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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spacefinger - Gas Music From Jupiter (USA 2007)

My 2nd post with music by SPACEFINGER.
Like with so many artists featured on homemade-lofi-psych I really can't understand, why SPACEFINGER hasn't got the recognition yet, that he deserves. I mean, those tracks from "A New Dawn" are really fabulous and anyone who is into ambient electronic music should find them most appealing...

"Gas Music From Jupiter" tells another story: These tracks here are of a different beauty - much more abstract, much darker, more experimental and much harder to explore. As it says on archive.org : "Strange otherworldly noises with very little musicality. This is ambient sound at its purest."

Those soundscapes on
"Gas Music..." surely are less accessable as the more 'smooth' tracks from "A New Dawn", but nevertheless fascinating, though for different reasons... It comes as a big surprise to recognize that those two records were indeed recorded in the same year...

SPACEFINGER - Gas Music From Jupiter (2007)
(mp3 zip, 7 tracks, 61 min, 60,1 MB, vbr)
Get it here or here!

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