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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sky Picnic - Synesthesia (EP) (USA 2008)

Chris Sherman of SKY PICNIC from New York City sent me a mail and asked me to feature their debut EP "Synesthesia" on homemade-lofi-psych. And I'm glad he did, because "Synesthesia" is a marvelous debut!

When I started this blog, I thought I would get to hear lots of Sixties inspired garage/psychedelic rock/neo psych/paisly underground music - the kind of psychedelic music I love the most -, but in fact there were only a few bands/musicians that played that kind of stuff (first to mention:
CLOUD NINE & THE VITAMIN C, ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR, RANCHO RELAXO, BILL ROGERS and some of BRIAN ANDREW MAREK's music - of course that doesn't mean, that I don't like the music I post here that is of a slightly different character... more experimental, more grunchy, ambient or dub style or whatever - very often I find myself surprised by the high quality and originality of the music - and I have to say that is really great!!! But nevertheless 60s inspired psych rock is and was my first love...). Luckily for the more 'old-fashioned' psych lover there now is another new band that explores those Sixties inspired psych rock spheres: SKY PICNIC!They are: Chris Sherman- guitar/vocals, Leah Cinnamon- bass/vocals, Pete Meriwether- drums/percussion and they play “abstract and intellectually driven psychedelia”...
"With a love of music, a penchant for exploration, and punctuated by elaborate and intense live performances, Sky Picnic bridges the gap between experimental and straight-forward music. Laden with creative songwriting, solid musicianship and a vintage, yet modernized feel, each Sky Picnic performance stands out as a one-of-a-kind musical trip that blurs the lines between music and art, with experimental instrumental breaks full of feedback, echoes and endless exploratory possibilities. The flight plan is laid out from the start on Sky Picnic’s debut EP “Synesthesia,” beginning with the ethereal drone of sitar in the opening notes of their ode to perpetual sleepiness, moving on to the menacing sounds transporting you to the outer fringes of the universe and finishing with a multi-part epic closer, “Synesthesia” takes you on a philosophical, artistic journey through space that you won't soon forget. Coupled with the aforementioned live performances, searing echo-drenched guitar solos, and pulsing fuzz bass, Sky Picnic re-creates the unique psychedelic experience that has been absent since the era of "Sgt. Pepper," and "Piper at the Gates of Dawn."- So check out Sky Picnic, give them a listen- who knows, it may just expand your mind." (band info)

Indeed "Synesthesia" has got everything any serious psych head wants. And any band that sometimes plays "Astronomy Dominé" as an encore for sure deserves our attention...Favourite Track: pretty hard to deceide, probably "Moons of Jupiter" - there isn't any bad track on that thing!
Enjoy! - Strongly recommended!!!

IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR, PLEASE SUPPORT THE ARTISTS AND BUY THE ORIGINAL CD (order at the website below or buy here: http://www.independisc.com/skypicnic.htm)!

Next NYC live dates:
05, 12, 19, 26 May 2009
Otto's Shrunken Head
538 E 14th St., New York, NY 10009
9:30 PM - FREE!!


Wonderful web site - go and check out the fantastic free mp3 "For Miss Central London" from the Psychedelic Picnic in the Sky, Volume I,

SKY PICNIC - Synesthesia (EP) (USA 2008)
(mp3 zip, 5 tracks, 33 min, 78,1 MB, artwork incl.)
1. Tea Break
2. Half the Queen's Face
3. Moons of Jupiter
4. the Wise Man Lost His Head
5. Sequence IV
(I. Astral Projections)
(II. Magic Spells)
(III. Star Chamber)
(IV. Interlude, or the Event Horizon)
(V. Renaissance)
(VI. Mouth of the Vortex)
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Anonymous said...

This doesn't seem to want to extract for me :(

Am I the only one having problems with the file?

- Russ of AI

mike-floyd said...

Hi Russ,

there was left a blank accidentially before the dot (XXX .zip). I changed that, and I would kindly ask you to download that file again - otherwise you may just try this: shorten the file name and try to open it afterwards. That might work as well. -
Sorry for that...

Please tell me, if it still doesn't work.

Dr. Schluss said...

Looks groovy! Thanks for the continued plunge into strange sounds!

Anonymous said...

DLed again, but still no luck after shortening the filename of the RAR file. any other ideas? i apologize for being a pain.

- Russ

mike-floyd said...

Hi Russ,

that's strange. Hmmm...

Did you have problems before with unzipping any of my files?

I did everything the way I always did, so this makes me wonder... Anyway, some others also seem to have trouble unzipping.

Seems to be another PC versus Mas problem (I work on a Mac).

Anyway, as written in the sidebar: Winrar won't do, you have to use winZip or 7-zip (freeware) for PC.

Password was never used...

Another trick, that might help (only tried this on Mac yet, but who knows...): Drop the
zip into the Recycle Bin, than put it on your desktop again and try to open with 7-zip...

Tell me, please, if it works.

mike-floyd said...

I uploaded two alternative links (after some small changes in the original data) - hope this will do.

Anonymous said...

new linked worked! thanks mike, for your patience. the first song is great, and those sitars make it psychedelic indeed! looking forward to getting to know the rest of this release.

thanks again..!

Dharma Bummer said...

Wow - this is a most impressive debut. A great melding of Paisley Underground and more vintage stylings with strong tunes, exotic sounds and dialated pupil grandeur. Just the cup o' tea I'm lookin' for.

mike-floyd said...

Hi Dharma Bummer!

Haven't heard from you for some time, I missed your comments! Nice to have you back, BAM.
More SKY PICNIC soon.

Hi Anon:
You're welcome!

Hi Dr.:
Thanks, the same thing, of course, is true for your great site!

Brian Andrew Marek said...

Repost please - I lost my copy!