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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Superking & The Fire Action - Hinkelficker (GER. 1992)

  • SUPERKING & THE FIRE ACTION was the homemade lofi project of Daniel P. Caesar and Sue Boildice before they both founded ORANGE with Mike S. (from CLOUD NINE) and Maxim Engl (from THE JANITORS OF LUNACY). And what a project that was! A weird mixture of various sounds and styles (including tape speed experiments) – often funny (especially when you understand german!), very experimental and sometimes quite psychedelic, with layers of different guitars (acoustic, electric, wah wah, slide, jazz guitars...) all played extremely well, then all kind of strange voices and stupid babbling ´a la Suzy Creamcheese. Everything recorded on 4 track TEAC and overdubbed again and again. So the sound here is REALLY lofi – AND I MEAN LOFI – most of the time. But don't let that stop you from exploring this great madness. Otherwise you will truely miss something!
  • One can hear echoes of great musicians all over: first of all FRANK ZAPPA and THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION (ca. 1968 in their UNCLE MEAT phase), then NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE (listen to "Cortez will nach Hause" meaning: "Cortez wants to go home" – 'cause he's homesick!), JIMI HENDRIX (wah wah!), early PINK FLOYD (in their Soundtrack music mood ("Desert Lovers" which by the way also features a porn movie sample)). And then there is that tasty old fashioned jazz guitar again and again!
  • Some tunes later reappeared in the ORANGE playlist, e. g. a rework of "Idiot in Bed" or "Rosies" (both also on their first demo), "White Autumn", "Dinosaurs", "7th Sky" and "Breathin' Soft & Slow".
  • For the non-german listeners: "Vorm Massa" means "In front of the shopping mall" and this is what happens there: Two old women are babbling in the worst german Pälzer slang about everyday problems, while we can hear some cars passing by. In fact we don't hear the car sounds, but the bass sound of the car hifi turned up in full blast! – The title "Hinkelficker" means "Chicken fucker".
  • The original version also contained some cover songs, namely "Arnold Layne", "Fire", "Bad Boy" and "We Love You", (as well as a telephone sex episode), that had to be left out.
  • Enjoy!
(1992, edited version)
(mp3 zip, 21 tracks, 75,7 MB, 54 min)
1. Desert Lovers - 1.30
2. Green Or Dead - 0.49
3. Idiot in bed - 1.25
4. H Minor Forest - 3.39
5. Idiot II - 2.35
6. Echoes - 1.22
7. Happy Birthday, Mickey - 0.28
8. Cortez will nach Hause - 4.26
9. Their Satanic Gypsy King's Request - 2.45
10. Aardvarkian Ghostbuster - 3.01
11. White Autumn - 2.36
12. Venus Byrds - 2.21
13. Earth Destruction - 3.43
14. Dinosaurs - 2.24
15. 7th Sky - Allein - 4.55
16. Rosies - 4.26
17. Vorm Massa - 1.40
18. Easy Jazzers - 1.44
19. Breathin' Soft & Slow - 4.26
20. Café 7/4 Takt - 1.37
21. Breathe 'n' Play Yer Guitar - 1.56
(Dead links again - re-up by request!)

1 comment:

Dharma Bummer said...

Well alright! Thanks for reposting this, Mike. I've just started listening and it's chock full of goofy goodness!