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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

3 Variations of a song - Magic Spell by Anyone's Dreamcolour/Orange

  • Here we have 3 versions of one song that is a perfect example of selfmade acid punk.

  • The song MAGIC SPELL was first recorded as a demo by ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR in 1992 and later recorded and also performed live many times by ORANGE. Many different versions exist on tape. It was often played as the last song at concerts around 1993/1994, followed sometimes only by the minimalistic "Rockwork Orange" that was based on a repetitious bass riff from MAGIC SPELL (and that continued – in Soft Machine-We-did-it-again-avantgarde-sytle – on some occasions for over sixty minutes).
  • Enjoy!
(3 songs, zip, mp3, 22,4 MB)
  • Here are the details:
  • - Version 1: original demo version by ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR; recorded 1992 on analog 4 track.
  • - Version 2: demo version by ORANGE; basic track recorded Frankfurt a.M., Bunker, 4 track analog 1994-05-30/06-01 with overdubbs added later; remixed by M.S.
  • - Version 3: live version by ORANGE; soundboard, Abensberg Open Air Festival 1994-07-09.

  • While the early ADC version is more in the style of perhaps The Feelies, the Orange versions are pure acid punk with fuzz guitar and psychedelic effects like backward voices, that create a strange mysterious atmosphere.


Anonymous said...

Hey man,

Nice songs. My last band were a psychedelic rock band with mod/punk/power pop overtones. Have a listen at www.mp3.com.au/froghollow.
Try 'Senses', 'What Will I Do' (both have jug ala 13th Floor Elevators), 'The Mirror', 'Palms Eye', 'Winter', 'LSD Express'. Most of the others are mod/punk/power pop.

The Nod

mike-floyd said...

Hi Nod,

Thanks for your comment.

It's really unbelievable how many bands even nowadays are playing music reflecting psychedelic rock influences.

I listened to some of your tunes and I quite liked them, especially "Winter" and "I Don't Need You Anymore".

Best of luck for you and your future musical plans.

stolle said...

hey you!
check out our blog
There we post our own music, all homemade, very experimental, mostly lofi, and rather psychedelic. feel free to post anyhing you like!
luv stolllllllllllllle

mike-floyd said...

Hi Stolle!

Ich werde mich mit Sicherheit mal in Eurem blog umschauen und ggf. dann auch was von Euch posten.

Liebe Grüße an Member!