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Saturday, February 28, 2009

recompas - live (USA; 12-19-2008 + 06-30-2008)

Here are two short live recordings by RECOMPAS, both from 2008.

The first one was recorded live at
Eyedrum, Atlanta, GA on 12-19-2008; it's all minimal, no drums. Really nice soundboard mix.

Get it here or here (1 mp3 zipped, 27:54 min, 38,4 MB)!

The second live recording is from The Earl, Atlanta, GA, when RECOMPAS opened for the legendary electronic pioneers from the 60s the SILVER APPLES on 06-30-2008.

Get it here or here (1 mp3 zipped, 31:51 min, 36,5 MB)!


Blog Website

Friday, February 27, 2009

recompas - Studio Recording 2: Ur-Quan Masters (USA 2008)

Another - the second - studio recording by Atlanta's electronic space-psych band RECOMPAS. Again very much in a Krautrock/"kosmische Kuriere" style - excellent.

RECOMPAS - Studio Recording 2: Ur-Quan Masters (USA 2008)
(mp3 zip,  4 tracks, 26 min, 35 MB)
Get it here or here!

recompas - Studio Recording 1: Analogesic (USA 2008)

From Atlanta, Georgia come RECOMPAS, an electronic ambient-space-psych band project centered around Travis Thatcher.

"My group, recompas, initially started as my solo laptop project, but now has transformed into a 2-6 person live improv space/psych/ambient group. sometimes it sounds like hawkwind, sometimes faust, and sometimes cluster or tangerine dream. anyway, there's a ton of live and recorded music of ours on my blog here:

Truely amazing! RECOMPAS sound like a Berliner Schule Krautrock band from the mid-seventies! To mind come especially TANGERINE DREAM and KLAUS SCHULZE. If you like those, you surely will like RECOMPAS. Space-psych of the finest!

Also you might like to check out TRAUMMASCHINE, who have a similar sound on some of their recordings - also posted on this blog: here.


RECOMPAS - Studio Recording 1: Analogesic (USA 2008)

(mp3 zip, 3 tracks, 45 min, 40,6 MB)

Get it here or here!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rangers - Homemade Cassette Collages III (USA 2009)

Joe sent me a new homemade cassette collage: "For the lack of a better title I entitled this track: 'Concorde breakfast - Audio decadence for enlightened jetsetters'" (Rangers)
Enjoy - and special greetings to Inês!

RANGERS - Homemade Cassette 
Collages III (USA 2009)
(1 mp3 track, 28 min, 24,8 MB)
Concorde breakfast - Audio decadence for enlightened jetsetters (27.20)
Get it here!
(New links Feb. 2013, still working Dec. 2014)

Monday, February 23, 2009

3XCX3 - Trans-Siberian Railway (RU 2009 EP)

Surely no need to introduce 3XCX3 (Project), for this is already the third post by this one-man-band project from Siberia. He/they also contributed one fantastic track to the 3rd HLFP- sampler "NEW KIDS ON THE BLOG" (get it here - if you don't have it already!).

"That EP is first part for my BIG CONCEPT PROJECT (April-May 2009)." (3XCX3)

So there will be more to come... As expected, this music here is excellent- in parts quite krautrock-like, other parts are quite heavy/punk-ish. I like "Down in the sky" the most, but all tracks are in fact very good. "Into the Hole..." could almost be an instrumental backing track from the first THE STOOGES album... Enjoy!


3XCX3 - Trans-Siberian Railway (RU 2009 EP)

(mp3-zip, 4 tracks, 15 min, 19,4 MB, front cover incl.)

Get it here or here!

The Delta of Venus - Sinatrasaurus Vs. Caveman (Dance, Ape 'O!) (USA 2008)

"I truly love psychedelic music, and though i consider myself psychedelic, though probably more reserved than most of the artists on your page. I make recordings in my bedroom on a tascam 8 track..."

