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Monday, May 12, 2008

HLFP 01 - Relax And Float Downstream

HLFP 01 "RELAX AND FLOAT DOWNSTREAM" is a bizarre collection of ambient and instrumental psychedelic tracks for your enjoyment.
So sit back, do whatever you do to make life for youself a little bit more comfortable, close your eyes and enjoy!

Homemade LoFi Psych presents HLFP 01:
(mp3 zip, 134,6 MB, 14 tracks, 73 min)
01. Egomania - Mondaufgang - 3.34
(from "Moon", 2001)
02. Orange - Neil's Elevator (introduction/edit) - 5.12
(from " In The Graden Of The Demon King", 1995)
03. Dreamcolour - Experiment # 2: Depths of The Wind Tunnel - 4.42
(from "Listen To Colour", 2008)
04. Maurice Rickard - Music For Dance, Part VIII (desert uke fade) - 5.51
(from "Music for Dance", 2005)
05. We're Late For Class - Set The Controls... (edit/middle section) - 10.00
(from "Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun' As Played By Vanilla Fudge Imitating Iron Butterfly When Fudge Were Forced To Open For Butterfly At The Fillmore West After In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Went Top Ten", 2007)
06. True Colour Of Blood - Sisiphus - 8.18
(from "All Of The True Things I'm About To Tell You Are Lies", 2008)
07. CK - Synthespacer - 3.16
(from "CK", no year)
08. Light Seems Dark - Psychedelic Virgin (middle section/edit) - 10.01
(from "Psychedelic Virgin", 1999)
09. Cloud Nine - Sunspots - 7.05
(from "1992", 1992)
10. Anyone's Dreamcolour (feat. Superking) - Electric Hippie Church - 4.45
from " It's So Cold Out here In Space/FfM Bunker", 1995/6)
11. Damaged Tape - Emerald Twilight - 1.44
(from "Electric Ocean", 2004)
12. Szbutä Soröh - Way Home - 2.51
(from "The thing we found amongst the woodsticks", 2007)
13. Catasto Elettrico - 4 (glagolitico) 3.21
(from "Trio", 2007?)
14. Hans Frommer (Mad Magic) - Guitar Tune - 2.11
(from "Mad Magic", 1992)
RE-UP of slightly remastered version, incl. NEW artwork
Get it here or here or here!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'm really looking forward to hearing this.

We're Late For Class said...

Hey Mike,
Thanks for the collection and the inclusion. Extremely cool. We can't wait to kick back with this one. All the best,


Hi Mike
many thanx for including us in your work. We present 'Relax...' in our blog as long as we are proud to be in it.
Btw, we hope you'll emjoy our recent release 'Micro'.
Keep On
Catasto Elettrico

mike-floyd said...

Hi Catasto!

The pleasure's all mine: – thanks a lot for posting HLFP 01 "RELAX..." on your blog!
Just dl'd "Micro" and will surely have a listen to it soon!

BTW: I'm thinking of posting your whole "back catalouge" from time to time – just to remind everyone of your great past works...

All the best,