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Friday, April 25, 2008

Damaged Tape - Electric Ocean (US 2004)

Another cool recording of Dr. Schluss' electronic project DAMAGED TAPE. "These recordings are actually my first serious attempts at electronic music, and I'm still very happy with them for the most part. They have a groovy dirty analog sound that I dig, and I've never been able to make music quite so AIR-like (as in the French band) since I made this stuff." (Quote from Dr. Schluss).
I absolutely agree, though I also can detect a strong KLAUS SCHULZE and TANGERINE DREAM influence. This stuff is great. I like it even more than his other, newer electronic release "Stone God". The only thing I have to critizise: Some of the tracks could be a little bit longer (first of all my favourite song "Space-Time Tear".
(Quality & Trip O Meter: 4 out of 5.)

(mp3 zip, 13 songs, 54,8 MB)


Dr. Schluss said...

As always, thanks for posting this! Yeah, the songs are a little short. Since I recorded on 4-track and by myself I'd start with the sequences for most of the tracks and it would seem like five minutes but it was in fact under two minutes. Selah!

Anonymous said...

File not found??? Bummer, man.

mike-floyd said...

Thanks anonymous for telling me:
New link: