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Friday, February 29, 2008

Anyone's Dreamcolour - It's So Cold Out Here In Space/FfM Bunker (1996/95) (GER.)

  • ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR was the solo project of Mike Schröder, bass player of CLOUD NINE (& THE VITAMIN C) (1983-1992), SISTER LUNA (1992/'93) and ORANGE (1993-'96). Lofi home recordings on 4 track exist from the years 1992 until 1999, all unreleased and only given away to friends.

  • The music of ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR in generell is less focused and more experimental than most of Mike's previous work with his former bands and heavily rooted in late 60s/early 70s Psychedelic Rock and experimental music. For example "Girl in a Drop of water" sounds somewhat like a crossing between COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH's "Grace" and the GRATEFUL DEAD's "Rosemary", while "Spacelab" seems influenced by STEREOLAB and HAWKWIND.

  • "Laughing Inside", written by P. Hergo, was a song by SISTER LUNA, that was never properly recorded; "Girl in a Drop of Water" was an old CLOUD NINE & THE VITAMIN C  song.
  • "Electric Hippie Church" is performed completely by Daniel P. Caesar, aka SUPER KING, Mike's band mate from ORANGE, and is based on the organ track of "Eternal Hippies".
  • Enjoy!
  • ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR - It's So Cold Out Here 
  • In Space (1996)/FfM Bunker (1995)
  • 1. Laughing Inside - 4.06
  • 2. Spacelab - 5.19
  • 3. Girl In A Drop Of Water - 4.25
  • 4. Eternal Hippies (feat. Super King) - 4.53 
  • 5. Electric Hippie Church (performed by Super King) - 4.45
  • (mp3 zip, 5 songs, 23.32 min,33,5 MB, covers incl.)
  • (LInks are dead - repost, if requested)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cloud Nine & The Vitamin C - Appetizer (Collage) (GER.)

Cloud Nine & The Vitamin C, live 1989
  • Some time ago I posted the final demo recording of CLOUD NINE from 1992. 
  • In the near future I will post some more stuff of that german Psychedelic Rock - Jam Band, then named CLOUD NINE & THE VITAMIN C to show the evolution of that group, which started in 1983 as a school band and ended in 1992 after many line-up changes as a promising Neo-Psych act in full flight...

  • Today you will get the chance to hear some kind of "appetizer" of CNVC – a collage of some of their "greatest hits". So you may decide for yourself if you really want to listen to this kind of stuff... But remember the blog's name: THIS REALLY IS HOMEMADE LOFI PSYCH – from a band that had great ideas and great ideals, but hardly (at least in the beginning) the technical abilities...

  • Peter S., Cloud Nine & the Vitamin C, live 1985

  • "On the one hand we were 20 years too late in what we were doing, on the other hand 20 years too early. Right in the middle – in a musical desert." (Quote of Peter Schupp, CNVC guitar player 1983-89, in the year 2007)
Cloud Nine & The Vitamin C – Collage (1984-89)
(mp3, 9 min, 12,3 MB)
Songfragments: Rainfrontier - Feedback - Jack 'o' Lantern (Pete's Song) - Car Car - Tracks of My Tears - Jack 'o' Lantern (Theme) - Black Queen - I'm Lost - Angel of Mine - Rainfrontier - Outro
(LInk is dead)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Amber Light / Dirty Projectors

  • Some days ago I had the pleasure to see a promising german band, called AMBER LIGHT, in a small, but legendary club in the town I live. Surely not a psychedelic band – though they started playing some kind of prog rock in the style of  1970s Pink Floyd or even Marillion – they can grab you and shake you, and have some great melodies (more in the style now of The Cure or The Smith or some of the newer guitar bands) that stick in mind. My personal favourites are "Still Going Nowhere" and "Softly There, Everywhere". Check 'em out at their site and at Myspace.
  • Unti now the band recorded 2 EPs and 1 CD called "Goodbye to Dusk, Farewell to Dawn" (2004). A new CD will be released soon.

