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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Re-Post: Orange - ... And Then There Were Three (GER. 1996/97)

Probably the final (demo) recordings by ORANGE, the German psychedelic grunge band from Frankfurt a. M., after original bass player and founder member Mike S. was kicked out of the band and before ORANGE finally broke up.
By this time the songs were less psychedelic than earlier compositions (e.g. "Sleep My Love", "Idiot in Bed", "Neil's Elevator"), but more in a grunge style ("Heaven, Silky-Green", "Distant Smile", "Bear" or "Soft Paws" (the last two not featured here, will be posted later)) with the guitar very much to the fore, before ORANGE drifted into some post rock style based on monotonous repetition ("Sheltering Hair", "Sex Bus", "Sea Stoned"), earlier already explored live with songs like "Rockwork Orange".

"Deadland" was one of the earliest songs by ORANGE and a live favourite, but never recorded before and "Love In The Suffer Room" was a re-recording from the track from the second demo "In the Garden Of The Demon King".
The most interesting song is "Plane" – it's by far the most psychedelic one.
The fuzz-drenched heavy guitar style of guitar player Maxim Engl (aka POET ZERO) gives a clear foretaste of the direction Maxim would later follow with his succeeding bands PAN AMP and EPHEMEROL.

ORANGE - ...And Then There Were Three (After ORANGE) (1996/97)
(mp3-zip, 12 tracks, 68 min, 93,5 MB, art incl.)
01. Sheltering Hair - 7.58
02. Heaven, Silky-Green - 3.39
03. Plane - 11.40
04. Birds - 5.10
05. Distant Smile - 5.40
06. Deadland - 3.24
07. Love In The Suffer Room - 2.27
08. Believe - 4.13
09. Instr. - 2.19
10. Sea Stoned - 12.07
11. Sex Bus - 5.59
12. Nameless Creatures in The Laundry - 3.19

Get it here or here or here!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Re-Post: Manual Zombie - S. T. (HLFP Compilation) (USA 2009)

MANUAL ZOMBIE is a New York/Brooklyn-based psychedelic band (like SKY PICNIC), a duo of two guys: Ahmad and Ben. Compared to SKY PICNIC their music is more sinister and far less influenced by 60ies/70ies psychedelic rock. MANUAL ZOMBIE's sound is at least to some degree rooted in the 90ies grunge, post punk and metal sound (though on tracks like "automatic people" some Sweet-Sister-Ray-VU-Punk is greeting). I'd also say I hear some BLACK FLAG influences, and I especially love that excellent distorted guitar playing. Their other main weapon is the voice - often spooky and menacing with strange spoken word passages:This is a trip to the dark realms of psychedelia. Enjoy!

MANUAL ZOMBIE's website lists four releases, and the 9 tracks from this collection here are taken from those records (that you can buy there) except for one song that was only recorded recently.
Favourite tracks: "Automatic People" and "No More Sun"

MANUAL ZOMBIE - S. T. (HLFP Compilation)
(mp3 zip, 9 tracks, 34 min, 26 MB, art incl.)
Get it here or here or here!

INTERVIEW (June 2009):

- where exactly are you from?


- do you want your real name(s) mentioned? If so: what is your real name?
A: sure.  Ahmad.
B: Ben

- how/when recorded? (at home/equipment...)?
B: We have three albums -all recorded on my computer.

- any official releases? If so, label, record nr.?
B: We haven't really released anything officially. We try to sell cds at shows and actually got somebody to buy one last monday. 

- since when are you into music?
A: weird question but I guess I've been into music from a young age, i just took a long time to start playing.  
B: I started listening to black flag in 6th grade. Thats when I started playing bass.

- any previous bands?  
A: Coupe of denver bands that no one will ever hear of. 
B: I played bass in a band called whore nun wizard ninja. We did classic rock covers and played one show. It was terrible.