"The writing/recording was done between May 2008 and December 2008 with percussion on the tracks "How The Wind Was Beating Hard" and "Lower Than Low" being improvised by my friend Mike Baltzer on his Korg Electribe. I'm a 20 yr. old manish songwriter living in Minneapolis and I've been trying to be in a band since i could play, but up until now my recordings have been my main commitment. Mike is a songwriter from Pittsburgh who moved here last year and we've been trying to work together, so there might be a band in the future. Otherwise it's all me in the recordings. I use bongos, tables, tambourine and microphone taps for percussion. I use an epiphone dot and a danelectro 56 u3 and a little wee radioshack concertmate for the little keyboard sounds you hear. the less thrilling keyboard sounds probably come from my alesis micron which i recently got, but admittedly do not know how to really use it. I am profoundly influenced by Donovan, The Velvet Underground, The Beach Boys, Hoagy Carmichael, The Beatles, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, Gilberto Gil, Serge Gainsbourg, Lee Hazlewood, Burt Bacharach, Of Montreal, The Kinks, Bob Dylan etc. I do have a page on myspace.com/loyaltyinspace, and I've written lots of new songs so i hope to get some recording done in the future. I really do consider my music psychedelic even though my influences are a bit outside of psychedelia, thankfully psychedelia is one of those sounds that easily digests different ones." (T. D. O. V.)

Most of THE DELTA OF VENUS' songs are rather short, rather sketches of songs, though there is a great indie-pop sensibility to them, and there are many impressive melodies to be found - some thing in common with GUIDED BY VOICES' earlier works (though musically a little more polished and much less aggressive). Truely uplifting, dreamy refreshing music. Eager to hear more!


THE DELTA OF VENUS - Sinatrasaurus Vs. Caveman (Dance, Ape 'O!)

(mp3 zip, 13 tracks, 30 min)

Get it here or here

Friday, February 20, 2009

AUX Festival line-up, Athens, GA. on Saturday, Feb. 21

AUX Festival line-up announced

Features Dark Meat, Andrew Rieger of Elf Power, Page Campbell of Hope For agoldensummer 
Bill Doss of Olivia Tremor Control and Apples in Stereo, the Icy Demons, and more

The third AUX Festival will be held in Athens, Ga. on Saturday, Feb. 21.
The line up has just been announced, and it features venerable Athens musicians like Bill Doss, Andrew Rieger, Dark Meat, Page Campell, and more.  See below for the complete line up with times and venues.

AUX is curated by Heather McIntosh (The Instruments, Japancakes, Circulatory System), and is an organization in Athens devoted to the experimental music scene.

The Festival also features an Artist Market and Video Program, and is sponsored by Ideas for Creative Exploration, Little Kings, Cine, 
Flagpole Magazine, and Nuci's Space.  
Tickets are $5.

AUX 3 - Saturday, Feb. 21st, @ Little Kings and Ciné
3:00 Little Kings Dark Meat
3:30 Ciné Youth Movement Workshop
4:00 Little Kings GLASSPACKS
4:30 Ciné Killick
5:00 Little Kings A Horse is a Sphere
5:30 Ciné The Rectanglers
6:00 Little Kings Howling Jelly
6:00 Cine Video Program I
6:30 Ciné Our New Silence
7:00 Little Kings Dream Scene
7:30 Ciné Some Meat Out of the Eater
8:00 Little Kings Mercer Street
8:30 Ciné Lisa Yaconelli
Denise Posnak and Page Campbell
Julie Rothschild and Shawn Copeland
9:00 Ciné Video Program II
9:30 Ciné Maps and Transit
10:00 Little Kings Bill Doss presents the Flashcard Orchestra
10:30 Little Kings Brave New Citizen
11:00 Little Kings Spirit of the Falcon-XL
11:30 Ciné Medaglia d’Oro
12:30 Little Kings Icy Demons

Need more information?
Liz Lawson @ Deus Ex Machina Publicity

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Monoplex - The Silent Speech And Misused Time (USA 2008)

Yet another fantastic psychedelic record that deserves your attention. Adam B. Phillips - a multi-instrumentalist with a multi-track recorder - is the mastermind behind THE MONOPLEX, a psychedelic band project heavily influenced by 60's psych music using the technology of today.

Myspace lists as band members: Adam Phillips, Spliff Phillips, Train, A.B Philopolis, Tree Top, Dadam; influences: "lately: Animal Collective, TOMITA!, Turner Classic Movies, and Open G tuning with a dropped C."

To my mind rather comes THE BEACH BOYS (at the time of Surf's Up), FLAMING LIPS, SIMIAN and the more pop oriented records of MOTORPSYCHO.

