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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hans Frommer - Home recordings/Stags - 7" (GER./1978)

HANS FROMMER played in many different bands since he was 14. He per-formed gigs in American GI music clubs in Germany (around Frankfurt a. M.) ever since 1969. Ten years later he released his first LP with his band THE STAGS: "Don't Shoot!"  (1979) and also
 released a single: "Keep On Movin'/Please Don't Go" in 1978, which is now rare as hell. 
The greatest hour of the STAGS probably came, when
 they had the chance to open for HERMAN BROOD and INGA RUMPF in a music club, called Wartburg, in Wiesbaden in 1977.
More different band projects followed (e.g. FURY'S RIDE and MAD
 MAGIC in the early 1990s), playing mostly Rock'n'Roll and Blues/Blues-Rock cover songs, but HANS also started to write more and more of his own material. In 1996 HANS recorded a CD with FAME in Offenbach, featuring Rock'n'Roll songs of the 1950s, but he quit playing live in 1999 and is now recording songs all by his own in his little home recording studio in Stockstadt, Aschaffenburg. "It's only Rock'n'Roll... but I Like it..." (quote Hans Frommer). And so do we!
Listening to his new and old songs, we are once again reminded of now forgotten bands like the DOOBIE BROTHERS, THE ALLMAN BROTHERS or the STEVE MILLER BAND. Enjoy and check out Hans' site!
STAGS - Keep On Movin'/Please Don't Go (7", SSU I 78, 1978)
(13,1 MB, vinyl rip)

HANS FROMMER - Home recordings
(Mp3 zip, 26,3 MB, 7 tracks)

HANS FROMMER is also featured with an instrumental track on the HLFP 01 Sampler: "Relax And Float Downstream".

1 comment:

We're Late For Class said...

Hey lofi guys,

We’re Late For Class here.

Thanks for all your support this year. We really appreciate it. We thought we'd send you the poop on our latest, in case you were interested. It’s dumb and fun and sure to tick somebody off... and it’s called The Jim Morrison Seance Tapes.

Below is a link for the codes to post any & all of The Jim Morrison Seance Tapes on your blog for free (links, cover, FULL Mp3 player, etc).
Thanks, as always.

PRIVATE Link for you to get Codes and Links (Don’t post this link please)

July 7, 2008

‘We’re Late For Class’ Jams With Jim Morrison

Via a medium, stoner college jam band We’re Late For Class performed a 14 minute improvisational space jam along with the disembodied voice of Jim Morrison, the late singer of The Doors.

“Why not!?,” said a We’re Late For Class spokesman. “It's cheaper than a living singer, what with classified ads, lodging and alcohol... and besides, you know how lead singers are to deal with.”

It’s entitled The Jim Morrison Seance Tapes and is their 30th. It’s available for free at the band’s blog, http://werelateforclass.blogspot.com

“So you don't think this is just something we slapped together with old recordings and ProTools... (you can hear) the engineer ask Jim for the ‘post-death stuff... the stuff without copyrights,’” the spokesman persisted. “In the end,” he said, ”it went smoother than our Screamin' Jay Hawkins seance.”

The free download also includes a 14 minute instrumental version for those that don’t buy the premise.

contact: werelateforclass@hotmail.com.