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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

nheap - skymotion (IT 2009)

NHEAP is Massimo Discepoli from Assisi, Italy.
The music on Skymotion is a succesful mix of jazz and electronic ambient music.
If you like the more relaxing tracks of CATASTO ELETTRICO, posted here on HLFP some time ago (look here), you will surely also like NHEAP and should definitely check this one out.

Q: Where exactly are you from?
A: Assisi (near Perugia, in central Italy)
Q: Do you want your real name mentioned? If so: What is your real name?
A: my real name is Massimo Discepoli, feel free to mention it
Q: How recorded?
A: I recorded the album at home, using real drums (I'm a drummer), some soft synths and some fields recordings made by me
Q: When recorded?
A: total work (including composing, sequencing, playing, recording, mixing, mastering etc...): from November 2008, to September 2009
Q: Who involved? Who played what?
A: I did it all by myself
Q: Any more releases? Any "official" releases?
A: my previous release is called "Realight", and it's available on the musicaoltranza.net netlabel
Q: Since when does this project exist/are you into music?
A: the project started in 2007, but I'm playing music since 1990
Q: Any previous bands worth mentioning?
A: my former jazz/funk band Vibrham http://www.myspace.com/vibrham
Q: How'd you "label" your music?
A: jazz/ambient/electronic/avantgarde
Q: Influences?
A: jazz (Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Pat Metheny, Keith Jarrett, etc...)
electronic (Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Fennesz, Alva Noto, etc...)
classical/avantgarde (Bach, Mozart, Satie, Debussy, Steve Reich, etc..)
and many others (Beatles, Led Zeppelin, etc...)
Q: Anything that you think is interesting, that you'd like to inform the blog readers about...
A: they could check my own netlabel, http://www.acustronica.com, where they can download some other projects of mine (for example, Nunun:
http://www.acustronica.com/en/artisti/nunun.html) and many interesting music by
artists from all over the world
Q: Website, Myspace?

Favourite track: Panthalassa

NHEAP: Skymotion (IT 2009)
(mp3-zip, 10 tracks, 61 min, 91,9 MB, artwork incl.)
Get it here or here or here!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Danny Spacecat - Moon Ghosts EP (UK 2010)

DANNY SPACECAT should be no stranger to you regular blog-readers (ahhm - Is there such a thing as a "regular blog-reader" somewhere out there?) since he already contributed 2 songs to two Homemade-Lofi-Psych-Samplers: The Probe for HLFP 02 EMBRYO THOUGHTS and the excellent opener The Journey Begins (how could I resist?) for the recent one, HLFP 05 SPACE IS STILL THE PLACE.

I have to say, I really dig this cat! I really love those space psych soundscapes that are clearly reminiscent of late 70's and mid 80's space psych/space rock.

This ep here was first released on the feedback loop label.

" 'Moon Ghosts' was recorded on and off in the months after a Close Encounter of the First Kind. A sighting in Tudweiliog, Wales, of mysterious bright objects which flickered and danced around the Moon. This ep is part of the 'Moon Ghosts' album which is 36+ minutes of music to prepare you for deep space travel, or ideal as background music when having sex with an alien." (Leonardo Rosado)

Q: Where exactly are you from?
A: North West (England)
Q: Do you want your real name mentioned? If so: What is your real name?
A: Peter Adcock
Q: How recorded?
A: Combination of 4 track & PC - all recorded at home
Q: When recorded?
A: On & off between 2009-2010 (maybe some bits earlier than that)
Q: Who involved? Who played what?
A: All noise - Danny Spacecat
Q: Any more releases?
A: HLFP02 - Embryo Thoughts, ('The Probe')
I have also submitted a track to the upcoming Julian Cope tribute CD (Interpreters Vol. 4) which can be previewed here:
{Check it out! m-f}
Q: Since when does this project exist/are you into music?
A: A while
Q: Any previous bands worth mentioning?
A: Rhythm guitarist with 'The Runnies' (http://www.myspace.com/therunnies)
Q: How'd you "label" your music? (I know... nobody wants to get labeled... bla bla bla...)
A: Just stuff that lurks in my head, the next release may be completely
different (or not!)
Q: Influences?
A: All sorts (mainly anything from the sixties or post punk liverpool scene 79-84) but for this EP I'd say the biggest influence was 'Baltic Fleet'.
Q: Website, Myspace?

DANNY SPACECAT: Moon Ghosts EP (UK 2010)
(mp3-zip, 3 tracks, 9.32 min, 22,4 MB, fr. cover artwork incl.)
Get it here!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lunar Testing Lab - Unauthorized Frequencies EP (USA 2010)

LUNAR TESTING LAB is Eric Watson from Beaver Falls, PA.

Another excellent "space lounge music" release by LUNAR TESTING LAB, who is also featured with one track on the recent HLFP 05-Sampler SPACE IS STILL THE PLACE.
Find Eric's older release Seashore Blvd here!

"The idea behind it (= Unauthorized Frequencies) was to make an EP using a bunch of samples from 45rpm records. Then I made limited edition cdr's (13 copies which came in 7 inch sleeves) and each one came with one of the 45's that I sampled. So whoever ordered one got a piece of the source material. The cdr had 10 tracks, so they also got 3 bonus songs."
(Eric Watson via email)

LUNAR TESTING LAB: Unauthorized Frequencies EP
(USA 2010)
(mp3-zip, 7 tracks, 21 min, 48,2 MB)
Get it here or here!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Needy Visions - s.t. (USA 2010)

THE NEEDY VISIONS from Boston, MA, released their debut lp in May 2010. They also have a 9 song tape out, called "The Door's Open".


I guess this sums it up: THE NEEDY VISIONS indeed sound as if they could throw a perfect party. And it is really amazing how much they sound like the KINKS on some tracks, especially the lead singer. But also BRIAN ENO's pop albums come to mind.

THE NEEDY VISIONS are part of the "new Boston underground scene", among the likes of Truman Peyote, Major Stars, Many Mansions, General Interest, and Drug Rug.

Q: Where exactly are you from?

A: Boston MA

Q: Do you want your real names mentioned? If so: What are your real names?

A: sure. Dan Shea. Sam Potrykus. Elliott Chaffee

Q: How recorded?

A: On borrowed equipment, recorded by Elliott Chaffee

Q: When recorded?

A: 9/09-4/10

Q: Who involved? Who played what?

A: Dan Shea-vox/guitar; Sam Potrykus-bass/vox; Elliott Chaffee-drums/keys/guitar/vox

Q: Any more releases? Any "official" releases?

A: A 9 song tape called The Door's Open, and this release I sent you, The Needy Visions LP, on Motorcycleface records/Bodies of Water arts and crafts

Q: Since when does this band/project exist/are you into music?

A: started 1/08. i'm not sure what the question "are you into music" pertains to.

Q: Any previous bands worth mentioning?

A: Elliott was in Hats and Glasses, Dan was in Eggplont, Sam is in Lord Jeff (Ecstatic Peace records)

Q: How'd you "label" your music? (I know... nobody wants to get labeled... bla bla bla...)

A: psych pop/garage/drone pop

Q: Influences?

A: Kinks, Modern Lovers, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Cocksparrer, Roky Erickson & the 13th Floor Elevators

Q: Website, myspace?
Q: Anything that you think is interesting, that you'd like to inform the blog readers about...

A: Just listen, and get into it, ok?


Favourite track: Number of the Beast


1) Weymouth

2) Outta Gary

3) Endless Possibilities

4) Mac's Big Secret

5) Island Logic

6) At Risk Youth

7) All Day Every Day

8) Havers of Fun

9) Number of the Beast

10) Shitty Magazine

(mp3-zip, 10 tracks, 30 min, 35 MB, artwork incl.)
Get it here or here or here!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beastmaster - Goathead E.P. + Spectral Bullock E.P. (UK/AUSTRALIA 2010)

BEASTMASTER is an Englishman living in Australia.
He is a multi-instrumentalist, and his instrumental music is a really bizarre mixture hard to describe, with traces of grunge, shoegaze, jazz, pop, and psychedelic rock. He definitely doesn't sound like anyone else – and that's a big compliment.

"I have pissed around in all sorts of bands in the past, most notably (but also most embarassingly) a 3 piece electro-grindcore band that lasted from 2006-2007 called 'The Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards'. We wore masks and played Judas Priest style riffs over nintendo gameboy backing tracks and Gabba beats. It was pretty terrible but there was some kind of small market for it. We were the 'comedy' band at hardcore electronic nights and raves. Then I moved to Australia and started making more normal music under the pseudonym 'beastmaster'. I was playing the drums in another grungey shoegaze band at the time and borrowed their equipment to record the first few Beastmaster songs. They lent me a guitar and bass and I gathered together some fx pedals and thus; Beastmaster was born. I'm now back in the UK and I've got a new 7 track e.p that'll be finished within the next few months. I'm also slowly planning to get a live band together too. Influences: I won't mention bands so.....echoey noises, fuzziness, psychedelia, spacey songs, grungey guitars, music that doesn't take itself too seriously, music with no vocals."

(mp3-zip, 3 tracks, 11:21 min, 27,1 MB, artwork incl.)
Get it here or here or here!

BEASTMASTER: Spectral Bullock E.P.
(mp3-zip, 4 tracks, 15:20 min, 37 MB, artwork incl.)
Get it here or here or here!

Favourite track: Demented Grandson Goes to the Circus

STILL LIGHT - rare live track 'Latitudes' - STILL LIGHT will play live on SAT. Sept. 25 at Denver's Walnut Room

Here's another rare gem for you: an excellent psych folk track by STILL LIGHT, originally only featured as a free download track in the STILL LIGHT Electronic Newsletter # 1.

STILL LIGHT: Latitudes (live March 14 2010)
(mp3-zip, 1 track, 7'10 min, 16,2 MB)
Get it here or here or here!

Recorded live straight to minidisc at a "secret" show, billed as the bogus alter-ego "The Bells of St. Clarence". This was the first official Still Light live outing in the intimate atmosphere of Denver's Gypsy House Cafe as part of Symbolic Insight's monthly "textures" showcase.

Music written/improvised by Still Light, at this recorded instance comprised of:

- Grayson Scherer: percussion
 - Mark Pruisner: bass guitar, theremin
 - Ammon Swinbank: flute, chord organ - 
Jessica Dye: guitar, percussion - 
Kirill Nikolai: electric guitar, harmonium

Order the limited edition 180g vinyl of Still Light's "Lything" from the tonefloat shop here:


Upcoming shows:

Catch another special intimate live performance this Saturday, Sept. 25th at Denver's The Walnut Room with new music and visuals from Still Light, also with performances by Frieda Stalheim, The Widow's Bane, & Voladores.

Then Oct. 27th, Beta-lactam Ring Records presents Music For Personality Disorder featuring Expo' 70 with Orbit Service and Still Light at The Walnut Room.


Jessica Dye:

Symbolic Insight & Textures

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tadoma - 2 tracks from 'Field Notes' (USA 2010)

TADOMA's instrumental music is very much inspired by early krautrock bands like POPOL VUH or CLUSTER.
He is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Info from Myspace/Tour-info:

"Tadoma is the work of Joe Patitucci, multi instrumentalist and a fixture in the Philadelphia music scene for the last ten years. Progressing from his early poppy tendencies (Asteroid #4, Hi-Soft) to sprawling post-rock (Diagram) Patitucci finds himself now creating the dense visual soundscapes that make up Tadoma's debut EP, Field Notes.

Field Notes EP:
(...) Tadoma’s 2010 release, Field Notes, presents the listener with a kind of sonic slideshow. Places reveal themselves through a fog of reverb and drones as tracks seamlessly move us from one image to the next. Each piece weaves melodies through sounds the way memory is entwined in our senses. They feel familiar but confounding, leading us to listen further and find new places within ourselves.

Live Performance
Tadoma’s performances incorporate live-looping of toy instruments, drum machines and samples to create enveloping lo-fi soundscapes that morph into everything from 70s kraut pastorals to fuzzy idm."

Not much more to add.
Pleasant dreamlike ambient/electronic soundscapes.
Check it out!

You may get the Field Notes EP at SECRET STATION RECORDS (also home of the fantastic LUNAR TESTING LAB and PANEYE)!

TADOMA: 2 tracks from 'Field Notes' (USA 2010)
- Plaza (3:15)
- Red Raleigh (2:29)
(mp3-zip, 2 tracks,14,4 MB)
Get 'em here or here or here!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Symbolick Jews - Live at the Stork (USA 2010)

THE SYMBOLICK JEWS recorded live - as one might expect pretty rough, almost (psychedelic garage) punk rock! Recorded at the Stork Club, Oakland 04-28-2010.
Great, wild stuff! Includes an interesting VELVET UNDERGROUND homage in the opening track!

You will find more recordings for free download here:

THE SYMBOLICK JEWS: Live at the Stork Club
(USA 2010)
(mp3-zip, 7 tracks, 21 minutes, 48,1 MB)
Get it here or here or here!

The Symbolick Jews - American Masters Volume 3 (USA 2010)

THE SYMBOLICK JEWS' music could best be described as homemade experimental/psychedelic rock music somewhere between SUICIDE, PERE UBU and LOU REED.
THE SYMBOLICK JEWS are an ever changing line up that more or less revolve around Adam Healton and Brian Davy. They have already self-released quite a couple of recordings and have a new one out, called "Can I Trust You?", that is more electronic sounding, a little bit less experimental and less lofi than American Masters Volume 3, posted here.

Q: Where exactly are you from?

A: We are from San Francisco. 
Here's our line-up:

Adam Healton - Bass, Guitars, Vocals

David Berends - Guitar, Vocals

Brian Davy - E-Drums, electronics

Jasper Leach - Guitar, Vocals

Lucky Vita - Electronics

These musicians appear in and out of the Sym Jews recordings, our current live line-up is Me, Adam, on bass and vocals, Brian on E drums and electronics, and David Berends on Guitar and vocals.

Q: How recorded?

A: I record on a Yamaha MT50 4 track tape recorder for most of the albums besides Confession Time. I typically play bass and drum machine on tracks 1 & 2, record the other guy on 3, then go over over dubs and fill in track 4 with whoever im recording with.

We're working on a new album recorded in our living room and a studio called Can I Trust You which will feature almost everyone who has appeared on our previous releases.

Q: Any previous bands worth mentioning?

I used to be in the band Retarded Muppit Farm which self released over 14 albums and will soon be made available for download, though you can download our last album on amazon. The band was me and Matt Conklin on all the instruments and we toured singing over backing tracks.

David Berends plays bass in the band Rangers.
Brians plays drums in the metal band, Total Eclipse.

Jasper is the frontman of the Myonics.

Q: Influences? How'd you "label" your music?

A: Our band is influenced by reggae dub, psycadelia, Flipper, and Lou Reed. We play Rock N Roll music. 
We all like the band Pere Ubu and Charles Mingus.

Q: Anything that you think is interesting, that you'd like to inform the blog readers about...

We plan to release a lot of albums as we are constantly writing new songs and gaining and losing new members. Though we fiddle with electronic recording formats, our songs generally began as our four track experiments and then are tediously recreated into a live-friendly version that usually sounds at least a little like the recorded version. With an ever changing cast and a growing amount of material to choose from, our live sets have been drastically different for each show.

Q: Website, Myspace?

THE SYMBOLICK JEWS: American Masters Volume 3
(USA 2010)
(mp3-zip, 9 tracks, 17 min, 40,7 MB)
Get it here or here or here!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


As announced, here it is: the next homemade-lofi-psych-presents Sampler - HLFP 05 - this time featuring electronic ambient music and space psych for your next inner or outer space travel...
Almost all tracks are recordings exclusively for this sampler, some tracks are from forthcoming albums, some are excerpts from longer songs. You will find more recordings from (almost) all the musicians featured on HLFP 05 on HLFP! So you got absolutely no excuse for not checking them out, if you like what you hear!

Thanks a lot to all contributing musicians!

HLFP 05 is dedicated to SUN RA and all the other space pioneers.

mike-floyd, September 2010



Homemade Lofi Psych Presents:

HLFP 05 - Space Is Still The Place
- A musical journey into electronic ambient sounds and space psych -

CD 1
01. Danny Spacecat - The Journey Begins (4.19)
02. Nick Chapman - Let's Get This Mother Outta Here (8.02)
03. Rangers - Xochimilco (4.10)
04. Lunar Testing Lab - UX Tauria (3.59)
05. R.S.P. (Radagast Space Project feat. Heartfieldjohnny) - Dogstar Regions
Episodes 1, 3, 5 & 7 (10.02)
06. Spacefinger - The Silent Guitar (9.57)
07. Taylor Cohan - Old People (2.39)
08. Munfeia - Sternenloch (2.19)
09. T. Kauke - Raum im Raum (8.12)
10. Paneye - Dreams of Ai (4.40)
11. Dani L. Caesar - Space Is Still (The Place) (10.00)
12. Andrew Bland - Winter Solace (1.57)

CD 2
13. Visitor/Recompas - Cosmic Lumberjacks (8.17)
14. Caregiver featuring Peopleperson - Fake Gender (6.08)
15. Stasis - Psi Kitten (Tracksuit Mix) (4.16)
16. Jacques de Villiers - Soliloquies for Lonely Suburbs (2.38)
17. Jewel Yen - B. Visual's Video Feed Inquiry (Taken From The "Hours Of Zion" Case)
(Audio Only Excerpt) (2.48)
18. atelierTheremin & Wolfgang Seidel - Zodiac Exploration
(Live aus dem Zodiac, Berlin, 02-11-2010) (6.31)
19. Devita - Mars Memory/Glass Structures (5.18)
20. Creamy Water Quiz - A Dark Swivel (8.33)
21. Johnnyx Guitar - No Humans (8.02)
22. Maxim Engl - The Sky Is Bleeding (Short Version) (9.16)
23. The Voice of Saturn - Apart Together (10.03)
24. Thickly Painted Walls - Christmas Fuck (In Space She Rots) (6.06)
Get it where??! Down below or here:

CD1:  MF
CD2:  MF

(mp3-zip, @320 or 256 k; 24 tracks, 148:30 min,
344,7 MB, artwork incl.)

If you don't have them already, go and check out the other Volumes!

HLFP 02: EMBRYO THOUGHTS (experimental/psychedelic rock)

HLFP 03: NEW KIDS ON THE BLOG (psychedelic rock)

HLFP 04: SOUND EXPLOSIONS (psychedelic rock)

HLFP 04 was also added to the FREE MUSIC ARCHIVE, I'm proud to inform you!
Read more here! Thanks, Jason!