  • That reminds me of the best concert I saw late last year, which was by a New York band called DIRTY PROJECTORS. That band centered around little genius David Longstreth simply blew me away. I first came to know them through an art exhibition, where the "psychedelic"movie "The Getty Address" (based on an idea from Don Henley (yes, THAT Don Henley!)) was shown – a true masterpiece full of colours and surprises AND great music; yet to be released offically on DVD. The band's latest release is "Rise Above" (2007), lyrically Black Flag inspired/reimagined, which takes some time to get into, but is quite good. But the DIRTY PROJECTORS are best as a live band. You should check 'em out doing some Daytrotter Session, where you can download some tracks free. Their first Daytrotter session is even better. My personal favourite is: "Fucked for Life". It's brilliant, like some wild mixture of late Robert Fripp guitar (e.g. on "Discipline"), some Yes Prog riffs and backing vocals and Prince lead vocals. And then there is some Indie and Post Punk influences too... So what would you call that music!?? Anyway, it's great and very original.

Friday, February 22, 2008

We're Late For Class -# 6 "Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun..." (USA)

  • This is simply amazing! A classic "What if... situation". The title says it all: "Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun" As Played By Vanilla Fudge Imitating Iron Butterfly When Fudge Were Forced To Open For Butterfly At The Fillmore West After In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Went Top Ten". Ufff, well... That surely beats "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in A Cave And Grooving With A Pict".
  • Quote from the WE'RE LATE FOR CLASS Blog "You're about to hear Vanilla Fudge making fun of Iron Butterfly at the Fillmore in the late 60s by playing a Pink Floyd space song..." This piece starts out quite harmlessly with the repetitous main riff of the PF song and then suddenly finds itself in outer space for about 22 minutes before returning to the main theme...
  • Check out the whole story of this far out recording at their great blog. There's lots of other cool stuff to find!
  • WE'RE LATE FOR CLASS is an all improvisational college band (doing also some cut & paste) with over a dozen rotating members! And they are offering all of their work to download for free. Surely an interesting concept. I'm certainly eager to hear more!
WE'RE LATE FOR CLASS - Set The Controls...
(mp3 zip, 1 track, 40:36 min, 55,2 MB)
Get it here or here! (Nu links, 04-2009)

The Whole & Damo Suzuki (CAN!) - Live in Offenbach 2007 (GER.)

  • THE WHOLE is Stolle & Member's improvisational Rock Band Project; a "classic rock trio" (Christian dr, Stolle g, Member bs.).

  • This here is a very special treat! 
  • What you get to hear is the complete second concert that the WHOLE did with the famous CAN singer from the early Seventies in Offenbach 2007. It was recorded in glorious sound quality with 8 tracks on laptop and is one long ecstatical musical trip, in three parts. No CAN-fan or any true krautrock fan should miss this! It's a great performance, starting with electronic sounds and then slowly drifting completly away into the void. 
  • Many thanks to Stolle & Member for sharing. 
  • Enjoy!

  • The Whole & Damo Suzuki - Live in Offenbach (2007)
  • (mp3 zip, 3(!) tracks, 100 min., 225,34 MB, great sound)
  • 1. Kluster (16.23)
  • 2. Strasse (21.17)
  • 3. Nebel (62.31)
  • (or have a look here:)


Some feedback would be nice. So if you like, post some comment. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Egomania - Moon (GER. 2000)

  • "You are sitting at the fire of ohia, chanting om helos ra, sitars, double basses and analog synthesizers whirling through your mind. Dragons are rising up your spine, and then you see the light of the moon. No doubt, the Great Mystical Member has got you again." (quote from emptyblaukraut).
  • EGOMANIA is part of the free improvising music projects of Stolle & Member united in the EMPTYBLAUKRAUT label – check out their musical concept at their own blog and listen to some truely amazing adventurous music. You won't regret it! This two guys are the true heirs of the german krautrock scene of the Seventies!
  • This special recording called "Moon" is kind of an atmospheric ambient recording, relaxing, though sometimes rather dark and VERY psychedelic. By the way: The sound quality is very good.

Egomania - Moon part 2 (mp3 zip, 69,2 MB)

Cloud Nine - 1992 (GER.)

  • CLOUD NINE (former "Cloud Nine & The Vitamin C") was a band founded in the Rhein-Main-Area nearby Darmstadt and Mannheim, Germany, in 1983 and existed until 1992 in various line-ups, always centered around keyboard player Dominik Engel and bass player Mike Schröder.
  • CLOUD NINE recorded some demos culminating in this one from 1992, for the first time using a semi-professional 8-track recording studio. But during the recording session the band split and the demo was never really finished. The master tape was lost and sadly only some rough mixes of those sessions survived.
  • The basic tracks of those 6 songs were all recorded live in only two days (!) and only some vocal and guitar parts were later added.
  • CLOUD NINE played some kind of neo psychedelic rock, heavily based on late Sixties/early Seventies bands like The Doors, Pink Floyd or the old Krautrockers Amon Düül 2 or Can, but one can also find a slight Wave influence of bands like The Cure or even some  UK rave acts like The Charlatans. They were famous for their free form improvisations or "take off" parts mostly in the middle of songs like "Draw Down the Distance", "Survivor" or "Sunspots". The psychedelic light show of the band (mainly consisting of selfmade Super-8-movies and art/ink-slides) was also legendary and quite unique in the late 80s and early 90s in that area: The first psychedelic light show since the one of their famous colleagues NEKTAR, who came from the same region in Germany some years earlier.
  • Mike S. later went on to play in ORANGE, another experimental psychedelic band based in Frankfurt and also recorded as ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR.

  • CLOUD NINE - 1992 
  • (8-track demo, rough mix - slightly remixed version)
  • (mp3 zip, 6 songs (36 min), 52,3 MB, covers included)
  • 1. (It Makes) No Difference (3.13)
  • 2. My Sunday On A Friday (3.33)
  • 3. Call (4.18)
  • 4. Draw Down The Distance (10.19)
  • 5. Sunspots (7.28)
  • 6. Empty And Cold (6.40)
  • No longer available since there will be an official release of the remastered songs.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Light Seems Dark - Psychedelic Virgin (GER. 1999)

  • This is a fine piece of organ dominated psychedelic rock by two guys in the Rhein-Main-Area, Germany, in 1999. I had the pleasure to do the engineering and mixing work (this time a REAL homemade recording on 4-track analog) and I have to say, that I still like this songs very much. In that time those two were still very young and I think considering their age, they did quite an impressive job. Especially when you think of the primitive recording situation. Most tracks were recorded live with only very little overdubs...

  • The music is quite pleasant, relaxing – just one long flow, very much in the style of Pink Floyd in their Atom Heart Mother / Meddle period, but completely without lead guitar (as I said before: the keyboards is very up front). So if you like early PF and keyboard, this may be for you.

  • LIGHT SEEMS DARK recorded only one more thing, the soundtrack of some trashy no budget movie, called "Affekt" in the same year and then quitt to pursue other musical aims. (If you wish I can post that soundtrack as well.)

  • Enjoy!

LIGHT SEEMS DARK - Psychedelic Virgin
(1999, 4 track demo)
(mp3 zip, 4 tracks, 49 min, 68,8 MB, cover included)
1. Between The Clouds (4.51)
2. Mind In Cage (6.51)
3. Callings From The Distance (7.48)
4. Psychedelic Virgin (28.58)

New links October 2012:
Get it here

Friday, February 15, 2008

Some Lofi Krautrock Jamming

ORANGE live in Concert May 1995
  • O.K. folks, now it's time for some REALLY far out stuff. I mean really – bad evil sounds! The kind your mother wouldn't like!


  • The details:

  • 1. SISTER LUNA: "Canned Jam" (Improvisation),
  • recorded 1992-11-11 in Mainz, rehearsal jam (7.37)
  • 2. ORANGE: "He Came to Me One Morning" (Live improvisation),
  • Frankfurt a.M., Negativ, 1995-02-05 (7.39)
  • 3. CLOUD NINE & THE VITAMIN C: "Little Insects Flying Around My Head" (live jam), Wald-Michelbach, JUZ, 1989-05-27 (19.02)

  • Some Lofi Krautrock Jamming (1989-'95)
  • (3 songs, mp3 zip, 46,9 MB)
  • (Link is dead - anyone interested in a re-post?)

  • Some more info:

  • SISTER LUNA was a short time psychedelic jam band, that evolved out of CLOUD NINE, after that band broke up in 1992. It featured Pete H. (g, voc) and Mike S. (bs, voc) from CLOUD NINE, Daniel P. Cäsar (dr, voc) (later forming ORANGE together w. Mike S.) and a guy called P.P. on keyboards. "Canned Jam" sounds just like that – like an early Can outtake (mixed with some Guru Guru space noise in the style of Ufo and some Black Sabbath lost in an acid delerium...).

