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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Maxim Engl - Soloshow at Radio X

Maxim Engl

Tuesday, Nov. 18th 2014 at
Radio X, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Noises, Drones and Loops LIVE!!!!

MAXIM ENGL Performing "A Young Persons Guide To The Beautiful Musick Ov Maxim Engl" 


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Paneye - Remote Summer Clouds (AUSTRALIA 2014)

Anyone who's been following HLFP for the last few years surely knows that I'm a big fan of PANEYE.

Here is good news for all you guys that also enjoy his electronic dreamscapes as much as I do.
Will contacted me and asked me to feature his latest work on HLFP. It's a pleasure for me to do so.

I think his music is rather special and I really hope that someday he will get the recognition for his work that he deserves.


1. Dimensions
2. Living And Gone
3. I Was The One
4. A Slender Loneliness
5. Moon Boy
6. Before
7. Shadowy Joy
8. Into The Gray
9. At The End Of A Dream
10. World Of Infinity
11. Neon Angst
12. Wayward
13. Inwardness
14. There Is Another Happiness
15. A Marriage Of Caves
16. Under Lakes
17. Leading To All The Living Things
18. Sleep In Parks
19. Sometimes Life
20. Corridors
21. Gray Eyes
22. Remote Summer Clouds

Get it here!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Entropicodone - 2014 - Saeta Flow (USA)

Fantastic new experimental drone-psych-noise by Lucas Kane of BLEEDSTONE fame recorded as:

Entropicodone - 2014 - Saeta Flow (USA)

1. Heat Sap 02:53 
2. Ox Greed 06:51
3. Conque 00:38 
4. Air Seine 04:00
5. Velvet Drift 03:20 
(mp3-Zip @320, 5 tracks)
Get it here!

"This kind of thing works when you turn the lights down." 

Recorded live at Sadaprost in Athens, GA 

Download all videos and albums for free. 


released 08 November 2014 

Produced and Recorded by Lucas Kane 

Lucas Kane - Guitar 
Scott Crossman - Bass 


Friday, November 7, 2014

INTERPRETACE - Co existuje (část 2) (Video 2014)

Some more excellent improvised stuff by INTERPRETACE!

Recorded at Basement studio, Pavlovice, Liberec June 6th 2014

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Entropicodone - Heat Sap (Video, USA 2014)

Lu from BLEED STONE contacted me recently:

"I moved to athens and have been in a bunch of different bands and doing bleed stone stuff again. I've got a bunch of material. I have a noise drone psych thing, Entropicodone with a record coming out and thought of send it to you first now that I see your site is up. Here's a video from first song."

Quite promising!


Unreleased track from the upcoming album from Entropicodone (2014) 

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