"Recordings done on 4 and 16 track reel to reels with computer assistance over a four year period, and it keeps running on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. off." (T. M.)

This is only a portion of the album "The Silent Speech and Misused Time" by the out-of-sight hipsters THE MONOPLEX. Out Now! on Mayhaps Records. 



Band-Website (mayhaps records)

Favourite track: none - the complete album! This is a psychedelic pop masterpiece - grab it and enjoy!

THE MONOPLEX - the silent speech and misused time (excerpt)

(mp3 zip,  12 tracks,  41 min, 55,4 MB)

Get it here or here!

Interpretace (as: Brodio Nuncia) - Audizione per Cappuccini (CZCH, 198?, exact date unknown)

This ultra rare live recordings were recorded by INTERPRETACE under the moniker name BRODIO NUNCIA in the desolate church of Capuchin's temple some times in the 80's. The exact date is unknown.

"BRODIO was (a) trio (Lee Bohr as guest on guitar, Julius on keyboard and me on piano and drums sometimes." (Richard Charvat)

INTERPRETACE (as: BRODIO NUNCIA) - Audizione per Cappuccini
(1 mp3 zipped, 109 min, 199,7 MB, incl. photomontage of the actual church)
Get it here or here!

If you want to explore the music of INTERPRETACE, this here is the best starting point, I guess. This piece of music is somehow more "accessable" than other works of this band. There are passages that are almost krautrock-like (reminding of ASH RA TEMPEL or POPOL VUH perhaps) - many moments of sheer beauty without being "kitschig".
More music by INTERPRETACE is still available for download. Check the sidebar!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ephemeroL + P.E.T.R.A. live in Frankfurt a. M. (GER), Sat. 21th Feb. 2009

Psychedelic Krautrock Double-Feature

- No Fasching today -
„Blue Elephants Destroy Life On Earth"

EphemeroL + P.E.T.R.A

Samstag 21.02.09, 21:00, Die Halle,
Wächtersbacher Str. 84 H, 65795

live: Die Invasion der Blauen Elefanten im hinteren Riederwald und Zerstörung des Lebens auf der Erde. 

Mit dabei: die Bands ephemeroL und P.E.T.R.A.

Welcome Outerspace!


Ike Anger - voc, git, harp; Frank Rosenberg - voc, bass; MR Ling – drums

P.E.T.R.A. is back from Space! Far out long psychedelic improvisations and short songs... Kraut and cream for breakfast... Label: kin-et ffm, http://www.kin-et.de 

Influences: Beasts Of Bourbon, Faust, Guru Guru, Ummagumma, MC5, Can, Neu, J. Richman, Yo La Tengo, Wipers; Film: Blow Up...


P.E.T.R.A. - Aldebaran 2

(mp3 track, 33 min, 18 MB)

Get it here or here!

Check this out: 'Aldebaran' starts just like your favourite NEIL YOUNG song crossed with THE PERC MEETS THE HIDDEN GENTLEMAN before drifting into a psychedelic space haze after a few minutes... Great!

Maxim Engl - guitar, electronics; Roger Eckhardt - bass, electronics; Peter Prochir - drums, electronics

ephemeroL is a platform to break new ground for different influences and genres. Repetition and frozen chords are as important and valuable as free material or rock music. Although our music is basically guitar/bass/drums, we use minimal electronic music, free improvisation and early industrial music to create something altogether new. Our live presentations vary from free improvised chamber tunes, endless drones and pure noise to more conventional structured rock tunes. In the early 80ies, before founding the still existing industrial project SIELWOLF, Peter was, together with HEINER GOEBBELS and ALFRED HARTH a member of the band CASSIBER, which created a compound of free improvised music, punk and avantgarde. At the same time Maxim combined industrial music with 60ies elements in his band JANITORS OF LUNACY, sometimes playing improvised happenings for five hours.

In 2004 we performed at an Indian music-festival in Frankfurt which lasted for several days. Together with Indian musicians, traditional music and our own material was used as a basis for improvisation. In 2005 Peter played several live sessions with ex-CAN vocalist DAMO SUZUKI.

Influences: Gus van Sandt; Gastr del Sol; Glenn Branca; Deep Purple; Black Sabbath; Pierre Henry; Philip K. Dick; David Cronenberg; J.G.Ballard; John Fahey; Alfred Bester; Spike Jonze; Miles Davis; PiL; tbc...

