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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Laundryscope - Live March 2010

This here is a 70 minutes live performance by HOUSTON's drone rock/noise/experimental improv band LAUNDRYSCOPE, recorded in March 2010.

Very atmospheric, cool stuff!
Don't expect any "rock music" here!
This is, hmmm ... post rock space sound!

"We are from Houston tx, we use fake names which are Tones Montgolfier - Guitars,Touch Conners - Guitar, and Morton Hurley - Percussion, and recording embellishments. These songs are recorded on a Digital recorder. We have 2 cdrs and one cassette which is Laundryscope (the live recordings) Plus d'improvisations cdr, and Laundryscope/Gst Cassette, all these are self released in small #'s. We started this band in early 2010. We would label our music as improvisational, and we are music nerds with too many influences to mention. Our Myspace is: Myspace.com/laundryscope. We would like people to know that we don't take things too seriously we are just starting out and having fun but any support would be appreciated."

"Are y'all gonna play a song or just fuck around?"
"Play some Robin Trower!!" -
dude at ARCHIE's"

Man, y'all sounded like an orchestra, it was like pink floyd, man, you know?, it was nice you know but i kept wanting to hear, you know, like this voice, it was good, but you know, I just kept waiting to hear this voice, but what do I know, I'm just an old fucker" - old fucker at ARCHIE's

It's a miracle, my gout is cured, Thank you Laundryscope" - Mabel

(Quote from: Myspace)

LAUNDRYSCOPE: Live March 2010
(mp3-zip, 4 tracks, 72 min, 98,5 MB)
Get it here or here or here!


Snargles said...

Wow! thanks for the interest...
although i must take issue with my name being "fake", being from a long and proud line of Montgolfiers.While it's true this project was never taken very seriously... YOU'RE not supposed to know that! HA!I'm not sure who wrote this, and not exactly sure what files these are, but It's probably not quite as ghastly as it sounds for some freaks "just starting out".... sadly Laundryscope is no more, but a sold out reunion world tour is inevitable once the public demands it! yeah, check the myspace for future projects and news! thanks again!- Tones Montgolfier

Hebridean Monty said...

Yeah!!!...Spacerock Motherfuckers!!!