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Friday, July 17, 2009

Glaze of Cathexis - The Golden Konbanwa (USA/JP 2009)

The latest release from GLAZE OF CATHEXIS - simply their best until now!
Can't say too much about the lyrics (being not a native speaker of the English language - I don't really understand everything), but I very much like the sound of the words and also the singing.
The music is probably the most psychedelic GLAZE OF CATHEXIS have ever recorded, ranging from garage-psych-rockers ("The Release Will Come Soon") to relaxed spaced-out tracks ("Call of the Cosmic Tribe") and more electronic songs ("Into the Aether"). Great stuff, strongly recommended!

"This is a bit of a concept album, although it reflects my belief that the best concept albums are somewhat loosely tied together. Scott's poems go the farthest in tying those ideas together. I see it as an awakening and exploration of alternate states, ending with the need to reconcile that with the world around us."
(M. G.; read more at Dr. Schluss blog.)

All songs were recorded in Atlanta, Georgia, from November 2008 - June 2009 except the spoken word parts recorded on a cell phone in Tokyo, JP. This work is a collaboration of Matt Comegys (Dr. Schluss) and Scott Atkinson.
Check out older posts here!

Favourite song: "That Halycon Moment" (though way too short!)

Glaze Of Cathexis - 2009 - The Golden Konbanwa
(mp3 zip, 11 tracks, 44 min, 80,9 MB, artwork incl.)
Get it here or here!

1 comment:

Dr. Schluss said...

Thanks for the post and the words! I haven't gotten as much feedback as usual on this one (maybe everyone's out on vacation). I kept on recording after this one was finished, so you may not have to wait too long until the next one. So far the more recent stuff has some 'stoner metal' influences (Black Sabbath-style riffs, a touch of Iron Maiden) that are sort of new for my music.

P.S. - It might be ok that you don't understand the words. I just noticed last week that tracks two and four start with practically the same lines. Because it's, uh... a concept album. Yeah, that's it!