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Friday, February 22, 2008

We're Late For Class -# 6 "Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun..." (USA)

  • This is simply amazing! A classic "What if... situation". The title says it all: "Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun" As Played By Vanilla Fudge Imitating Iron Butterfly When Fudge Were Forced To Open For Butterfly At The Fillmore West After In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Went Top Ten". Ufff, well... That surely beats "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in A Cave And Grooving With A Pict".
  • Quote from the WE'RE LATE FOR CLASS Blog "You're about to hear Vanilla Fudge making fun of Iron Butterfly at the Fillmore in the late 60s by playing a Pink Floyd space song..." This piece starts out quite harmlessly with the repetitous main riff of the PF song and then suddenly finds itself in outer space for about 22 minutes before returning to the main theme...
  • Check out the whole story of this far out recording at their great blog. There's lots of other cool stuff to find!
  • WE'RE LATE FOR CLASS is an all improvisational college band (doing also some cut & paste) with over a dozen rotating members! And they are offering all of their work to download for free. Surely an interesting concept. I'm certainly eager to hear more!
WE'RE LATE FOR CLASS - Set The Controls...
(mp3 zip, 1 track, 40:36 min, 55,2 MB)
Get it here or here! (Nu links, 04-2009)


Nazz Nomad said...



look forward to hearing this

We're Late For Class said...

Hi LoFi-ers,

Many thanks for the plug and the kind words. It's mucho appreciated. Now... back to the bong.
All the best,

mike-floyd said...

- You're welcome WLFC!
- Thanks for commenting, nazz nomad!

See ya!

frostymug said...

Good luck to all PC users trying to unzip this file. You will need to view inside the archive using Winrar and rename files and folders that have excessive ..... (periods) in the name. That is all the clue I can give you.

mike-floyd said...

Hi frosty mug,
thanks for the info.
So shorter names in the future!

Dharma Bummer said...

Just continuing my troll through the archives, commenting as I go. After hearing an excerpt of this on HLFP 01 and chuckling at the title for the umpteenth time, I just had to give this a shot. This here musical biscuit is funny and scary and does everything it says on the tin, except I have a hard time imagining any instrumentalist in Vanilla Fudge being this restrained, even while mocking Iron Butterfly! That being said, these lads have laser-beam awareness, acute funny-bones and a stash I'd love to raid. Shine on, you crazy dimebags.

Anonymous said...

link is dead

mike-floyd said...

Re-posted with new links April 2009.