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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Milman-Brignall Enigma - Bafflemania (excerpt; US 2006)

Matt Brignall sent me this psychedelic masterpiece and asked me to post it, if I liked it. And sure, I do!
MILMAN-BRIGNALL ENIGMA recorded this stuff in a very long period of time. When the record finally came out, the band only played one gig: the record release showcase. For personal reasons it was not possible for them to tour at that time, so the album was never properly promoted.

The MBE were based in Seattle, WA., and lasted from about 2000 until 2006. The basic line-up consisted of: Al Milman: voc., Matt Brignall: a lotta different instruments (like sitar, banjo, mellotron, tone generator, guitars...), Dan Israel: dr, Jack Endino (who also produced the record as well as records by NIRVANA, SOUNDGARDEN and MUDHONEY): bs and David Will: keyboard & back. voc.. 
"BAFFLEMANIA is an intoxicating mixture, incorporating psychedelia (...), ragabilly, a new blend of Indian and C&W (...), with hints of modern jazz, a collision of garage rock & Brubeck (...), delivered with a large dose of humor." (Quote from CD Baby). Nothing more to add. Enjoy!

And if you like the music, PLEASE SUPPORT THE ARTISTS! You can buy the complete record at CD Baby for only 9,99 USD.

MILMAN-BRIGNALL ENIGMA - Bafflemania (sans the cover songs) (2006)
(mp3 zip, 13 tracks, 38 min, 80,2 MB, w. cover art work)
1. Prologue
2. You're So Existential
3. Any Further Attempt To Contact me Will Be Ignored
4. Fragments
5. Expressions Worn In Autumn
6. Yesterday's Garbage
7. Barbecue Sauce
8. Psychotic Episode
9. Mighty Mouse (vers. 2)
10. Liberation
11. How's Your Fuzzy Box
12. I'll Wake Up Dead That Morning When I'm Gone
13. Epilogue

Get the shortened version here, or here or buy the COMPLETE CD here!

Friday, July 25, 2008



We all know that the record industry really sucks! NO!, CAPITAL LETTERS:

I always wondered, how many musical jewels lie unrecognized somewhere locked away without any chance to ever see the light of day. Homemade stuff (lofi or not) or material professionally recorded in a studio and then forgotten, 'cause no label had the will/the guts to publish it. We all know those stories...
(Not that there will be any money making be involved or a recording contract be waiting for you in the outskirts of cyber space – there won't be a prize or anything; it's all for the HONOUR and GLORY!)

And here's the deal: 

THE RULES are easy:
1. Record (or choose) an until now unreleased track (of yours), that you think fits in to the given THEME and send it to me (best with some info) as an mp3 track (send to: mike-floyd@gmx.de).
2. Each artist/band only ONE track, please.
3. The song shouldn't be longer than 10 MIN. (Of course it can be shorter!)
4. Sound quality is not that important, but it should be listenable.
5. NO COVER SONGS of any kind. YOU must be the copyright holder.
6. DEADLINE is in 3 weeks = Fr. 15th, August 2008.
7. Have fun!

Thanks a lot to Torstn Kauke from http://unpop-media.blogspot.com/ for the great idea!

Szbutä Soröh - "... I Will Give You a Magic Herb..." (BZ 2008)

"You'll never be able to get past all the dangerous animals in the forest unless you know their language", said the witch. "But I will give you a magic herb..."

Another exiting, heavily disturbing musical journey by our old friend SZBUTÄ SORÖH (Samuel Macedo), who is based in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Probably even more experimental than his works from last year (see here). Those three untitled tracks here are true homemade recordings from 03 till 07-2008. What exactly is going on is obscure and hard to realize, because Samuel creates a sense of uneasiness and distance by abstracting his source material beyond recognition. This surely isn't easy listening!
Enjoy and visit Samuel's MySpace site!

SZBUTÄ SORÖH - "... I Will Give You a Magic Herb..." (BZ 2008)
(mp3-zip, 3 tracks, 63,3 MB, 34 min)
Get it here or here (new links, Febr. 2011)!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Glaze of Cathexis - The Visions Surround You (JP/US 2008)

The last web-release of Dr. Schluss' GLAZE OF CATHEXIS – and what a fine one: pure 60s style garage psych, heavely influenced by our favourite Nuggets-bands with an occasional nod to the 80s neo psych garage bands. But this isn't just some retro sound. Dr. Schluss' very own, remarkable voice and singing style gives all those songs that little extra, that reveals that this here is a contemporary piece of art. Very listenable and quite remarkable! Recommended!
My favourite tracks: "Future Quake" and the somewhat Byrds-y "I've Been Flying". (Trip-o-meter: 4 out of 5.)

GLAZE OF CATHEXIS - The Visions Surround You (2008)
(mp3 zip, 11 tracks, 40 min, 72 MB)
Get it here.
And don't forget to check out Dr. Schluss' site.

Download "Stone God" by DAMAGED TAPE (Dr. Schluss' other musical project) here.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Concorde - "Wie erfinden wir uns neu...?" – Computermixes 2002 (GER.)

