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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dreamcolour - Listen To Colour (US 2008)

DREAMCOLOUR (no connection to the german homemade lofi project ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR!) are an improvisational band from Oxnard, California, with an ever changing line-up, centered around Alex Gray.
Their musical approach is a psychedelic jam concept, very much the way some old krautrock bands like CAN, FAUST or AMON DÜÜL II (or some "newer" lesser known german neo-psych bands like CAPTAIN FARTFISH AND HIS CAREFUL MUFFINS or ORANGE) were working – or maybe the californian psych-kraut band MUSHROOM, that started in San Francisco in 1996.
Band line-up on this release was: Alex: guitar, sounds; Teddy: drums, Nick: synthesizer, Kirby: bass, Rob: sax. Check out their site and also that one here.

(mp3 zip, 33,7 MB, 7 songs, 35 min, cover art incl.)
Experiments # 1-7:
1. Laying in the Cosmic Forest - 9.24
2. Depths of the Wind Tunnel - 4.42
3. Symbionic Patterns - 0.45
4. Desert Illusion - 6.15
5. Fine Time for Tea - 0.50
6. A Pulsating Tapestry - 7.43
7. Bonus Beats ... Enjoy - 5.06


NewCreature said...

I downloaded this and when I try to unRAR the archive, the files are extracted into empty files of no type or extension. The tracks for the album show up in the archive itself (before extraction), with full file size as well. However as many times as I extract the archive or try manually dragging each one they will not extract into the MP3's that i'm dying to listen to! They are simply labeled up to the colon in the names, example, "Experiment #1" 0 KB

In Windows default decompressor the tracks don't even show up at all.

Let me know! I'm really, really into psychedelic music and have just recently been getting into blogging. I had no clue there was such a huge underground experimental psych scene. I'm ecstatic to hear all this new modern stuff (for a long time I've just been listening to 60's psychedelic/garage/experimental).

Sorry for my rant - remember the reason I posted this - the archive is fubar'd!

mike-floyd said...

Hi newcreature!

Well, this is a tough issue...
Thanks for telling me.

Probably again a mac vs. pc-thing... (Read torstn's comment (tvuzk) on the HLFP 02 "EMBRYO THOUGHTS" comments section).
You MAY get better results with winZip or any other unZip-program...

I know that some PC users DO have problems with some files (mostly the ones uploaded on megaupload), though easyshare files seem to work for most people...

(For Mac users: I'd recommend UnRarX
(http://www.unrarx.com/) to unzip)

Could also be a "lettering problem" in the original post.
I'll replace it later with a new post (and different lettering of filenames) and will also upload another version on megaupload.
So please try again and tell me if it works.