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Friday, July 18, 2008

Concorde - "Wie erfinden wir uns neu...?" – Computermixes 2002 (GER.)

Some more stuff by the german experimental band CONCORDE, "remixed" on an Apple Mac OS 8.0, featuring audio collages ("MTV Mix 1" or  "Boerse" = Stock Exchange) and snippets/edits of longer improvisations ("Take 155"). Great stuff! My favourite track is "Check In with sound". 
Check it out and also have a look at Torstn's site!

You can find the first CONCORDE post here.

CONCORDE - "Wie erfinden wir uns neu...?" - Computermixes 2002
(mp3 zip, 7 tracks, 32 min, 45 MB)
1. Check In with sound - 3.49
2. Take 155 - 4.36
3. MTV MIx - 2.55
4. Take 155 part 2 - 3.36
5. Boerse - 8.16
6. Wie erfinden wir uns neu (Original mix) - 4.05
7. The Gift (alternative version) - 4.19
Get it here or here 


Herod said...

Hey there, Herod of Psychedelic Psauna here. Thanks for the link, I've added your site to my blog.

Nice place you got here! Thanks for leading me to it, I'll certainly be spending some time looking around, it's always good to hear new vibrations.

Maybe I have something that you might be interested in listening to...


It's a solo project that I've been mucking about with for years, influenced by psych, krautrock, lounge, movie soundtracks. Hope you find something there to feed your head.



tvuzk said...

he mike, thanks for the nice words about these old mixes and for the publicity anyway. i got two nice ideas i'm going to mail you und zwar auf deutsch. guckst du email.

bilingualy yours,