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Monday, April 27, 2009

Creamy Water Quiz - Flojo, Loco y Enigmático (USA 2009)

CREAMY WATER QUIZ is an experimental psychedelic electronic rock duo from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. 

Their album "Flojo, Loco y Enigmático" is a brand new 2009 production and strongly recommended!

"Experimental, free-form, lo-fi, ambient-electro-rock 

improvisations performed by Ryan 'Delano' Davis and Adam 

'Miracle Kitty' Walker.

Recorded during and for this century. All frequencies captured and mixed on 8-track analog, then edited and mixed again digitally.

Modus Operandi - loose, crazy and enigmatic

Used - guitars, bass, drum machines, samplers, synths, effects
Not used - midi, practice, sobriety or a plan

Creamy Water Quiz cherish confusion, understand the unusual, and worship the warped. 

Combining their individual successes with everything from rock to field recordings to electronic music, this Kalamazoo, Michigan 

duo formed in the mid '90s as an experimental outlet. CWQ is an 

antidote for the planned and an escape from coherency. Utilizing 

classic synths, ancient midi-less drum machines, cheap guitars, 

even cheaper basses, samplers, and far too many effects, they 

create exploratory, ambient-electro-rock improvisations. 

With a fee-from and lo-fi approach to sound, they layer duo-jams haphazardly on 8-track. All frequencies captured and mixed on 

analog, then edited and mixed again digitally. The result is a 

moody and meandering sonic catharsis." (Band info)

I think this is a pretty good description; I find traces of THE ORB or APHEX TWIN and the other usual suspects... 

Otherwise I've got nothing more to add - except that I find myself listening again and again to this fantastic 

recording. Strongly recommended!


Favourite tracks: 'CW30 (Remix)'' and 'Quizbowl 



CREAMY WATER QUIZ - Flojo, Loco y Enigmático
(mp3 zip, 10 tracks, @ 128 kbs, 59 MB, 63:30 min, artwork incl.)
1. Early Morning Battery Chaser

2. Greenhouse vs. Green Tornado

3. Watersheet One

4. My Name Isn't Hopper Chopper!

5. Frank Plates Phallically

6. Majestic Layers of Cream

7. Quizbowl Odyssey

8. CW3o (Remix of The Charles Whitman Trio)

9. Wannabe Carmel Cops

10. Fungart

Get it here or here.

"Flojo, Loco y Enigmático" is also available in 
"deluxe download format" (in 320 kbs mp3s for only $7.00) 

If you like the music, please support the musicians!!!

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