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Friday, April 17, 2009

Charlotte & Magon - Love Happening (excerpt: some promo mp3s) (FR + ISRAEL 2008)

Love Happening - The story of Charlotte & Magon

"Charlotte (France) and Magon (Israel), met in 2006. At the end of 2007, after Magon reached a nice success in his country with his first auto produced EP, he invited Charlotte to create, without any doubts, an "authentically and marvelous" pop album in 12 days, in his parents house. Charlotte, curious and instinctive, took a flight and met Magon in March 2008 in Ben Gurion Airport.
They composed 9 songs and felt deeply in love. Their love became the core of their songs and brought to their music a timeless universality. They called their album "Love Happening" because that is what happened and still is. (...) The sweet and catchy melodies sung with passion and game, the energetic rhythmic section, the groovy guitars and bass, the lyrical pianos and the psychedelic synths create an intelligent pop assuming it believes in love and playing with it's naivety...." (promo info text)

Alexis Dew, the manager of Charlotte & Magon, sent me a mail and asked me to review this album. Since "Love Happening" is a relatively new album release (and available on iTunes/emusic/amazon....) we decided to only choose some tracks as a kind of appetizer for the album. If you like what you hear, PLEASE SUPPORT THE ARTISTS AND BUY THEIR ALBUM...

When I read the info text I have to admit I was very sceptical at first, to say the least... I mean: a boy-meets-girl-story, they make music together and fall in love... c'mon, man, don't give me that crap... Kitschy romanticism used to sell records, how new is that to you? - hello, Mr. Gainsbourg, hello Mrs. Birkin...
But I have to say: I was wrong! This really is a great record! It's very well produced, the compositions and the arrangements are excellent, and Charlotte's voice is really quite impressive, haunting, sometimes reminding of a young KATE BUSH or ALISON GOLDFRAPP. Ok, there is some soulful 'love whispering' on one or two tracks, that I could live without, but on the other hand it's not that bad - in fact it doesn't harm the music, as it could have done, if it was recorded by less talented musicians...

I wouldn't go as far as calling "Love Happening" a psychedelic pop masterpiece, but then: which record is?, and "Love Happening"... well, ... it comes quite close to that...



CHARLOTTE & MAGON - Love Happening (excerpt)
(mp3 zip, 3 tracks, 11 min, 21,3 MB,@320kbps)
Get it
here or here!


icastico said...

I'll check this one out.

Since you liked the para!helion, I thought you might like the follow up.


Anonymous said...

very cool sampling! track 1 kinda of reminds me of Moon Safari by Air. def. considering getting this on iTunes!

- Russ of Aural Incline

mike-floyd said...

Thanks guys, for commenting!

'Moon Safari' was indeed mentioned by some other critics too.

Great idea behind the "loop-fodder" tracks; it's funny, that two other guys, who contributed to this blog, had a similar idea - so I think I really should work something out - probably under a label like "REMIX-PLAYGROUND"... Hmm, let's see...