Some more stuff by the german experimental band CONCORDE, "remixed" on an Apple Mac OS 8.0, featuring audio collages ("MTV Mix 1" or  "Boerse" = Stock Exchange) and snippets/edits of longer improvisations ("Take 155"). Great stuff! My favourite track is "Check In with sound". 
Check it out and also have a look at Torstn's site!

You can find the first CONCORDE post here.

CONCORDE - "Wie erfinden wir uns neu...?" - Computermixes 2002
(mp3 zip, 7 tracks, 32 min, 45 MB)
1. Check In with sound - 3.49
2. Take 155 - 4.36
3. MTV MIx - 2.55
4. Take 155 part 2 - 3.36
5. Boerse - 8.16
6. Wie erfinden wir uns neu (Original mix) - 4.05
7. The Gift (alternative version) - 4.19
Get it here or here 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

POET ZERO (Orange, Ephemerol...) - Vanille Club, Radio X (GER. 2002)

POET ZERO (aka ME & MYSELF & I) of EPHEMEROL fame doing a solo acoustic radio concert, broadcast 09-17-2002 on "VANILLE CLUB", RADIO X, Frankfurt a. M., Germany, performing songs from his solo repertoire as well as his former bands/projects THE JANITORS OF LUNACY, ORANGE, SPACE TRUCKIN' and PAN AMP.
This is an edited version of the broadcast, because some cover versions of songs by TIM BUCKLEY, NICK DRAKE and BLACK SABBATH, that POET ZERO also performed on that day, sadly had to be left out for copyright reasons...
The highlights probably "Stanley Kubrick's Diaries" (compare to the electric version by the JANITORS OF LUNACY here) and "Magic Spell" (also performed many times live by ORANGE). At the end of "Magic Spell" you can hear a quote from "Neil's Elevator", which fits in here perfectly...

POET ZERO - Vanille Club, Radio X 09-17-2002
(mp3 zip, 12 tracks, 50 min, 70 MB)
1. Girl X - 2.50
2. Sun - 3.17
3. Magic Spell - 3.09
4. Dinosaurs - 2.58
5. Distant Smile - 4.24
6. Cathedral in Hell - 4.15
7. Stagnation - 4.15
8. Five - 6.44
9. Compenser - 3.53
10. Stanley Kubrick's Diaries - 4.16
11. Yeah - 3.01
12. Bush Has Gotta Die (edit) - 2.49
GET IT here!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Radagast Project (GER. 1992-2000)

RADAGAST PROJECT was/is the psychedelic folk project of former PEACE'N'STUFF bass & flute player Christof Köhler (aka Koehler, aka CK – listen to tr. 8 on the HLFP 01 sampler!). The recordings you find here go back to the period between 1992 and 2000.
1. Snake River (1992) - 6.38
Part of a song/sound collage called "The Snake Song", this piece somewhat follows the music of German classical space krautrockers BETWEEN. It's really a hybrid of late 80s/early 90s New Age sounds and 70s krautrock with eastern influences.
2. C & A - 5.07
Here CK forms a cosmic folk duo with legendary busker ANDI PAULO, posted here recently. This song was written and recorded on 4-track-tape recorder in Heidelberg, Germany, around 1995.
3. Radagast - 8.41
Kind of a whimsical space folk theme with none-too-serious lyrics telling the story of the infamous Lord Of The Rings character.
4. Kalte Liebe - 5.45
A demo from the aborted "Roy Rohrbach" folk opera, recorded in Heidelberg in 2000 on 4-track; this is a song with a rather dark mood, with flute & vocals panicking (in the original greek meaning of the word). There are evident ROY HARPER influences and there's lots of early PINK FLOYD octave bass pumping in the instrumental parts, a wild spanish guitar in the middle – and thank God you probably won't understand the lyrics... Also brings to mind the acoustic side of the 1st "Dance of the Lemmings" LP of AMON DÜÜL 2.

If you like german psychedelic folk in the style of FIT & LIMO or you enjoyed the ANDI PAULO post not too long ago, you should definitly have a listen to this stuff. Recommended!

Radagast Project
(mp3-zip, 4 tracks, 26 min)
Get it NOW! Here or here!

We're Late For Class - # 30: The Jim Morrison Seance Tapes (USA, March 2008)

Another suprise by WLFC! We all know Jim Morrison and we all know WE'RE LATE FOR CLASS – at least we all should! So how about a combination of those two? Well, here it is, believe it or not: a live space improvisation during a Jim Morrison seance – WOW! Enjoy!

(mp3 zip, 2 tracks, 28 min)
Get it here or here!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

ORANGE - Flörsheim Open Air 1995 (GER.)

