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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Orange - ... And Then There Were Three (GER. 1996/97)

Probably the final (demo) recordings by ORANGE, the German psychedelic grunge band from Frankfurt a. M., after original bass player and founder member Mike S. was kicked out of the band and before ORANGE finally broke up.
By this time the songs were less psychedelic than earlier compositions (e.g. "Sleep My Love", "Idiot in Bed", "Neil's Elevator"), but more in a grunge style ("Heaven, Silky-Green", "Distant Smile", "Bear" or "Soft Paws" (the last two not featured here, will be posted later)) with the guitar very much to the fore, before ORANGE drifted into some post rock style based on monotonous repetition ("Sheltering Hair", "Sex Bus", "Sea Stoned"), earlier already explored live with songs like "Rockwork Orange".

"Deadland" was one of the earliest songs by ORANGE and a live favourite, but never recorded before and "Love In The Suffer Room" was a re-recording from the track from the second demo "In the Garden Of The Demon King".
The most interesting song is "Plane" – it's by far the most psychedelic one.
The fuzz-drenched heavy guitar style of guitar player Maxim Engl (aka POET ZERO) gives a clear foretaste of the direction Maxim would later follow with his succeeding bands PAN AMP and EPHEMEROL.

ORANGE - ...And Then There Were Three (After ORANGE) (1996/97)
(mp3-zip, 12 tracks, 68 min, 93,5 MB, art incl.)
01. Sheltering Hair - 7.58
02. Heaven, Silky-Green - 3.39
03. Plane - 11.40
04. Birds - 5.10
05. Distant Smile - 5.40
06. Deadland - 3.24
07. Love In The Suffer Room - 2.27
08. Believe - 4.13
09. Instr. - 2.19
10. Sea Stoned - 12.07
11. Sex Bus - 5.59
12. Nameless Creatures in The Laundry - 3.19

Get it here or here or here (new links May 2012)!

Other recordings by ORANGE still available for download:
- ORANGE - Demo 1993
- ORANGE - In The Garden Of The Demon King (2nd demo 1995)
- ORANGE - Flörsheim Open Air 1995 (live)
- ORANGE (FAMILY TREE) - "Magic Spell"-Variations

"One of the sadest things for me getting kicked out from ORANGE was the fact, that I never had the opportunity to play "PLANE" live on stage..." (Mike S. 2008)


Anonymous said...

Here is an hour+ of my homemade cassette collages

[url]http://www.zshare.net/audio/51472320f3aad79e/[/url] street smell

[url]http://www.zshare.net/audio/5138674108d00df0/[/url] europe on TV

[url]http://www.zshare.net/audio/509875732ae66373/[/url] volvo jungle mist

myspace: rangerzz

Sorry for this moderator, if you choose to delete you might as well check it out before anyone else does. Thanks! (ignore url html code if disabled)

mike-floyd said...

Hi Anon,

interesting sounds. But why anonymous? The "myspace: rangerzz" isn't that much help...
Why don't you send me some info and maybe some artwork? (Use my email-address: mike-floyd@gmx.de )
Waiting to hear from you,