided record").


GOLDEN BOOTS - Coyote Deathbed Surprize/EV (excerpt only)
(mp3 zip, 6 tracks (from 9) 46,8 MB)
Get it here or here 
or buy the complete set with bonus material here.

"Their warped and fractured mixture of psychedelic rock, folk and country has drawn comparisons to ALEX CHILTON, THE INTERNATIONAL SUBMARINE BAND, BECK, and THE MONKEES."



Anonymous said...

More great sounds here. Thank you.


Paolo said...

Thankx for this. I like this music.

mike-floyd said...

You're welcome. Thanks for commenting.