Sounds like: Flower /Eye /Haze!!!!!


EPHEMEROL - Demo E.P. (2006)

(mp3 zip, 3 tracks, 54,9 MB)

1. Nine Days Rain (8.09)

2. Melatonin (12.41)

3. Ephemerol (19.12)

Read more about EPHEMEROL here!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Paneye - Wilt and Loom (AUSTRALIA 2009)

I can't believe, that this guy is still unsigned! "Wilt and Loom" is a such a fantastic record!

I don't have much info on this one though.
The man behind the one-man project
PANEYE is Will Treffry, and he is from Summer Hill near Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
PANEYE's music could be described as a mixture of electronic, ambient, psych folk and indie dream pop.

Dive into his dreamscapes and enjoy!

PANEYE - Wilt and Loom (AUSTRALIA 2009)
(mp3 zip, 14 tracks, 46 min, artwork incl., 66,4 MB)
Get it here or here or here!

New links November 2012!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Long Lost - Amiss (Tunng Remix) (USA, 2009)

"Introducing one of our new signings - A fascinating and utterly individual project by the name of THE LONG LOST. High-school-sweethearts turned husband-&-wife Alfred (a.k.a. DAEDELUS) and Laura Darlington (perhaps most well known for her vocal on FLYING LOTUS' Los Angeles album). Both hail from Santa Monica, California (...)
In contrast to the avant-electronics and hip-hop aesthetics of Alfred's music as Daedelus, The Long Lost is a union of two songwriters & producers with a penchant for sad sounds and delicate, electro-acoustic melodies. These two hopeless romantics make psychedelic lullabies for lovers and the lovelorn."

(Maddy Salvage, Marketing Coordinator

THE LONG LOST - Amiss (Tunng Remix) (USA, 2009)
(mp3 zip, 1 track)
Get it here or here!

Shane Bert and the Panhandling Playboys - Chicken Strut (2009)

"Blame it on the death of Lux Interior or just blame it on the PBR, but when SHANE BERT came to call this week, he left sloppy, demented rockabilly in his wake. "Chicken Strut" is a danceable bit of idiotic genius, like Hasil Adkins singing "Surfing Bird" at a barnyard crystal meth party. "She's Got a Ton of Fun Buns" is a sexy, slinky soundtrack for stalking girls at Lane Bryant. This music has absolutely no redeeming social value and will leave greasy stains everywhere. I love it." (BaM)

You maybe read BRIAN ANDREW MAREK's original comment on the LUX INTERIOR R.I.P. post.
"... sloppy rockabilly (...) that I think Lux might've appreciated..."
Well, psychedelic or not, this is well worth a "proper" post.

Shane Bert and the Panhandling Playboys - Chicken Strut/She's Got a Ton of Fun Buns (2009)
(mp3 zip, 2 tracks, artwork incl.)
Get it here or here!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Devita - Space Duty (Lithuania 2008)

The 3rd (and for now) the last post of DEVITA: Space Duty.
This is my favourite one of the three! Strongly recommended!

"space duty consists of intuitive piano takes and some old guitar tracks remixed. Also featured is the track called Interplanetary Vibes - the mixture of NASA's free-share segments of planetary transmissions translated into sound waves, mostly from Saturn, Jupiter and Sun.
Includes the video 'starseeds'." (L. D.)

Enjoy the flight!


DEVITA - Space Duty (2008)
(mp3 zip, 13 tracks, 50 min + 1 mpg-video, 89,1 MB)
Get it here or here or here (new links January 2012)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Devita - Library Tapes: Sketches For The Synth Sound Festival on Mars (Lithuania 2001-2002/2007)

My second post of LUKA DEVITA's works:

DEVITA - Library Tapes:
Sketches For The Synth Sound Festival On Mars
(mp3 zip, 6 tracks, 59 min, 82 MB)
Get it here or here or here! (New links January 2012)

"Some tracks and effects on Library Tapes were originally recorded for the Christmas puppet theatre performance in the Children's Literature Center, Vilnius. Though music was replaced by more friendly after some performances. The theatre stage wasn't an aim at all and much more compositions were recorded and eventually compiled for the possible interplanetary sound festival. All titles were performed exclusively on Polivox synthesiser - Soviet instrument, produced around 1985 in military factories. And around that time in the 80's being children in the yard we once used to play (a) strange game - (a) visit to Mars to the synthesiser sound festival, where various bands are on ships drifting in the endless Marsian sea, all playing and charming together." (Info by L. D)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Video by Mike Hargis: The Manic State

Here's "The Manic State" - a great psychedelic music video that MIKE HARGIS from THE FIBRO TWINS directed and produced to music from the band TROLLTONES

"Director Mike Hargis takes us along for a visual excursion deep into the manic phase of bipolar disorder. Set to the amazing middle-eastern influenced sounds of The Trolltones, this short non-narrative art film was shot in high definition over the course of 15 months in eight states. Also, the video includes several pieces of art by the late David McCann." (Info by vimeo.com)

"spledid, this is better than kenneth anger" (comment by DDLM's on vimeo.com)

Great film, great music - nothing more to say!
(Please be patient, it may take some time for the film to load - it is worth it! Total time is 14 min 50 sec.)

(video (c) of Mike Hargis, all rights reserved.)

Find more films by Mike Hargis here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Devita - Astralia (Lithuania 1998/2006)

This is the first part of a little series of albums I will upload (as usual with kind permission) by the Lithuanian experimental musician LUKAS DEVITA.

Enjoy the cosmic joys!

"LUKAS DEVITA is an underground musician and writer from Vilnius, Lithuania. He used to publish (...) articles on early psychedelic music in Lithuanian press and went on to be an active player and sound-searcher. Since 1989 Lukas Devita took the liberal course in music studies joining the eccentric group DINDA POLIMANTICA (one of the first Lithuanian bands to declare playing psychedelic rock).

With the bunch of original songs and covers Lukas started to perform solo and with accompanying musicians, but almost instantly he fell into the category of experimental music due to unusual songs, English language, and combination of acoustic songs with separate electronic or experimental instrumentals in his shows.

Lukas Devita attended some local cult festivals of avantgarde music playing his own material and jamming with the prominent musicians of experimental underground. As guitar player he was also invited to perform the piece for seven musicians, KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN's Aus den 7 Tagen premier in Kaunas, in 1999.
Under the name DEVITA several instrumental albums were compiled and issued in hand-made manner. Last year Lukas Devita colaborated as one of the guests with the Norwegian post-rock psychedelic band SLEEPYARD." (info by L. D.)

DEVITA - Astralia (2006)
(mp3 zip, 11 tracks and 1 mpg-video, 59,5 MB, 30 min)
Get it here or here or here! (New links Jan. 2012)

"(the) debut album by one-man group DEVITA combines acoustic and naive electronic experiments as well as unearthly moods with some strange folk music feeling. The first part offers the free impressions of someone visiting the astral world. Second part is inspired by the idea of (a) mysterious secret base in Antarctica. - Includes the short video 'a'mena'". (L.D.)

Monday, February 9, 2009

East Ra - Cold Summer (Croatia 2008)

This is your chance to listen to some true Croatian underground psych music: EAST RA.
Where else would you find something like that, if not on homemade lofi psych?
Don't miss this one - it's great!

Mostly dark psychedelic freak folk - homemade, recorded absolutely lofi in a living room; dark melodies based on acoustic guitar playing, a sinister voice (singing English lyrics - their next album will be sung in a special dialect, only understood in the region the band is from - "it doesn't get more psychedelic than singing in some weird language that noone understands" (dino-s) - ), an occasional piano/keyboard, sometimes heavily distorted (e.g. on "Blind"). A very atmospheric piece of music... Recommended!

Favourite track: Blind
Enjoy! And thanks for sharing, dino-s!

EAST RA - Cold Summer (2008)
(mp3 zip, 11 tracks, 51 min, artwork incl., 114 MB)
Get it here (links are dead - RE-UP by request)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lux Interior (THE CRAMPS) R.I.P. (1946-2009)

LUX INTERIOR of garage-thrash rock-psychobilly band THE CRAMPS died Febr. 4, 2009 in Glendale, CA, of a pre-existing condition.

"Hey I'm on my way, on a journey outta this world..."