  • "He Came to Me One Morning" is a classic example of ORANGE free form jamming on stage, reminding again of Can (circa 1972).

  • "Little Insects Flying Around My Head" was a one time performance of CNVC on the last gig featuring their first guitar player Peter S. (here together with Daniel P. on guitar as well, who for a short time usually played drums in CNVC). This improvisational song was first played by Daniel's own psychedelic jam band, called CAPTAIN FARTFISH AND HIS CARFUL MUFFINS.

  • Enjoy!

Kid's Garden - Further (USA 2007)

  • I think this recording is really amazing – I can't stop listening to it. There's not a single bad track on it – really great music, very atmospheric and very well produced, sometimes reminding me of some shoegazer or dream pop bands, Primal Scream or even the late Talk Talk (or the german electro fricklers To Roccoco Rot on "Cold Water"). But nevertheless this should be considered as a fine work of its own.

  • My favourite tracks probably are "Higher", "Cold Water" and "Further". The first two I will post as single mp3 files as an appetizer, but you really should do yourself a favour and download the complete album.

  • Thanks to George de Large for allowing me to post this record. You should check out his fine blog called

  • George De Large's Music To Take Drugs To

  • (wow, cool name, man!)

  • So now enjoy!

  • Kid's Garden-Higher.mp3
  • Kid's Garden-Cold Water.mp3

  • The complete album:
  • Sharebee (from George's Blog)

Variations of a song - Magic Spell II

  • Some more versions of "Magic Spell":
  • The first and the second are accoustic versions.
  • POET ZERO was the solo project of former ORANGE guitar player Michael S. This version is taken from an one hour live solo performance, that was broadcast on RADIO X in Frankfurt a.M., Germany in 2002.
  • The third version is the COMPLETE version from Abensberg. It seems that the track I posted last time was cut at the end, right where "Rockwork Orange" should have followed.
  • So we have:

  • Variations of a song - Magic Spell (II) (zip, mp3, 3 songs, 26,8 MB)
  • LINK IS DELETED; anyone interested in a re-post?)

  • 1. ORANGE: accoustic version, live, unplugged session, Mainz 1993-12-31 (6.11)
  • 2. POET ZERO: accoustic live session, RADIO X, Vanille Club, Frankfurt a.M.; FM broadcast 2002-09-17 (3.14) (Maybe I will post the complete show later.)
  • 3. ORANGE: Magic Spell/Rockwork Orange, Abensberg Festival 1994-07-09, Sbrd. (complete version: 10.50)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

3 Variations of a song - Magic Spell by Anyone's Dreamcolour/Orange

  • Here we have 3 versions of one song that is a perfect example of selfmade acid punk.

  • The song MAGIC SPELL was first recorded as a demo by ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR in 1992 and later recorded and also performed live many times by ORANGE. Many different versions exist on tape. It was often played as the last song at concerts around 1993/1994, followed sometimes only by the minimalistic "Rockwork Orange" that was based on a repetitious bass riff from MAGIC SPELL (and that continued – in Soft Machine-We-did-it-again-avantgarde-sytle – on some occasions for over sixty minutes).
  • Enjoy!
(3 songs, zip, mp3, 22,4 MB)
  • Here are the details:
  • - Version 1: original demo version by ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR; recorded 1992 on analog 4 track.
  • - Version 2: demo version by ORANGE; basic track recorded Frankfurt a.M., Bunker, 4 track analog 1994-05-30/06-01 with overdubbs added later; remixed by M.S.
  • - Version 3: live version by ORANGE; soundboard, Abensberg Open Air Festival 1994-07-09.

  • While the early ADC version is more in the style of perhaps The Feelies, the Orange versions are pure acid punk with fuzz guitar and psychedelic effects like backward voices, that create a strange mysterious atmosphere.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Glaze of Cathexis (JP.) / CK (GER.)

