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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rangers - Homemade Cassette Collages (USA)

Don't know much about MYSPACE: RANGERZZ, maybe even the name is wrong? IT IS! THE CORRECT NAME IS: RANGERS (READ THE COMMENT SECTION! m-f)
Anyway: There is that guy out there somewhere, who is offering this strange beautiful stuff for free download on several blogs (including homemade-lofi-psych) in the comment section:

"Here is an hour+ of my homemade cassette collages.."

No more info given. No artwork, no city name, no year, no musical background... just the music itself:

(band/project name corrected! m-f):
homemade cassette collages
1. street smell - 21.58
2. europe on TV - 26.10
3. volvo jungle mist - 33.16
(mp3-zip, 3 tracks, 73,3 MB)
Get it here
(New links Febr. 2012, still working in Dec. 2014)

So why not give him a chance to get heard. The musical flow that is presented here makes quite cool late night or early morning listening. Don't expect any hifi here. The sound is somewhat quite... well, muffled. This is indeed lofi, just as I like it!
Seems like a mixture of samples/found audio stuff and added/overdubbed instruments like percussion, treated guitars and so on. Strange, but beautiful and quite trippy in places.

(If you are the musician and see this post, give us some more info about your musical project(s), please do so in the comment section - and thanks for sharing!)



The Professor said...

Some pretty amazing stuff on here. Street smell is just mind-blowing. What a wonderful find!

howardbobjohnson said...

holy crap! this is rangers! thanks so much for posting or uh re-posting this stuff after I originally posted on here. I make stuff on my cassette 8 track. I was never good at writing pop songs or singing or being in a band so I just started putting the little bits of music I record together in a collage sort of manner similar to james ferraro in a way. volvo jungle mist and europe on tv are both fairly recent where street smell is a collection of old (some very old) garage band songs i did before i had my 8 track. I'm still working on a ton a new stuff and trying to get organi-zized. I'm trying to put share file links on my myspace: www.myspace.com/rangerzz in the "about rangers" section. It sucks you have to copy and paste but it works. I'll check back soon! Thanks a bunch!

howardbobjohnson said...

oh and the project name is just "Rangers" I put "myspace: rangerzz" in the original posting to tell people where my myspace page is: www.myspace.com/rangerzz. Little confusing I guess.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot.

mike-floyd said...

Hi anon,

a new Rangers track will be posted soon - so stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

i will!

YoungFleeto said...

yo, thanks for making this available...
I got the RANGERs Suburban Tours on heavy rotation for the last months...I just cannot get a way from it. Last time I felt like this was BOCUMA 15 eras ago...

anyway...you can check my debut, SEAFAR Hegira, at FSOLdigital.com, home to FSOL and Amorphous Androgynous or my spaz

PM me for a direct link

Anonymous said...

Hey DL links not working anymore!

mike-floyd said...

Thanks for telling me, Anon.
New links added February 2012.