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Friday, February 29, 2008

Anyone's Dreamcolour - It's So Cold Out Here In Space/FfM Bunker (1996/95) (GER.)

  • ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR was the solo project of Mike Schröder, bass player of CLOUD NINE (& THE VITAMIN C) (1983-1992), SISTER LUNA (1992/'93) and ORANGE (1993-'96). Lofi home recordings on 4 track exist from the years 1992 until 1999, all unreleased and only given away to friends.

  • The music of ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR in generell is less focused and more experimental than most of Mike's previous work with his former bands and heavily rooted in late 60s/early 70s Psychedelic Rock and experimental music. For example "Girl in a Drop of water" sounds somewhat like a crossing between COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH's "Grace" and the GRATEFUL DEAD's "Rosemary", while "Spacelab" seems influenced by STEREOLAB and HAWKWIND.

  • "Laughing Inside", written by P. Hergo, was a song by SISTER LUNA, that was never properly recorded; "Girl in a Drop of Water" was an old CLOUD NINE & THE VITAMIN C  song.
  • "Electric Hippie Church" is performed completely by Daniel P. Caesar, aka SUPER KING, Mike's band mate from ORANGE, and is based on the organ track of "Eternal Hippies".
  • Enjoy!
  • ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR - It's So Cold Out Here 
  • In Space (1996)/FfM Bunker (1995)
  • 1. Laughing Inside - 4.06
  • 2. Spacelab - 5.19
  • 3. Girl In A Drop Of Water - 4.25
  • 4. Eternal Hippies (feat. Super King) - 4.53 
  • 5. Electric Hippie Church (performed by Super King) - 4.45
  • (mp3 zip, 5 songs, 23.32 min,33,5 MB, covers incl.)
  • (LInks are dead - repost, if requested)

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