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Friday, July 17, 2009

Brother Dolphin - Factory Farmer's Daughter (USA 2009)

Talking about homemade lofi music... Here is a track by BROTHER DOLPHIN (born: Eric Douglas Alexander): Factory Farmer's Daughter.

"i see music as the entire scope of vibration from that which is so much heavier than physicality that we only encounter it in dimensions of our nightmares to the highest of vibrations-- the light itself. within time, which i call the theater of relation, i live my life as a man in absolute poverty which means no possesions/possesor. so, as a recording artist, i'm reliant on the intersection of the creative principle of inspiration and the receptive principle of material means within the theater of relation. the sound is usually pretty lo-fi.

the submitted track was recorded in a basement in bloomington, IN. from the realm of infinite possiblity, in the basement, i found a snare drum, a rusty guitar with some strings missing, a really nice bass with active pickups and everything, a four track recorder, a tape, and the acoustic guitar i keep with me as needed to accomplish my earthly tasks. the electric guitar is backwards because the third track on the recorder wouldn't record so i flipped the tape over and recorded to the second track which when flipped back around sounded backwards in relation to the other tracks. after filling all four tracks i ran a cable from the headphone jack out into a PA with a ten band eq and plugged it into a bass cab. i then played the recording into an empty room upstairs with wood floors and big windows and recorded that sound onto a hand held tape player.

i'm currently in the psych-pop band Everything, Now! we tour a lot-- both coasts. i also played in the psych/noise/rock band Hot Fighter #1 as well as the bands ...revel in the morning and Clearance along with a lot of side projects stemming from those bands."

More info including contact email address inside the zip file.

Brother Dolphin - Factory Farmer's Daughter (USA 2009)

(1 mp3 track, 2:53 min, 4 MB) Get it here or here!

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