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Monday, March 10, 2008

Cloud Nine & The Vitamin C - Evolution of a psychedelic Band (2)(GER.)

  • This is the 2nd post of my little feature "EVOLUTION OF A PSYCHEDELIC BAND" about the german late 80s psych band CLOUD NINE & THE VITAMIN C.
  • The first nine songs are a good example of how the band sounded live in 1988. The band, playing for the first time in front of a larger festival crowd, is nervous, seems unsure of itself and so the playing is quite sloppy in places (there are even a few bad mistakes – e.g. listen to the bridge part at "Brainstrorm"...– ) BUT there are also some moments of greatness and magic (I especially like the guitar sound in the middle of "Brainstorm" (at around 3.05) and "Jack'o'Lantern" after the short drum solo and of course the jam part of "Survivor").  This live version of "Survivor" is much better than the demo version two years later.
  • The last five songs are rehearsal/demo recordings, the last four featuring a guy called Michael Szentc on percussion, who didn't stay long enough to play the next live gig.
CLOUD NINE & THE VITAMIN C - Official Bootleg Archives Vol. 3 
(Live 1988/Rehearsals and demos 1988)
(mp3 zip, sbrd,100,7 MB, 14 songs, 72 min) 
"Rock im Depot" Lorsch, Straßenbaudepot 1988-09-02:
1. Black Queen part 1 (6.47)
2. Black Queen part 2 (1.41)
3. Brainstorm (5.50)
4. (Announcement) (0.16)
5. I'm Lost (5.23)
6. Jack'o'Lantern (10.06)
7. Survivor (10.54)
8. (Introducing the band) (0.36)
9. Car Car (3.50)
Rehearsals/demos 1988:
10. Annemarie (3.37)
11. I'm Lost (5.07)
12. Last Night (Afterthought) (5.31)
13. Black Queen (8.45)
14. Car Car (3.22)
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Maurice said...

Great blog! If you're looking for some new stuff, you could check out some of the music I've done to accompany belly dancers--it's electronica, but with guitar and (believe it or not) electric ukulele. And it's got trancey/psych elements. Take a look here:

If you like the sample tracks, send me an email (http://www.onezeromusic.com/index.php/c6) and I'll set you up with the full set.


Shane said...


Information (mostly fake) on the site.

mike-floyd said...

Thanks for posting your comments.
I surely will have a listen.

See ya!