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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Visitor: Farewell Ole #542 - Tragical Misery Non-Tour (USA 2010)

Farewell Ole #542 - Tragical Misery Non-Tour
recorded live jan/feb 2010 - Decatur, Georgia
engineered by Blake Helton

"Mellotron M400 #542: My time with the old gal had come to an end and I wanted to send her off properly. So I set up a handful of dates for my favorite friends/ conspirators to come play and whomever showed up, that's what went down. Pretty much hit record and go. No discussion of key or instrumentation, just listening and unspoken dialogue. All involved are superb improvisers coming in with all kinds of influences, from free jazz to ambient to 70s prog and all points between. I only wish I had done this a long time ago! I have recorded with the melly plenty over the past 10 years, but these collaborations/explorations were particularly special to me."
(Blake Helton via email)

If you like the space excursions on HLFP 05 SPACE IS STILL THE PLACE (where one track, Cosmic Lumberjacks, from this session is featured) or you love early electronic "kosmische Musik", especially TANGERINE DREAM, CLUSTER and KLAUS SCHULZE, you should definitely give this one here a try!

Excellent space session!

Track info:

ChocoNubs/Lil Bahnhof/Woodsmen (the last track is – renamed Cosmic Lumberjacks – featured as an exclusive track on the HLFP 05 Sampler: SPACE IS STILL THE PLACE and not included here):
Blake Helton - mellotron, minimoog
Travis Thatcher - custom modular synth, korg mono/poly, percussion synth

Egyptian Licorice/Merkins Are Real:
Colin Bragg - guitar, mellotron
Ben Coleman - bass
Blake Helton - drums, mellotron
James Joyce - theremin, guitar, drums

We Also Walk Dogs/The Green Hills of Earth:
Scott Burland - theremin, laptop
Blake Helton - mellotron, minimoog

"These are all improvised, hit record and go pieces with minimal, if any editing. I'm lucky to get to play with such fine improvisors!" (B. H.)

If you like VISITOR, you should also check out RECOMPAS, Travis Thatcher's electronic/space psych project. (Travis collaborated on 3 tracks, see track info above.)

VISITOR: Farewell Ole #542 - Tragical Misery Non-Tour
(USA 2010)
(mp3-zip, 6 tracks, 96 min, 131 MB)
Get it here or here or here!

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