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Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm taking a break.

Have a nice psychedelic Christmas everybody!!!

See you next year!

File 13 - Makeshift Viewmaster (1996)

"A third hour-long dose of mind-altering entertainment from the comfort of Andrew Aldrich's home to yours. I'm proud to say that I was the drummer on 'Autumn Parade'. Includes lyric sheet."

(Brian Andrew Marek)

Some more excellent guitar driven psychedelic rock for your enjoyment! Get it!

Favourite track: Glowing Smiles


FILE 13 - Makeshift Viewmaster (1996)

(mp3-zip, 13 tracks, 62 min, 155,1 MB, artwork and lyrics incl.)

Get it here or here or here!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Full Dimensional - Exhale (USA 1995)

"My second cassette rip from the File 13/Full Dimensional discography finds Andrew Aldrich getting even trippier. Includes the epic 'Tadpoles in the Bongwater'."


Favourite track: Tadpoles in the Bongwater - indeed a homemade lo-fi psychedelic masterpiece!


(mp3-zip, 14 tracks, 63 min, 155,8 MB, artwork incl.)

Get it here or here or here!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

File 13 (a.k.a. Full Dimensional) - Demos (circa 1994)

The first post of a trilogy of FILE 13 / FULL DIMENSIONAL stuff, kindly compiled and "remastered" for HLFP by our old friend BRIAN ANDREW MAREK (who also supplied us with the excellent MANIK MYK THOMPSON recordings) – another true labor of love for a friend.
Thanks again, BaM!!!

Get this stuff! Excellent guitar driven homemade psychedelic/indie rock!

"I first met Andrew Aldrich at Saint Louis' The Way Out Club in the mid '90's. It was open mic night and I was at the bar ordering a beer when I suddenly heard something familiar and wonderful but almost bafflingly unexpected in context: Somebody was covering Syd Barrett's "Octopus"! Needless to say, he had my absolute attention for the rest of the set, and I struck up a conversation when it was over. One of the first things he told me was that his all-time favorite artists were Syd, The Flaming Lips, and Nirvana. Another was that he made lots of four-track cassette recordings in a psychedelic rock vein, usually playing all the instruments, under the name File 13. I was musically smitten.
Much has changed in the ensuing time. Andrew moved from Sikeston, Missouri to Memphis, Tennessee to Detroit, Michigan. File 13 became Full Dimensional when he discovered another File 13. Cassettes became CD-R's. But Andrew has remained prolific, and I have a big chunk - though not necessarily all - of his very healthy discography. I am in the process of ripping his old cassettes in chronological order, so here's the album he placed in my hand that first night at The Way Out, File 13's "Demos". Despite the utilitarian name and art (both would become more imaginative with future releases), this tape perfectly justifies Andrew's claim of Barrett/Coyne/Cobain as his holy trinity, filtered oh so beautifully through the bedroom studio aesthetic. Not to mention the funniest Bob Dylan parody ever ("Talkin' Travelin' Blues")!"

Favourite track: 'Surely Unsure' and many more...

File 13 (a.k.a. Full Dimensional) - Demos

(circa 1994)

(mp3-zip, 18 tracks (2 cover songs were left out), 58 min, 144,3 MB)
Get it here or here or here or here!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Cellophane Rechordings ~ Sampler # 67

And here it is: The Cellophane Rechordings ~ Sampler # 67!
A fantastic sampler of weird homemade psychedelic music compiled from artists of the Brooklyn based indie label Cellophane Rechordings.

"I have been making psych music since the late 80's of all genres, pop-psych, spacerock , dreamy folk,tape collages, you name it, mostly on 4-track and recently on 8-track reel to reel. I am doing a history of all the recordings I've done on my blog (http://cellophanerechordings.blogspot.com/), along with absurd stories, photos, videos,and music. I'm up to the mid-90's right now. (...)

It's (= Cellophane Rechordings~Sampler # 67) a colorful psych pop mash up of various bands and homemade recordings we've done over the years (20!) interspersed with random gibberish and tape collage edits."

"My name is Jesse Michael Roy and I like recording music with friends and daydreaming. I haven't adjusted to the world around me very well and so I spend my days creating sinewy spiderweb veneers to hide behind in my lair of kaleidoscoptic mirrors. I own some paisley shirts, a broken sitar, a cheshire cat, and have ingested copious amounts of hallucinogens and other such chemical concoctions all in vain. I give to you my gifts of musick, scientifically designed to stimulate the pineal gland to release the rhizofluorescent aether~like fluids up and down the chakras into the astral light, to pull a grin out of a rabbit's hat a mile long to plaster across your face like a porpoise's wet dream.

 Visit http://cellophanerechordings.blogspot.com/ for the unwinding tale of the struggles of a humble D.I.Y. cassette label throughout 20+ winding years of cruel and unusual punishment. Always brought to you with varying hues of humor."
(Jesse Michael Roy)

Links to some of the bands who've rostered our grace:

Cellophane Rechordings ~ Sampler # 67
(USA 1988-2009)
(mp3-zip, 24 tracks, 61 min, 138,9 MB, artwork incl.)
This is what you'll get (that is: if you dare!):

1. cecil's cellophane ceiling ~ paperhead 1992
2. the entranceway to play ~ the singed birds cage ~ 2005
3. define psychedelic / the planet mongo ~ the 4 lads on WLAD 1989
4. little green circles ~ paperhead 1990
5. 1000 miles below sea level ~ paperhead 1990
6. nature tip ~ WLAD P.S.A. 1989
7. springtime! ~ the singed birds cage 2005
8. mrs. thomas' garden ~ fred driscoll 1991
9. april showers ~ the singed birds cage 2005
10. time 2 spring ~ the singed birds cage 2005
11. the planet mongo ( excerpt) ~ the 4 lads 1988
12. bandulicious ~ strung-together wanderlu$t 2006
13. babies ~ the amputation appreciation collective 2003
14. frayed ~ the amputation appreciation collective 2003
15. the fractal elves ~ the rainbow fireflys 1999
16. rachel's 21st birthday ~ the rainbow fireflys 1999
17. slug beer ~ WLAD commercial 1989
18. cartoon nightmare (exceprt) ~ hashish symphony 2007
19. riding on my bicycle ~ smile 1989
20. cowboy ~ never shake a baby 1995
21. up in the air ~ the rainbow fireflys 1999 (new vocals by Shoval Zohar 2009)
22. octopus ~ lowflyingplanes 2002
23. space patrol ~ never shake a baby 1995
24. rain ~ paperhead 1990

Get this sampler here!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

coming next: Cellophane Rechordings ~ Sampler # 67

The "Cellophane Rechordings ~ Sampler # 67" will be next.
Stay tuned! In the meantime...


Doesn't get more psychedelic than that!!
Check out this amazing video!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Bird From The Abyss - II released (FINL.)

J.M.A. from BIRD FROM THE ABYSS sent me a mail recently to inform me about the 2nd BIRD FROM THE ABYSS release.

Bird From The Abyss - II has been released 25 Nov 2009 by Starlight Temple Society.

This is how the label presents it:

"Finland's Bird From The Abyss takes flight with their debut album "II", a 40 minute sinister working of doom rock and folk music that will take you on a journey to explore the inner mysteries of the ancient Mediterranean underworld and then send you straight into the heart of the creeping muskeg pits and forests of Finland's mythological past. "II" utilizes a series of authentic classical instruments like the baglama, zither and flute and more modern ones to create a link between our world and one which still dwells in the nexus of time. Bird from the Abyss is the music of Pharaohs and ancient Sumerian kings!

Limited to 100 copies on gold CD, with 11"x17" poster, 8 page earth flecked paper booklet and matching 6"x9" printed envelope."

Bird From The Abyss - II

1. Crawling Monuments 11:09

2. Travelling With The Bird - Part 1 03:26

3. Kyyn Laulu 06:32

4. From The Altars Of Fire To The Kingdom Of Ereskigal 13:19

5. Travelling With The Bird - Part 2 - Back To The Abyss 4:56

40 minutes of ritual doom, snake ballads and brooding drone folk.

The dics is priced extremely low, only $4.50 + shipping. The whole album can be listened to, in its 40 minute lenght.





Download the 1st release by BIRD FROM THE ABYSS here!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Bavarian Druglords - 205 (USA 2009)

Syed Druglord from THE BAVARIAN DRUGLORDS sent me these recordings (from March 2009) - the band's debut LP.

"I'm in a band called The Bavarian Druglords... from Brooklyn. We make groovy psychedelic music... heavily inspired by Manchester in the early 90s... but a darker, more sonic version of that..."

That's a very good description, I guess. Not much more to add, I think - check it out! "205" is an excellent psychedelic, rave influenced rock record, strongly recommended! Enjoy!



TBD already have released 3 EPs that all are – just as the debut lp – available on iTunes (as well as Amazon.com, Rhapsody, Emusic, etc...): "Goldsoul", "Alpine Assassin" and "37c Sniper".


Favourite tracks: King & Queen, Monza, Goldsoul – but the complete album is excellent.

The Bavarian Druglords - 205 (USA 2009)

(mp3-zip, 11 tracks, 41 min, 67, 2 MB)

Get it here or here or here!

Askeemal (aka: Asesquimal) - The Yellow Idiot (USA 2008)

ASKEEMAL (aka: ASESQUIMAL) is a moniker used by JARED FAIRFIELD (see posts below).
"The Yellow Idiot" is a (short) triple album, recorded mid to late 2008.

"I have recorded under several monikers, the most other notable being "Askeemal", weirdo post-punk falsetto goodies. (...) 'The Yellow Idiot' -- Probably the best and most original of all these (albums). Originally done under the moniker of Askeemal, this is a triple album release that, very simply explained, is very eccentric rock with girl like falsetto." (J. F.)

This is quite a trip! Something very special indeed. And good fun to listen.
I hardly understand a word, and I'm not even sure if the language used is English at all (sounds to me more like a drugged out Italian freak most of the time), but that really doesn't matter. This is great experimental rock music and though some parts remind me of different bands/musicians (CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND HIS MAGIC BAND, PERE UBU, BRIAN ENO, GUIDED BY VOICES...) I have never heard something like this before. Especially irritating at first listen are the girl like falsetto vocals on some tracks, that really have to be heard!
Eccentric and great! Recommended!

Askeemal (aka: Asesquimal = Jared Fairfield)
- The Yellow Idiot
(USA 2008)
(mp3-zip, 25 tracks, 35 min, 66,7 MB, art included)

Part 1 - Work Your Way to the Forest

Part 2 - Shim Hom Phorsch

Part 3 - Academic Palsy

Get it here or here or here!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jared Fairfield - Fairer Fields (USA 2009)

'Similar to "Boiling Atom" '.

(J. F.)

Maybe a little bit more adventurous regarding the arrangements and instrumentation.

Favourite track: 'Flower', 'Time'



Jared Fairfield - Fairer Fields (2009)

(mp3-zip, 11 tracks, 19 min, 25,1 MB)

Get it here or here or here!

Jared Fairfield - The Great Boiling Atom (USA 2009)

JARED FAIRFIELD originally is from Maine and currently is living in Maine.

"I regard my music as still being very amateur and not fully evolved. I have a vague vision of what my ideal music would be, and I am still far off from it. I have come a ways though. – It would be impossible to list all the influences, but specifically while recording this (= "Past Songs"): Tyrannosaurus Rex, Gary Higgins, Syd Barrett, Love, Vashti Bunyan, Tiny Tim, among many others." (J. F.)

Jared himself describes "The Great Boiling Atom" as slightly less coherent (than "Past Songs") with more experiments in sound and in recording. I especially like the keyboard sound on "Conch" and "Ground". Listening to "The Great Boiling Atom" I especially hear a strong early Marc Bolan / Tyrannosaurus Rex influence (e.g. on "Ground" and "Queen"). Again some tracks are recorded quite lo-fi.

