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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thickly Painted Walls - disconeck: the last album (USA 2007)

THICKLY PAINTED WALLS is the one man experimental music project of Stefan Frederic Walz from New Jersey, USA.

"The album is called "disconeck: the last album", it is made just by me, solo: stefan frederic walz. It's from 2007, there have been about 3 albums since then. Disconeck I feel is one of my most eclectic works, it's also very dense weighing in at 76 mins (almost a full disk!)

disconeck I used every method of recording that I had used previously, this includes: 4 track, 2-track hi-end tape deck mixing, Garageband editing, digital multi tracking (Fostex), I also even used a VCR to record a part of "Independance Day", I recorded right onto the VHS tape just using the L and R connections of the RCA connectors.
There is some reappropriations on the album, including some older recording mixed with newer recording, and a sample off some
"Opera" tape...

The points raised within
Disconeck, were meant to be vast; the old hi-fi vs. lo-fi debate, tests of patience, tolerance, and love are also meant to be endured. Tonality is also a very big issue for me, when people ask why sometimes they cant understand the vocals or why the vocals are low, I tell them because it is just another sound contributing. If I really want people to know what I'm saying I will push them up, like on "oh my god" (which was recorded with 3 tracks I think of overlayed one string acoustic guitar...)

I think the concept of
Disconeck was to have many concepts. The ones I'm attempting to explain in this albeit scattered writing. Like another for instance was "go get a job" where all the sounds are made by rubbing the nylon strings of my guitar. Or "america" where the synthetic is set against the "organic". Or the space sounds of the tale of rape in "midnight cowboy". The pathos attempt at pop in "Buddha". And finally ending with a dedication to the listener in "for you".
The artwork is different for each cdr release of
disconeck, it's a piece cut out of a lingerie book I have, I'm enclosing a photo of one." (S.F.W.)

Here you see another version of the artwork as posted on

"disconeck: the last album" is an experimental record work in the literal sense. Though less experimental than some of the more radical avantgarde bands also posted on this blog, Stefan Frederic Walz is similar to RED KRAYOLA's MAYO THOMPSON seemingly trying to deconstruct the language of rock/pop music as well as actually expressing himself within it. So most of the songs on disconeck are indeed "songs" or at least they have some kind of song structure and sometimes even sung vocals (again reminding me in style of MAYO THOMPSON - though lacking his special whimsical humor - and of RED KRAYOLA's second LP "God Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail With It" - e.g.: 'oh my god'). And there is lots of acoustic guitar playing. But the 'songs' are not very 'poppy', rather they are fragmentary and sometimes the single instruments sound strangely disjointed (e.g. on 'operator umbrella'). Then there are some tracks that are more kind of a soundscape than an actual 'song'. - A very original work and a quite couragous attempt to produce something different.

Favourite tracks: "new car", "midnight cowboy" and "for you"

There is also a very limited CDR release available - contact Stefan for more information (e-mail address in zip-info).


THICKLY PAINTED WALLS (SFW) - disconeck: the last album (USA 2007)
(mp3 zip, 17 tracks, 79:21 min, 107,5 MB)
Get it here or here and here (in 2 parts)!

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stefan said...

just would like to note, that the 2nd image down is a drawing by my good friend David James McDevitt.