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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sky Picnic - The Psychedelic Picnic in the Sky - Volume 1 (USA 2009)

This record was written and recorded by SKY PICNIC over the month of February in 2009. 

"It was, for the most part, recorded live on the first take, and is meant to show the more experimental side of the band." (liner notes)

"This is the first release of many in our 'psychedelic picnic series', which will feature experimentations by the band, a sort of alternate discography if you will and a deeper look into the band. - This releases coincides with the conclusion of the '2009 RPM Challenge' - in which a record is to be written and recorded over the month of February 2009.  For this LP, each band member composed a solo piece, and then there are 3 band compositions surrounding said pieces." (band info, Myspace)

Yes, indeed! The tracks on "Psychedelic Picnic in the Sky" are not quite as structured as the songs on their marvelous debut EP, they are more loose and sound more improvised - but they are excellent as well! Now don't expect any senseless sloppy noodeling - the playing is tight and the songs are not a second too long. One might imagine that this probably comes close to the sound of the band playing a live gig (watch out, there might be a surprise for you in the next days...). The early PINK FLOYD influence is even more evident than on the EP reviewed earlier (read here), and that is pretty cool, if you want my opinion. I don't know many bands in these days that have such a truely classic psychedelic rock sound...

My favourite track: 'For Miss Central London' - exquisite slide guitar playing!

SKY PICNIC - The Psychedelic Picnic in the Sky 
- Volume 1 (USA 2009)
(mp3 zip, 7 tracks/1 bonus track; 111,9 MB, 
2 x 48 min, artwork incl.)
1. The Mercurial Professor's Vast Array of Gadgetry (by Sky Picnic)
2. Strange Things Are Afoot (by Leah)
3. A Weightless Blur Before Me, Part I (by Chris)
4. A Weightless Blur Before Me, Part II (by Chris)
5. It Travels In On Phantom Wind Currents (by Pete)
6. For Miss Central London (by Sky Picnic)
7. March of the Spacemen (by Sky Picnic)
In addition, and keeping with the exprerimental nature of the record, Sky Picnic has recorded an audio commentary track discussing the making of the record and the ideas behind the compositions. - Really nice idea!
Get it here (complete w/audio commentary track) or 
here (7 tracks) and here (audio commentary track)

Enjoy! - And thanks, Chris, for sharing!


blancanus said...

Outstanding!!!! And such a great idea: a commentary track.

Dharma Bummer said...

Mellotron + music ideally suited to the entrancing spooky dislocation of its sound = awesome.

Miguel Angel said...

Thankx for this fantastic sounds. Cheeeeeeeers.

mike-floyd said...

Thanks for commenting!
More - exclusive! - SKY PICNIC stuff to come!

Marcos said...

Thank you very....Another great psychedelic post.

Cheers - from Spain.


mike-floyd said...

You're welcome, Marcos!

More to come - stay tuned.