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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cloud Nine - 1992 (GER.)

  • CLOUD NINE (former "Cloud Nine & The Vitamin C") was a band founded in the Rhein-Main-Area nearby Darmstadt and Mannheim, Germany, in 1983 and existed until 1992 in various line-ups, always centered around keyboard player Dominik Engel and bass player Mike Schröder.
  • CLOUD NINE recorded some demos culminating in this one from 1992, for the first time using a semi-professional 8-track recording studio. But during the recording session the band split and the demo was never really finished. The master tape was lost and sadly only some rough mixes of those sessions survived.
  • The basic tracks of those 6 songs were all recorded live in only two days (!) and only some vocal and guitar parts were later added.
  • CLOUD NINE played some kind of neo psychedelic rock, heavily based on late Sixties/early Seventies bands like The Doors, Pink Floyd or the old Krautrockers Amon Düül 2 or Can, but one can also find a slight Wave influence of bands like The Cure or even some  UK rave acts like The Charlatans. They were famous for their free form improvisations or "take off" parts mostly in the middle of songs like "Draw Down the Distance", "Survivor" or "Sunspots". The psychedelic light show of the band (mainly consisting of selfmade Super-8-movies and art/ink-slides) was also legendary and quite unique in the late 80s and early 90s in that area: The first psychedelic light show since the one of their famous colleagues NEKTAR, who came from the same region in Germany some years earlier.
  • Mike S. later went on to play in ORANGE, another experimental psychedelic band based in Frankfurt and also recorded as ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR.

  • CLOUD NINE - 1992 
  • (8-track demo, rough mix - slightly remixed version)
  • (mp3 zip, 6 songs (36 min), 52,3 MB, covers included)
  • 1. (It Makes) No Difference (3.13)
  • 2. My Sunday On A Friday (3.33)
  • 3. Call (4.18)
  • 4. Draw Down The Distance (10.19)
  • 5. Sunspots (7.28)
  • 6. Empty And Cold (6.40)
  • Get it here!
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