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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Radagast Project (GER. 1992-2000)

RADAGAST PROJECT was/is the psychedelic folk project of former PEACE'N'STUFF bass & flute player Christof Köhler (aka Koehler, aka CK – listen to tr. 8 on the HLFP 01 sampler!). The recordings you find here go back to the period between 1992 and 2000.
1. Snake River (1992) - 6.38
Part of a song/sound collage called "The Snake Song", this piece somewhat follows the music of German classical space krautrockers BETWEEN. It's really a hybrid of late 80s/early 90s New Age sounds and 70s krautrock with eastern influences.
2. C & A - 5.07
Here CK forms a cosmic folk duo with legendary busker ANDI PAULO, posted here recently. This song was written and recorded on 4-track-tape recorder in Heidelberg, Germany, around 1995.
3. Radagast - 8.41
Kind of a whimsical space folk theme with none-too-serious lyrics telling the story of the infamous Lord Of The Rings character.
4. Kalte Liebe - 5.45
A demo from the aborted "Roy Rohrbach" folk opera, recorded in Heidelberg in 2000 on 4-track; this is a song with a rather dark mood, with flute & vocals panicking (in the original greek meaning of the word). There are evident ROY HARPER influences and there's lots of early PINK FLOYD octave bass pumping in the instrumental parts, a wild spanish guitar in the middle – and thank God you probably won't understand the lyrics... Also brings to mind the acoustic side of the 1st "Dance of the Lemmings" LP of AMON DÜÜL 2.

If you like german psychedelic folk in the style of FIT & LIMO or you enjoyed the ANDI PAULO post not too long ago, you should definitly have a listen to this stuff. Recommended!

Radagast Project
(mp3-zip, 4 tracks, 26 min)
Get it NOW! Here or here!


gordon said...

hope I've got this right

the only place our stuff is available is www.myspace.com/groomlakedanceband

I can supply a cd-r if interested

or not if not :)

mike-floyd said...

Hi Gordon!
Just visited your Myspace site, and I think your stuff sounds pretty interesting.

So if you want it posted here, it would be great, if you could upload the mentioned cd-r (on rapidshare, easyshare or whatever), best including artwork and some info about your bandproject – and send me the link.
For direct contact please mail me at
mike-floyd@gmx.de and leave your mail address.