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Friday, November 21, 2008

Lucas Nathan - A (USA, 2008)

Here's another great homemade psych recording by a guy named LUCAS NATHAN.
LUCAS is originally from Los Angeles, CA, but has just moved to New York. He plays guitar, keyboard, a dislocated drum set, bass and percussion, and he's been making music for quite a while, though he performs live very rarely (admitting to be a bit of a hermit), but he's meaning to get out more.

"I record using a few tape recorders I just picked up at radioshack, sometimes plugging one into an amp and recording it again through another tape recorder to get a different sound. Then I'll record into the computer, basically just by holding the mic to the recorder 'cause I'm a bit too lazy to find another way to put it in there..." (L. N.)

So this is really homemade lofi psych, folks! The music is instrumental, though voices are sometimes used to a good effect ("Encouragement"), and very atmospheric.
If you want to contact LUCAS, you may find his email address in the info. (Please don't spam and please support the artist!) Enjoy!

(mp3 zip, 8 tracks, 35 min, 63,2 MB, front cover artwork and info incl.)
Get it here or here or here!
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revrev said...

Listening to Lucas Nathan right now. Thanks so much for introducing me to all these new Artists.

mike-floyd said...

Hi revrev,

I missed your comments. Nice to have you back.

I'm glad you're enjoying all those bands.
That's the purpose of this blog: To show how many great unrecognized very creative bands/artists are out there in the www – bands that are doing their own thing, unimpressed from the mainstream plastic pop world...
I hope that at least some of those musicians will get the recognition they deserve...

Stay tuned – many more goodies to com...

dharma_bummer said...

I really like this one!

One question: Does anybody know of a specific track order? The MP3's have no track numbers...

mike-floyd said...

Hi dharma bummer!

Lucas didn't give me a special running order, so I just let it the way it came out - alphabeticaly.

You may mail Lucas though and ask him, if you want. His mail address can be found in the info text included within the download file.

Thanks for checking out!

dharma_bummer said...

Alphabetically is how I burned my CD-R (mostly 'cos that's the default) and I enjoy it that way, I was just curious...

By the way, this is Brian Andrew Marek... I'm just using my Google ID now to comment on blogs... glad to see all is well in homemade lo-fi psych land...

mike-floyd said...

Hi Brian -

knew I somehow had heard that name before...!

I also think the given running order makes great listening.

dharma_bummer said...

Well, now that I've had a few more days to live with and digest this album, I wanted to come back and rave about it some more.

Lucas Nathan uses the most primitive means (see his own description of the recording process in the main text of this post) to produce amazing results. Like all my favorite lo-fi recordings, the very lack of polish and clarity makes it spooky and atmospheric - it sounds like it was beamed into your brain a thousand years ago from somebody a million light years away.

None of this, however, would matter if the tunes themselves weren't engaging. Lucas, thankfully, creates musical ideas that match the sonics to a tee. The songs are generally brief and simple, but he always manages to find notes and intervals that come at you sideways and burrow in deep. For instrumental music, it's pretty hooky.

Anyway, just wanted to put it out there how much I'm enjoying this. It inspired me to fire up the machines and record some trippy stuff for the first time in ages earlier this week - I already have a 23-minute Floyd meets Velvet Underground meets Frippertronics meets Krautrock (your mileage may vary) epic in the can!

mike-floyd said...

Thanks, BAM, that you took the time to write down your thoughts regarding this great music.

And of course I'd like to hear your new stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there. It's Lucas Nathan here. I'm not quite sure why the track order didn't work. What I have come up with is: Encouragement, Natural Religion, Missionary Position, Wild About Dogs Vol. 1, Sam Swarthmore the Crater Creeper, Wild About Dogs Vol. 2, Lucas the Cosmic Commander, Less Than All Cannot Satisfy Wam. But I s'pose the order is not super-duper important, that's just what I meant it to be.

mike-floyd said...

Thanks Lucas for the info!

Dharma Bummer said...

Thanks, Lucas! I would love to hear more!