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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Crazy Bill's Pool Supplies - Takedown (AUSTRALIA 2010)

CRAZY BILL'S POOL SUPPLIES (CBPS) is a home-recording one-man project from Melbourne, Australia.
Most of the tracks are rather raw, almost improvised sketches. The vocals are not always intelligible and the drums sometimes sound more like an afterthought, but so what.
I really like that stuff: the fuzzy guitar, the strange somnolent voice, the overall 80's indie/neo-psych atmosphere!
Strongly recommended!

Q: Where exactly are you from?
A: Melbourne, Australia
Q: Do you want your real name mentioned? If so: What is your real name?
A: I'm known to most as the B-Train.
Q: How recorded?
A: With a shitty bottom of the line audio interface, a cheap vocal mic and some spare time. Pretty much all of the songs were written and recorded in an hour or two, heaps of the tracks were first take and a lot of the vocals were just sung (I use that term loosely) ad lib. I like the natural sorta instinctive melody you get in first takes. If it's not fully fucked up I normally just leave it. Most of the tracks are dirty and I like that.
(Me too! - m-f)
Q: When recorded?
A: Just material I've recorded over the past year, for some of the songs I didn't actually own an electric guitar at the time, so I experimented with some mic'd acoustic through a fuzz pedal, I feel I achieved some... honest results there.
Q: Who involved? Who played what?
A: Myself
Q: Any more releases?
A: Not as yet
Q: Since when does this project exist/are you into music?
A: I started playing guitar about 3-4 years ago, and after the first month was when I realized I enjoyed writing riffs and the like much more than just playing other stuff.
Q: Any previous bands worth mentioning?
A: Just amateur high school kid (fun) stuff
Q: How'd you "label" your music? (I know... nobody wants to get labeled... bla bla bla...)
A: Haha.. probably sludge ballads, but I don't know, I think that overrates and creates an expectation somewhat.
Q: Influences?
A: I actually don't listen to a heap of music, but when I do it's usually sonic youth, pavement tom waits, beefheart etc.
Q: Anything that you think is interesting, that you'd like to inform the blog readers about...
A: nice beats and deli meats. I eat a lot of deli meats. thanks

Favourite tracks: The empty left, chchch, see the king ...

(mp3-zip, 15 tracks, 37 min, 87,4 MB)
Get it here or here or here!


Ivan said...

this one is really good!

mike-floyd said...

Thanks for commenting, Ivan.

cbsp said...

appreciate the comment Ivan, got a new track up on myspace, check it out!

mcdeath said...

I"ve been listening to this for months. Its really great.

mcdeath said...

I like the interview alot too. very honest answers