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Friday, November 14, 2008

Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix Experience) R.I.P.

Former JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE drummer MITCH MITCHELL died on Wednesday, November 12th, in the age of 61.

Mitchell's pre-Experience bands included THE PRETTY THINGS, THE RIOT SQUAD (together with JON LORD) and GEORGE FAME AND HIS BLUE FLAMES.
He was only 19 years old, when he joined the JH EXPERIENCE and played in the HENDRIX trio (together with bass player NOEL REDDING) from October 1966 to mid-1969. Mitchell was also a member of HENDRIX' Woodstock band GYPSY SUN AND RAINBOWS and also backed musicians like JOHN LENNON, MUDDY WATERS and JEFF BECK.
Mitchell came from a jazz background and was strongly influenced by the style of JOHN COLTRANE drummer ELVIN JONES among other jazzers.


Leonel Garcia said...

One of the best drummers of classic rock along with Keith Moon.

Anonymous said...

There are many good JHE shows out there - but this find here is really something special, excellent sound.
The L.A. Forum concert from 1969

Found here: