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Monday, March 31, 2008

Orange Is In - Another Lame Semi-Tragedy (USA 2006)

  • George Kovacik, the singer from ORANGE IS IN (no connection to the german psych band ORANGE b.t.w.!), sent me a mail and asked me to post this recording if I liked it. Well, I do – though the music of ORANGE IS IT is neither psychedelic nor lofi. It's straight-forward powerful American contemporary rock, featuring the strong voice of Kovacik that is reminding somehow of Bruce Springsteen and also Elvis Costello. (But so what? I mean, one can't listen to UMMAGUMMA all the time...)
  • The band formed in 2002 and is from Houston, TX, where they seem to have won quite a lot of fans as a very good live band. "Another Lame Semi-Tragedy" is their first full-lenght CD. They also have a newer recording out, "Come and Take It", from July 2007. Sadly the very competent violinist Amy Price has left the band recently.
  • If you like the band, PLEASE SUPPORT THE ARTISTS! Check out their offical site and Myspace.
(mp3 zip, 14 tracks, 73,9 MB, 60 min)
Buy new cd: here.


Psicodelia pura said...

Hello Mike, you have a great blog buddy. Sure, now I'm gonna put your links into my blog...and thanks for do the same!!!.


Heavypsychman said...

Congrats on ya Psych blog dude!

Got ya linked to my blog!

Post Träd Gräs och Stenar on ya blog

They are Lo fi n' psyched out!


Alex said...

I'm digging your blog! Good stuff... I have a band called Dreamcolour that I'd love you to listen to it on our myspace and let me know what you think! We have a full length album coming out on April 20th, so if you'd like a copy I will send it to you to put up!




mike-floyd said...

Hi Alex,

just listened to your 2 Myspace tracks and really like what you're doing.
Eager to hear more!

Hi Psicodelia pura and
hi Heavypsychman!
Thanks for adding my link.
Glad, that you like my little blog.