  • Two more examples of homemade recording. First we have Glaze of Cathexis, the project of a guy, calling himself Dr. Schluss who you all probably will know from his great blog 
  • http://psychedelicobscurities.blogspot.com
  • Okay, this is not quite as lofi as the songs I usually post – in fact I think it is very well recorded, but nevertheless it's truely in the spirit of homerecording. I think Dr. Schluss'  work is quite impressive and it leaves me eager to hear more. Until now he has "released" two major works on his blog, called "Tokyo Rainbow Bridge" and "Holographic Universe". The two songs here are from "Tokyo Rainbow Bridge", recorded 2004/5. If you like what you hear, you should check out his complete work at his own blog.
  •  CK
  • And now for something completely different. CK is a guy who was close to the band CLOUD NINE, that I featured recently on this blog, and I think he was in fact doing the psychedelic light show for that band.
  • But CK was also an artist for himself. He too did his share of lofi home recording and he was also featured on 1 track of the last CLOUD NINE 8-track demo ("Sunspots"), playing flute. In the 90s he also played in various bands, including PEACE'N'STUFF in the area of Heidelberg, Germany. The track I chose is called synthespacer, taken from a collection of home recordings done in the 90s, and it's kind of well... far out white noise space psych. Enjoy!

  • CK-synthespacer.mp3

Friday, February 1, 2008

Hippie nostalgia – some far out places

Golden Gate Park, S.F.

Monument Valley


Bryce Canyon

Zabriskie Point, Death Valley – remember the Antonioni Movie (1970)?  

  • Last year an old dream came true – I had the chance to travel to San Francisco, one of the most beautiful cities of the world, and some other places on the US Westcoast. Of course I just had to visit some of the birth places of the so called San Francisco Sound. Here are some fotos to share with you.

  • I was very lucky to meet the very friendly doorman of the former AVALON BALLROOM, (corner Sutter/Van Ness, S.F.), who kindly invited me to come in and to take a look around.

  • Chet Helms' famous ballroom
Not far from here is the Fillmore Auditorium, (Fillmore St./Geary Blvd.), Bill Graham's legendary venue in the years 1966-68 (before he moved to the former Carousel Ballroom renaming it Fillmore West). Not so long ago this ballroom opened again after a long time of rest.

The "new" old Fillmore

Haight Street

Visiting the Haight-Ashbury, it's not difficult to locate the famous Grateful Dead House and the Jefferson Airplane home at Fulton Street.             The Jefferson Airplane Villa

The Dead House, Ashbury 710

In Los Angeles we of course have the Whisky A Go-Go – famous stage for many L.A. Bands of the Sixties (The Doors, Love, Buffalo Springfield and more).  And nearby you find The Roxy (Frank Zappa/Mothers: "Roxy and Elsewhere"!).
Whisky a Go-Go, Sunset Blvd., L.A.

The Roxy, L.A.                       Jimi Hendrix' star at the Walk of Fame            

Anyone's Dreamcolour - Girl in a Drop of Water / Rosemarine

Girl in a Drop of Water...

  • "Anyone's Dreamcolour" was the solo project of Mike S., the bass player of "Cloud Nine (& the Vitamin C)" and "Orange". Lo-fi demo recordings exist from the years 1992 until 1999, all unreleased and only given away to friends. 
  • The music of "Anyone's Dreamcolour" in generel is less focused and more experimental than most of his previous work with his two former bands. The song "Rosemarine" for example is one of the (more structured) fragments of a very strange larger work, called "Opel Opera - Eine dadaistische Oper in drei Akten".  This "Opera music" has all kind of different sounds, often in collage format using every usable sound source imaginable, going from hard rock snippets to buddhist singing to typewriter noise. The lyrics are a mix of bad english, german and sheer dadaist nonsense. All songs were recorded on analog 4-track.

  • Anyone's Dreamcolour - Rosemarine.mp3 (from "Opel Opera - A Dadaist Opera", recorded 1992-94)

  • Later recordings of Mike S. were (maybe) a little bit less experimental, but nevertheless still far away from mainstream rock and often reminding of psychedelic bands of the late Sixties.
  • The track "Girl in a Drop of Water" for example sounds somewhat like a crossing between the Dead's "Rosemary" and Country Joe & the Fish's "Grace" - full of strange vocals and water dripping  effects complete with accoustic guitar playing.
  • This song was one of the earliest songs Mike S. wrote and it was played only three or four times live with "Cloud Nine & the Vitamin C" in 1984/85.  The Band never recorded this song properly.
  • So here it is for the first time.

  • Anyone's Dreamcolour - Girl in a Drop of Water.mp3 (recorded 1996)