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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cloud Nine & The Vitamin C - Evolution of a psychedelic Band (3)(GER.)

  • Here we go: The 3rd part of my feature "EVOLUTION OF A PSYCHEDELIC BAND" about the german late 80s psych band CLOUD NINE & THE VITAMIN C. This again is a live recording, this time from a small youth club in Heppenheim, Germany, from Jan. 21st, 1989. Only the "highligts" are presented here. The complete concert lastet about twice as long...
  • Though the sound is far from perfect (the band was having severe problems with the sound system, especially concerning the vocals, that came out heavily distorted for most of the time), CNVC nevertheless on that occasion created an overall psychedelic atmosphere, that was rather special. The light show presented that evening (consisting of slides, movies and liquids) contributed very much to that effect and was probably the best the band ever had and something most people in the young audience had never seen before...
  • The playing on that evening was – again – sloppy in places, rather rough, quite heavy – and very experimental. The band played some seldom performed songs ("Sing a Song") and some completely new material (the rather lame "Helicopter"and "Reggae" – only played on that occasion –, as well as an early version of "Angel of Mine") as well as some "classics" like "Jack'o'Lantern", "I'm Lost" or "Black Queen". But the real highlights and by far the most psychedelic tracks of this concert were the first part of "Brainstorm" and especially the encore improvisation called "Blind" – very much in the style of PINK FLOYD in their THE MAN/THE JOURNEY phase in 1969/70 and some KRAUTROCK jamming in the style of – say: early AMON DÜÜL II.
  • This was the last gig featuring the classic CNVC # 3 line-up with the Schupp brothers on guitar and drums.
  • There were some good reviews on the local press, calling the performance "rather special" with a "fanciful and suggestive overall atmosphere".
CLOUD NINE & THE VITAMIN C - Official Bootleg Archives Vol. 4
(live 1989) (mp3 zip, 12 songs, 67 min, artwork incl.)
1. Helicopter - 6.31
2. Reggae - 2.57
3. (Guitar solo from) Black Queen - 1.35
4. Brainstorm - 6.35
5. Car Car - 3.32
6. Angel of Mine (early version) - 6.38
7. Jack'o'Lantern (parts 1-5: Theme/On the Road/Digging Noise/Drums/Pete's Song) - 8.20
8. Jack'o'Lantern (end theme) - 1.18
9. Annemarie - 4.04
10. Last Night - 3.49
11. Sing A Song - 7.18
12. Blind (Improvisation) - 14.03
(Links are dead - repost if requested)

Also available for download were:
(re-up by request)

CNVC - Collage (1984-'89)
CNVC - O.B.A. Vol. 3 (live 1988)
CNVC - O.B.A. Vol. 10 (demos 1985-90)
CLOUD NINE - 1992 (8-tr. demo)
CLOUD NINE - 1992 (new remastered version)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, ja das waren noch Zeiten... Eigentlich könnten wir ja mal wieder spielen (es sind 20 Jahre vergangen ;). Grüße aus Mexico - Pete'

mike-floyd said...

Who knows...