ORANGE live at the Open Air Festival Flörsheim, 07-28-1995. This is the complete gig.
Has probably the longest version of "NEIL'S ELEVATOR". There's a small cut at around 22.50 min, but it is hardly noticeable. "Souldrive" is – like in the most versions at that time – included (23.34 until 28.47).
This version here was dedicated to the Frankfurt avantgarde, impro experimental band LAY DE FEAR, that also included MEMBER at that time, a friend of the band and now the heart of the emptyblaukraut-blog.
You can hear Denner, the drummer and occasional singer and guitarist of ORANGE, mumbling "lay de fear... lay de fear" at some point (at 14.34) in the middle of the free form freak-out part of "Elevator" (starting at 10.58). Also you may notice the beginning of SUPER KING & THE FIRE ACTION's song "Breathing Soft 'n' Slow" shortly later... (at 15.26).
Suse surely must have been very hungry on that day, 'cause in the surrealistic spoken passage she raves about eating and food all the time. e.g. a cake baken by squirrels or apples from an apple tree...
The free form freak-out part has never again sounded so far out, reminding of the strangest GRATEFUL DEAD space explorations, mixed with eraly krautrock noise improvisations... A true listening adventure!
ORANGE played as the opening act at the two day Festival nearby Mainz and Frankfurt a. M., which also featured the old krautrock veterans GURU GURU – not an easy task to do, but they did quite well and also returned to play "Idiot in Bed" as an unplanned encore. This version here is a very good example of how ORANGE always changed their songs in order to keep the material fresh to themselves and their audience. Watch out for the improvised middle part of the song after the line "Now I'm on my way..." (at 4.18), that demonstrates the rush of the drug hitting the character of the song...
Taken from the original 2-track stereo soundboard mix, excellent sound.

ORANGE - Flörsheim Open Air 07-28-1995
(mp3-zip, 6 songs, 72 min, 99 MB, art incl.)
1. Orange (= In The Garden Of The Demon King) - 7.37
2. Brown - 5.24
3. Love In The Suffer Room - 3.12
4. Tryin' To Be A Good Human - 5.29
5. Neil's Elevator (incl. Souldrive) - 34.13
6. Idiot In Bed - 12.38
Get it here or here or here!
New links May 2012!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


The most downloaded files in the first 6 months were:

1. The Whole and Damo Suzuki - Live in Offenbach (2007) (still # 1!)
2. We're Late For Class - Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun... (2007)
3. Dreamcolour - Listen To Colour (2008)
4. Orange - In The Garden Of The Demon King (1995)
5. HLFP 01: Relax and Float Downstream (A bizarre collection of ambient and instrumental tracks for your enjoyment)
6. Anyone's Dreamcolour - Acid Daze (1992)
7. Light Seems Dark - Psychedelic Virgin (1999)
8. Captain Fartfish And His Careful Muffins - Live, Woodstöckchen (1987)
9. True Colour Of Blood - All Of The True Things I'm About To Tell You Are Lies (2008)
10. Cloud Nine - (1992)

11. Anyone's Dreamcolour - It's So Cold Out Here In Space (1996)
12. Dreamcolour - Dreamdemo (2008)
13. Damo Suzuki & The Whole - Live @ Cellarium, Knittlingen (05-09-2008)
14. Cloud Nine & The Vitamin C: Official Bootleg Archives O.B.A. 7+8 (1990)
15. Janitors Of Lunacy (1984-'87)

(Sorry: had to be corrected! There had been a mistake and the HFLP 01 went missing.)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hans Frommer - Home recordings/Stags - 7" (GER./1978)

HANS FROMMER played in many different bands since he was 14. He per-formed gigs in American GI music clubs in Germany (around Frankfurt a. M.) ever since 1969. Ten years later he released his first LP with his band THE STAGS: "Don't Shoot!"  (1979) and also
 released a single: "Keep On Movin'/Please Don't Go" in 1978, which is now rare as hell. 
The greatest hour of the STAGS probably came, when
 they had the chance to open for HERMAN BROOD and INGA RUMPF in a music club, called Wartburg, in Wiesbaden in 1977.
More different band projects followed (e.g. FURY'S RIDE and MAD
 MAGIC in the early 1990s), playing mostly Rock'n'Roll and Blues/Blues-Rock cover songs, but HANS also started to write more and more of his own material. In 1996 HANS recorded a CD with FAME in Offenbach, featuring Rock'n'Roll songs of the 1950s, but he quit playing live in 1999 and is now recording songs all by his own in his little home recording studio in Stockstadt, Aschaffenburg. "It's only Rock'n'Roll... but I Like it..." (quote Hans Frommer). And so do we!
Listening to his new and old songs, we are once again reminded of now forgotten bands like the DOOBIE BROTHERS, THE ALLMAN BROTHERS or the STEVE MILLER BAND. Enjoy and check out Hans' site!
STAGS - Keep On Movin'/Please Don't Go (7", SSU I 78, 1978)
(13,1 MB, vinyl rip)

HANS FROMMER - Home recordings
(Mp3 zip, 26,3 MB, 7 tracks)

HANS FROMMER is also featured with an instrumental track on the HLFP 01 Sampler: "Relax And Float Downstream".