Only thing I have to criticise is the fact, that most of the tracks are very short and somehow rather sketchy. Some more polishing here and there would probably have made out of some already very good songs some really, really GREAT songs...


Favourite track: "Conch"


Jared Fairfield - The Great Boiling Atom (2009)

(mp3-zip, 11 tracks, 16 min, 18,6 MB)

Get it here or here or here!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jared Fairfield - Past Songs (USA 2008)

"Past Songs" was recorded early 2008 by JARED FAIRFIELD when he was living in Las Vegas.

"Mostly working within a folk-type realm."

Well, don't expect any simple folk songs here. Most of the tracks here are somehow unusual, have some unexpected twist, most of all one of my favourite songs, the opener 'Child' - the most experimental and psychedelic track of this song collection.
Solid playing throughout, though some songs are recorded indeed rather lo-fi (e.g. 'Nosey Moses') - well worth exploring! Enjoy!

Favourite tracks: 'Child' and 'Cheap and Shmaltzy'

Jared Fairfield - Past Songs (USA 2008)
(mp3-zip, 13 tracks, 25 min, 50,9 MB)
Get it here or here or here!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Strangers Family Band - Live in New York!!!

Check out their DOORS influenced EP here!

11/23-Trash Bar w/Charter 77, Scary Living, In Pencil

11/24-Pop Show@Bruar Falls w/Specific Heats, Lord Jeff, Family Portrait

11/25-Sonic Youth After Party@Glasslands w/MV+EE, Lord Jeff

11/27-Don Pedros w/Backwords, Devil Eyes, Univox

11/28-Hex Fest@The Living Room w/Delta Spirit, The Hymns

Thursday, November 19, 2009

RE-UP: ephemeroL - ephemeroL (GER 2006)

The first album from German experimental/noise/drone band ePHEMEROL from Frankfurt a. M.
Their second brand new album "plenK!" is now available in very limited quantities (contact e-mail see inlet artwork). You'll also find a version of one track from the new album on the 2nd HLFP Sampler "Embryo Thoughts".

"we are using minimal electronic music, free improvisation and early industrial music to create something altogether new. Repetition and frozen chords are as important and valuable as free material or rock music."
(band info)

ephemeroL - same (2006)
(mp3 zip, 6 tracks, 65 min, artwork incl., @320)
Get it here or here or here!

ephemeroL - @ Clubkeller, Frankfurt 03 19 2009 (Edit) (GER)

ephemeroL - @ Clubkeller, Frankfurt 03-19-2009
(Edit) (GER)
(mp3-zip, 7 tracks, MB, 68 min, 94,5 MB)
Get it here or here or here!

RE-UP: ephemeroL - Live Performance, Das Bett, 04-11-2006 (GER)

Maxim Engl

RE-POST of the rare recording of EPHEMEROL from Frankfurt a. M. from April 11th 2006.
This live performance from "Das Bett" sounds very different to the more post rock/drone oriented tracks from the EP I posted some time ago and also to the very noisy track from the HLFP 02-Sampler "EMBRYO THOUGHTS".
It starts rather silently in a meditative mood and then slowly builds up to get a little louder (but never too loud) and more weird as the journey travels on - improvised from start til end.

EPHEMEROL - Live Performance, Das Bett,
(1 mp3 track, zipped, 63,1 MB, 46 min)
Get it here or here or here!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ephemeroL - Die Halle, Frankfurt 02-21-2009 (GER)

One of the rare live recordings of the german avantgarde/noise/drone band EPHEMEROL, heavily influenced by SUNNO))), BORIS and the like. Starts rather quiet (with some guitar lines not too dissimilar to Maxim Engl's later work with his former psychedelic grunge band ORANGE), but gets much louder and heavier and more minimalistic with time. Read more here!
Enjoy! More live stuff to come.
Check out older posts here!

ephemeroL -Die Halle, Frankfurt
02-21-2009 (GER)
(mp3-zip, 8 tracks, MB, 85 min, 118,3 MB)
Get it here or here or here!