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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Cloud Nine & The Vitamin C – Narration For Entering Galaxy (With Common Substitutes)

 Cloud Nine & The Vitamin C – Narration For Entering Galaxy (With Common Substitutes) (edited version, originally recorded live 1985-02-02 at Teestube Oase, Heppenheim, Germany)


In February 1985 Cloud Nine & The Vitamin C had their debut gig at a small youth club in Heppenheim, Hessen, Germany. The place was packed.

Cloud Nine & The Vitamin C (1983-1992) started as a school band and played an unusual mixture of late 60s and early 70s inspired psychedelic rock. Their gigs often featured a psychedelic lightshow. Both, music and lightshow, were extraordinary at that time in that area. No other band sounded like them and noone had such a lightshow ... They were outsiders from the beginning.

If you want to read, hear and see more of that band look here (mostly in German until now, but soon there will be an English translation).

Narration For Entering Galaxy (With Common Substitutes) was the only track cowritten by guest sax player Björn J. and bassist Mike S. The main riff is based on the Quicksilver Messenger Service's treatment of Bo Diddleys Mona.

The title of that song is kind of self-explanatory.


I'm walking down the street watching raindrops passing by 

Obscure things appear to me, reflecting colours on my way

Colourful enclosed by light from empty windows

 Dazed and confused he's on the raod right now

Let's hear what's coming up next.

Unknown sculptures are presented to my view not knowing what they mean

Mysterious figures dance around me, movement is magnetizing me

Evidently there is no escape

Helpless I am drifting away, surprised it is electrifying him

Let's hear what's coming up next.


Istantaneously I'm realizing that there is a door right on my way

the sparkling way

Melting music comes right out of it

Floating in the air I'm entering this magical door, Cloud Nine is welcoming me!

He's slipping away to a starlit path 

Let's hear what's coming up next.


But at the end I know I had been dreaming

Elegant illusion was drifting me up, high through the sky

Clouds surrounding me

Rainbows brought me down, still I remember all this light

My weakness became obvious:

Thinking is the best way to travel

(He had been gone, now the earth has got him back)