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Friday, February 15, 2008

Some Lofi Krautrock Jamming

ORANGE live in Concert May 1995
  • O.K. folks, now it's time for some REALLY far out stuff. I mean really – bad evil sounds! The kind your mother wouldn't like!


  • The details:

  • 1. SISTER LUNA: "Canned Jam" (Improvisation),
  • recorded 1992-11-11 in Mainz, rehearsal jam (7.37)
  • 2. ORANGE: "He Came to Me One Morning" (Live improvisation),
  • Frankfurt a.M., Negativ, 1995-02-05 (7.39)
  • 3. CLOUD NINE & THE VITAMIN C: "Little Insects Flying Around My Head" (live jam), Wald-Michelbach, JUZ, 1989-05-27 (19.02)

  • Some Lofi Krautrock Jamming (1989-'95)
  • (3 songs, mp3 zip, 46,9 MB)
  • (Link is dead - anyone interested in a re-post?)

  • Some more info:

  • SISTER LUNA was a short time psychedelic jam band, that evolved out of CLOUD NINE, after that band broke up in 1992. It featured Pete H. (g, voc) and Mike S. (bs, voc) from CLOUD NINE, Daniel P. Cäsar (dr, voc) (later forming ORANGE together w. Mike S.) and a guy called P.P. on keyboards. "Canned Jam" sounds just like that – like an early Can outtake (mixed with some Guru Guru space noise in the style of Ufo and some Black Sabbath lost in an acid delerium...).

  • "He Came to Me One Morning" is a classic example of ORANGE free form jamming on stage, reminding again of Can (circa 1972).

  • "Little Insects Flying Around My Head" was a one time performance of CNVC on the last gig featuring their first guitar player Peter S. (here together with Daniel P. on guitar as well, who for a short time usually played drums in CNVC). This improvisational song was first played by Daniel's own psychedelic jam band, called CAPTAIN FARTFISH AND HIS CARFUL MUFFINS.

  • Enjoy!

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member said...

hat total Spaß gemacht, zu hören wie Denner sich in Malcolm Suzuki verwandelt....
liebe Grüße