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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Amber Light / Dirty Projectors

  • Some days ago I had the pleasure to see a promising german band, called AMBER LIGHT, in a small, but legendary club in the town I live. Surely not a psychedelic band – though they started playing some kind of prog rock in the style of  1970s Pink Floyd or even Marillion – they can grab you and shake you, and have some great melodies (more in the style now of The Cure or The Smith or some of the newer guitar bands) that stick in mind. My personal favourites are "Still Going Nowhere" and "Softly There, Everywhere". Check 'em out at their site and at Myspace.
  • Unti now the band recorded 2 EPs and 1 CD called "Goodbye to Dusk, Farewell to Dawn" (2004). A new CD will be released soon.

  • That reminds me of the best concert I saw late last year, which was by a New York band called DIRTY PROJECTORS. That band centered around little genius David Longstreth simply blew me away. I first came to know them through an art exhibition, where the "psychedelic"movie "The Getty Address" (based on an idea from Don Henley (yes, THAT Don Henley!)) was shown – a true masterpiece full of colours and surprises AND great music; yet to be released offically on DVD. The band's latest release is "Rise Above" (2007), lyrically Black Flag inspired/reimagined, which takes some time to get into, but is quite good. But the DIRTY PROJECTORS are best as a live band. You should check 'em out doing some Daytrotter Session, where you can download some tracks free. Their first Daytrotter session is even better. My personal favourite is: "Fucked for Life". It's brilliant, like some wild mixture of late Robert Fripp guitar (e.g. on "Discipline"), some Yes Prog riffs and backing vocals and Prince lead vocals. And then there is some Indie and Post Punk influences too... So what would you call that music!?? Anyway, it's great and very original.

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