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Friday, November 7, 2008

Leonel Garcia - Slavery Ends With Art (2008 Puerto Rico)

The latest album by LEONEL GARCIA.
Again a very competent neo-psych record with tight playing and very good compositions. The track "Neurogenesis (First Thoughts)" was first recorded by Leonel for the 2nd homemade-lofi-psych sampler "EMBRYO THOUGHTS"; so now here included it is no longer exclusicely to be found there. It's a great song with interesting lyrics. 
I hear some traces of late KING-CRIMSON-ROBERT-FRIPP-guitar playing on some tracks (e. g. beginning of "Geometric Lapses Of Unconscious Landscapes" – one of my favourite tracks) and hints of TALKING-HEADS rhythmical weirdness ("Walk the Land", "Lost Your Bubbles in An Half Empty Glass of Champagne"), but the real surprise is the song "Winter Time" that comes along as a bossanova!

Great cover art, by the way.

Leonel's site with more recordings to download.
If you like LEONEL GARCIA's music you should really do him the favour and write some comment here or on his site. Enjoy!

LEONEL GARCIA - Slavery Ends With Art (2008)
(mp3-zip, 110,6 MB, 12 tracks, 48 min, artwork incl.)
Get it here or here!

Other stuff by LEONEL GARCIA still available:



Leonel Garcia said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the comment, glad you liked it. By the way thanks for the comparison, both bands were fantastic.


mike-floyd said...


Dharma Bummer said...

Having spent some weeks absorbing and enjoying "Wooden Flower", I thought I'd take "Slavery" for a spin. Very accomplished stuff, and while you could name influences, Mr. Garcia is clearly treading his own idiosyncratic path.

Interestingly enough, my favorite tracks are all ones that Mike had mentioned - "Like a Disease" reminds me of a more minimalist version of modern Flaming Lips with a Frank Black-like vocal, "Winter Time" is a lovely bit of bossa nova where claps of thunder are used to great musical effect, and "Lost Your Bubbles..." raises the spectre of the Eno-abetted Talking Heads.

Those are just the most striking tracks from my first few listenings, but this is good stuff from beginning to end! Viva Leonel!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff here!Been playing this one a lot!