- how do you "label" your music?
A: indie-heavy, psycadelic-shoegazish rock
B: acid rock

- influences?
A: Personally: Floyd, Zep, Radiohead
B: the velvet underground, bob dylan, pink floyd, black flag, dario argento

Friday, May 11, 2012

RE-UP: Orange - Open Air Flörsheim 1995 (GER)

Another Re-up of some stuff by the German Psychedelic grunge/experimental band ORANGE.
Here you'll have the chance to hear the music of their 2nd demo IN THE GARDEN OF THE DEMON KING (see below) live. Enjoy!

ORANGE live at the Open Air Festival Flörsheim, 07-28-1995. This is the complete gig.
Has probably the longest version of "NEIL'S ELEVATOR". There's a small cut at around 22.50 min, but it is hardly noticeable. "Souldrive" is – like in the most versions at that time – included (23.34 until 28.47).
This version here was dedicated to the Frankfurt avantgarde, impro experimental band LAY DE FEAR,that also included MEMBER at that time, a friend of the band and now - together with STOLLE - the heart of the emptyblaukraut-blog. (Read the comment in the original post to learn more about LAY DE FEAR and its side projects.)
You can hear Denner, the drummer and occasional singer and guitarist of ORANGE, mumbling "lay de fear... lay de fear" at some point (at 14.34) in the middle of the free form freak-out part of "Elevator" (starting at 10.58). Also you may notice the beginning of SUPER KING & THE FIRE ACTION's song "Breathing Soft 'n' Slow" shortly later... (at 15.26).
Suse surely must have been very hungry on that day, 'cause in the surrealistic spoken passage she raves about eating and food all the time. e.g. a cake baken by squirrels or apples from an apple tree...
The free form freak-out part has never again sounded so far out, reminding of the strangest GRATEFUL DEAD space explorations, mixed with eraly krautrock noise improvisations... A true listening adventure!
ORANGE played as the opening act at the two day Festival nearby Mainz and Frankfurt a. M., which also featured the old krautrock veterans GURU GURU – not an easy task to do, but they did quite well and also returned to play "Idiot in Bed" as an unplanned encore. This version here is a very good example of how ORANGE always changed their songs in order to keep the material fresh to themselves and their audience. Watch out for the improvised middle part of the song after the line "Now I'm on my way..." (at 4.18), that demonstrates the rush of the drug hitting the character of the song...
Taken from the original 2-track stereo soundboard mix, excellent sound.

ORANGE - Flörsheim Open Air 07-28-1995
(mp3-zip, 6 songs, 72 min, 99 MB, art incl.)
1. Orange (= In The Garden Of The Demon King) - 7.37
2. Brown - 5.24
3. Love In The Suffer Room - 3.12
4. Tryin' To Be A Good Human - 5.29
5. Neil's Elevator (incl. Souldrive) - 34.13
6. Idiot In Bed - 12.38
Get it here or here or here!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jesus on Heroine - So High I Can't Look Down

Pretty interesting psychedelic band from Denmark who posted a couple of videos on YouTube.
This one here is by far their most psychedelic one.

"Jesus on Heroine are 7 guys in their early twentys located in Copenhagen Denmark, who  decided to start a band playing hypnotic psychedelic music. The plan for 2012 is to release three album/ep's each having a slightly different but still recognizable sound.. "Acoustic Songs on Electric Guitars" is the first release of the three..." (Band-Info)


there are music videos on youtube 


Meurtre + Maxim Engl (ePHEMEROL) will perform live in Frankfurt a.M. May 09 at EXZESS

Meurtre / Noise-Trio aus Paris / Gitarre-Bass-Sampler lassen es krachen.

Maxim Engl / Drone Solo-Performance / zart und hart

"Anders als bei bei meinen letzten Solo Performances werde ich nicht ausschliesslich Ambient Schleifen bieten, sondern Teile des ephemeroL Albums "plenK!" performen. Der Verzerrer ist schon bereitgestellt." M.E.