Friday, February 6, 2009

Broderick Young - Florescent Light Fortina (USA 2007-8)

"Florecent Light Fortina" is BRODERICK YOUNG's first solo album, recorded mainly during 2007. He was a member of STYLISH HEADPHONES, MILADY, based in Texas, but when that band broke up Broderick found that he had some songs left over and he also wrote new ones.

"The whole idea initial was that it was a concept album, the concept being insanity from different angles. I recorded this at Chris' house (Chris (Daily) was one of the other members of the band mentioned previously. His stuff can be found here: http://barnyardmusic.blogspot.com) mostly. He has a nice mixer. Some of the songs were done on a four track, than overdubbed on the fancy mixer (...). Some of the Interludes were done at home with a microphone and audacity (a nice FREE audio mixing program), maybe a cheap live mixer. (...) When listening, I try to look for the freaks. I like what's now being called outsider music. I also like THE BEACH BOYS, PHIL SPECTOR, Punk (HALF JAPANESE and THE RAMONES especially), THE BEATLES, Jazz (SUN RA and MINGUS), DEERHOF, THE FLAMING LIPS, Brazilian music (OS MUTANTES and MF DOOM). (...)

I think my favorite BEATLE is GEORGE HARRISON, that might say something. (...)

I'm working on my new album in my college dorm room. It is exclusively keyboards and vocals. (...)For the one after that I might try full band. Also I'm interested in circut bending, so some of that might work its way in there." (B. Y.)

A very talented songwriter (though I probably wouldn't have used that VH sample...)! What strikes me most is Broderick's voice, reminding me of a young, charming LOU REED (especially VELVET UNDERGROUND time and early solo stuff; e.g. Limited Edition Sasquatch Bin and Perfect Monday). Recommended!
Favourite tracks: Ave Godzilla and Perfect Monday

Listen to more of BRODERICK YOUNG's music here.
Read more.

BRODERICK YOUNG - Florescent Light Fortina
(mp3 zip, 14 tracks, 37 min, 50,1 MB, artwork incl.)
Get it here or here.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Flowers of Disgust - Too Cold; Car Won't Start! (USA 2006)

Part 3 of my little upload series about the FLOWERS OF DISGUST.

"'Too Cold; Car Won't Start!' is the most recent of our albums with actual music on it (the most recent release, 'Caveman Surfs Ice Age' is 100% structure-free noise concept album loosely based on Kurzweil's 'Second Half of the Chessboard' theory) and I think is a nice balance between songwriting and noise. Songs fade in and out amidst an overarching noisescape. Contains the hit jam 'Deepest Sympathies (Sorry Your Horse Died on Christmas)' etc." (Danny G.)

B.t.w.: The FLOWERS OF DISGUST are, as you might have guessed, from Shawnee Mission, KS (not Mexican Hat). If you like what you hear you may go to the Cat o' Nine Tails Media page and download some more of their stuff for free! Enjoy!

FLOWERS OF DISGUST - Too Cold; Car Won't Start!
(mp3 zip, 11 tracks, 46 min, 42,2 MB)
Get it here or here!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Flowers of Disgust - ButtHouse (USA 1998)


"'ButtHouse' is our classic 'concept' record in that all songs blend together and the album tells the somewhat psychadelic story of Mark Beard, whose house is burned to the ground by evil monkeys, sending Mark on a spiralling metaphysical and spiritual journey to ButtHouse, where he meets, among other characters, The Scab-Eat Woman and a giant talking rabbit wearing a top-hat, after which he must shape-shift in order to confront The ButtMaster in order to escape ButtHouse. OR IS IT ALL IN HIS MIND??? Some say it's our best work." (Danny Gibson)

(mp3-zip, 28 tracks, 65 min, 73,8 MB)
Get it here or here!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Free track from 'The Diamond Center' (USA 2009)

First single off THE DIAMOND CENTER's upcoming "This Album Is My Only Companion" (due for release April 15) is now available for free download.

The band formed when two members of Athens band SLEEPY HORSES left for Lubbock, TX, starting THE DIAMOND CENTER there. The debut album "Claws & Flaws" was called "a little gem" by those who heard it, called everything from psychedelic alt. country to noisy cowpunk. Their upcoming album is said to rely more heavily on psychedelic influences and heavy reverb. Brandi Price's voice is hauntingly beautiful on "WTT", the first single off the album - a very promising start!

mp3: "WTT"
Get it here or here!